In just three minutes they sparkle again!

Paleos® Care of Paleos EN

In comparison with any other type of shoe, our PaleoBarefoots® offer a further, unbeatable advantage - they virtually clean themselves in damp, wet environments using their own movement! The chain-mesh fabric consists of hundreds of loosely interwoven rings, each of which can move freely. So when the Paleos® are handled or move, the rings rub past each other. This friction is the key to their self-cleaning. From time-to-time however, it's good to clean them more thoroughly.

Keep their shine and clean them regularly!

Basically, you should put the PaleoBarefoots® into the washing machine after each use. This is the simplest and most effective method to get them clean again, even if you’ve neglected to wash them a few times.

However, you can achieve the same effect very quickly by hand with any liquid soap - this short video shows you this process if you want to quickly restore the shine to your Paleos®!

When should I clean them?

The picture below shows the grey veil after a run of about 15km in dry, warm weather. The oxidation of the stainless steel mesh is amplified by body sweat, which in turn binds additional dust. In damp and wet conditions, this effect does not occur, on the contrary, your feet will be cleaner than before!

Gray stain after a 10 miles run in dry and warm conditions.

In general, as soon as possible after use, you should clean your PaleoBarefoots® with clean water. During use, as with any metal - from jewellery to bicycle wheels, oxidation will occur leaving a greyish colour to the metal. Although stainless steel does not rust, it will over time oxidize in this way.

You might notice this with the latest PaleoBarefoots® when you take them off, as they can leave a grey stain on the toes and the dorsal part of your foot, which can even be black under unfortunate conditions. This "dirt" occurs in rare cases and only after a long period of time wearing them from a combination of sweat, dust and oxide. When that happens, wash them in the washing machine, or as in the video, by hand. Then they'll shine like the day they were made!

Tip: If your feet get very dirty, make use of our saver which came along with your Paleos®. Among other, that's exactely what they are for! They absorb this mixture of sweat, dust and oxid very well and can afterwards easily be washed out.

But don`t worry, the stain is harmless to health and can be easily rinsed off with water. By the way, the Paleos® consist of the same stainless steel as surgical cutlery, watch bands or protective gloves in the meat processing industry - where there is hardly any sweat or dust ;)

Anything else? Storage / cleaner?

No other care is needed. You should just hang them up to dry and keep them in a cool, dry place. You should never use any stainless steel cleaning product or oil, as these will create a sticky layer that actually attracts more dirt! The drier the PaleoBarefoots® are kept, the better!