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Using Paleos® shoes for covert barefooting – A review

Paleos® shoes are great for barefoot walkers and runners looking for extra foot protection, and indeed that's mostly whom the GoSt Barefoots company markets their shoes to: you'll find plenty of photos and videos on the internet of bare feet in chain mail, treading on all kinds of soft natural grounds.

But I'll tell you what you won't find images of Paleos® used as everyday footwear. That is, chain mail shoes worn over regular socks by city dwellers walking on tarmac and other everyday hard surfaces.

Using Paleos® shoes for covert barefooting – A review

Me, I wear my ANTERRA CLIFF shoes at work, in town, in buildings and in my car, these shoes are fabulous replacements for regular city shoes, and it's a great shame they're not more actively promoted for that purpose. If you want to know why I like them so much, read on...

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The more you know the less you need! With series URBAN - which look similar to conventional shoes, our customers have become aware of the advantages they gain by wearing the URBAN in their daily lives...

Those knowing URBAN also go for ULTRA & CLASSIC!

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