The Collector

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The Collector of Paleos®

"Do you want to get closer to nature? Do you want to feel the ground beneath your feet? Do you want healthy, strong feet?” You don’t have to go to these lengths to achieve this! Paleos® are all you need...”

The collector of Paleos® - Blog by Ian from the UK

Meet Ian, before the introduction of SYGENTO BLACK he used to cut the soles out from his shoes to obtain the essential ground contact needed for healthy feet. Read his blog to discover more about this amazing man.

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Option Multi-PAWS

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Option "Multi-Paws" for Paleos®

If you already have a basic model of the PaleoBarefoots®ULTRA or CLASSIC then you might find this option very useful! These barely noticeable, soft sole spots make the Paleos® suitable for variuos natural soils and urban surfaces.

Option "Multi-Tatzen" für die Paleos®

Whether on natural surfaces, rocks, tiles, marble… even in the city, these "PAWS" provide maximum grip and safety...

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