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Mankind needs to interact with the environment - even our mood is affected by it (think of the beach), be it on land, in the air or in water. The more immediate the perception, the shorter the response time, better movements become and the more intense is the feel of connection to what surrounds us.

Instead, we isolate ourselves, our receptors become blind, deaf and finally are barely able to conduct precise signals for control and movement of the body. Inaccurate feedback leads to reduced proprioception, delayed reaction to changes, poor co-ordination of movements, poor blood circulation, respiration, heart rate, and much more.

Jörg Peitzker (CEO GoSt-Barefoots Ltd.)

In natural surroundings this leads to significant risks, slipping, sprain, falling and mental tension. With this realization, since 2011 GoSt-Barefoots has developed appropriate equipment that does not hinder natural movement, provides full contact with the respective environment and effectively prevents serious injury. Small pack size, vegan, sturdy, easy to clean and uncomplicated hygiene are some of their properties.

Due to relevant patents,utility models and industrial designs, the principles of function, design and type of our products are entitled to extended protection in the EU and other international countries. Today, our customers can choose from a wide range of proprietary products that unleash their full potential exactly where other products fail.

Nature to city versability

After the first series ULTRA and CLASSIC (PURE/PAWS) which are made of pure chainmail and meant for water and natural soil, our customers quickly expected us to expand the innovative concept to the hands (GLOVES), but above all the urban environment. This is how series URBAN came about in 2014, which can cope with such environments.

There are hardly any limits to their application. The PaleoBarefoots® have long been valued not only by nature lovers and sports enthusiasts, but in health promotion, rehabilitation, patients with diabetes or multiple sclerosis and in therapies, even as a Fashion accessory. Partly or completely made of high-quality stainless-steel mesh, they provide highly efficient protection against serious injury including cuts and grazes.

Flexible, honest, up close and safe

Freedom of movement, reflexology, hydrotherapy, grounding, breathable, hygienic and much more. Although you get dirty feet, it is a genuine experience, think back to your childhood, when every puddle was an adventure. Well, Paleos® give you back those feelings! Whenever and wherever you like to feel revitalization in water, on coasts and in natural or urban surroundings. Customers worldwide have got to know the concept, quality and their performance. You'll love it!

Authentic barefoot feel with maximum protection! This is what makes the Paloes® so special!

The Paleos® can only be purchased from this website

Every product offered here is handcrafted after ordering in exceptional, technical quality  - just like shoes were made in old times! That's why local stores, or Amazon and eBay don't fit our marketing strategy. For good reasons the Paleos® can so far only be ordered from this website. Keep browsing our website, you are already in the right place.

  • Architecture of the Paleos® with environmental-open concept can not be compared with conventional shoes. Sound advice, before, during and after the purchase, can only be provided by our experienced long-term employees.
  • The Paleos® are products meant for outdoor use, made for water and natural conditions on land. That's why an adequate assessment of their extraordinary properties in a usual shoe store is unlikely.
  • From a technical point of view, our products are highly complex individual pieces, which are only made and assembled to order. Even options such as the "paws" or colours are integrated only on request. In contrast, shoe stores only sell ready-made products from the shelf.
  • GoSt-Berefoots develops and manufactures its patented products with the conviction to offer its customers a significant added value. That's why we are happy to be in direct contact with our customers and learn from their experience. Especially for the development of future products, we appreciate this valuable input.

We understand that the decision to purchase a pair without knowing them might not be easy, but believe us - take the risk, it is worth it.  New customer are highly surprised with the quality and performance of our shoes. Don't miss out on such a unique experience.

Authentic barefoot feel with maximum protection! This is what makes the Paloes® so special!
In case you are concerned about the size to order... We are glad to help and can verify the size before your order is processed. Just select "YES" at "Do you want us to verify the ordered size?" within the specific product options.

Tip: Learn more about our chainmail shoes and CLICK HERE for our Quick Start Guide to choose your ideal chain shoes. It will help you to find the ideal model and size of Paleos® for your individual needs (there are even more links and interesting pages at the footer of our website.

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