Goldilocks and the Three Barefoot Shoes

0 Comments| Posted in BLOG POSTS EN By Aedon Cassiel, Georgia, USA

I’ve been wearing barefoot shoes for years now. I believe I’ve found the ultimate pair to recommend to anyone who wants my advice on diving in, so I’m writing my first-ever product review.

  • Why YOU should be wearing barefoot shoes,
  • Why some barefoot shoes are better than others,
  • And why I think these are the best!

Review by Cassiel, Georgia, USA

Read on to see me explain ... and don't miss out the discussion on my review at Reddit!

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The Collector

Comments| Posted in BLOG POSTS EN By Ian Hicks Barefoot Runner UK

The Collector of Paleos®

"Do you want to get closer to nature? Do you want to feel the ground beneath your feet? Do you want healthy, strong feet?” You don’t have to go to these lengths to achieve this! Paleos® are all you need...”

The collector of Paleos® - Blog by Ian from the UK

Meet Ian, before the introduction of SYGENTO BLACK he used to cut the soles out from his shoes to obtain the essential ground contact needed for healthy feet. Read his blog to discover more about this amazing man.

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200 Miles Paleos®

Comments| Posted in BLOG POSTS EN By Gost-Barefoots Team

More than 200 miles with Paleos®

The first independent and long-term review on the PaleoBarefoots® has been published by BarefootRunningUK. The magazine's main focus is barefoot running and the use of minimalist footwear in natural conditions - exactly the right place for our exceptional barefoot concept.

More than 200 miles with thePaleos®!

At this point, our heartfelt thanks to Anna Toombs and her team from the editorial board and of course to Ian Hicks, the author of below report. He has tested the PaleoBarefoots® PRONATIV intensively for over 5 months and more than 200 miles.
Read review below or click here to get to full issue summer 09/2013.We also have endeavored to ensure the best possible German translation of his report.

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