Goldilocks and the Three Barefoot Shoes

0 Comments| Posted in BLOG POSTS EN By Aedon Cassiel, Georgia, USA

I’ve been wearing barefoot shoes for years now. I believe I’ve found the ultimate pair to recommend to anyone who wants my advice on diving in, so I’m writing my first-ever product review.

  • Why YOU should be wearing barefoot shoes,
  • Why some barefoot shoes are better than others,
  • And why I think these are the best!

Review by Cassiel, Georgia, USA

Read on to see me explain ... and don't miss out the discussion on my review at Reddit!

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The Collector

Comments| Posted in BLOG POSTS EN By Ian Hicks Barefoot Runner UK

The Collector of Paleos®

"Do you want to get closer to nature? Do you want to feel the ground beneath your feet? Do you want healthy, strong feet?” You don’t have to go to these lengths to achieve this! Paleos® are all you need...”

The collector of Paleos® - Blog by Ian from the UK

Meet Ian, before the introduction of SYGENTO BLACK he used to cut the soles out from his shoes to obtain the essential ground contact needed for healthy feet. Read his blog to discover more about this amazing man.

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Covert Barefooting

2 Comments| Posted in BLOG POSTS EN By GoSt-Barefoots Team

Using Paleos® shoes for covert barefooting – A review

Paleos® shoes are great for barefoot walkers and runners looking for extra foot protection, and indeed that's mostly whom the GoSt Barefoots company markets their shoes to: you'll find plenty of photos and videos on the internet of bare feet in chain mail, treading on all kinds of soft natural grounds.

But I'll tell you what you won't find images of Paleos® used as everyday footwear. That is, chain mail shoes worn over regular socks by city dwellers walking on tarmac and other everyday hard surfaces.

Using Paleos® shoes for covert barefooting – A review

Me, I wear my ANTERRA CLIFF shoes at work, in town, in buildings and in my car, these shoes are fabulous replacements for regular city shoes, and it's a great shame they're not more actively promoted for that purpose. If you want to know why I like them so much, read on...

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Paleos® for Therapies

2 Comments| Posted in BLOG POSTS EN By GoSt-Barefoots Team

Moving Forwards by Taking a Step Back

We know the invigorating effect of Paleos® on body and mind. We also know that they are suitable for therapies to accelerate the healing processes after eg sports injuries. The mesh consists of many thousands of rings, has a stimulating effect and offers immediate perception of even slight differences in temperature and pressure. This is perceived by appropriate receptors in our feet and passed back into to the body.

Several times we have received enthusiastic reports from customers suffering from diminished or barely existing perception of stimuli by damaged body nerves. In most cases the feet are particularly affected. All reports have one thing in common that they feel a stronger perception of soil and the environment as well as an increased ability to coordinate movements. Multiple sclerosis and Diabetes mellitus are the best-known diseases of this type. With Paleos®, especially diabetics enjoy walking barefoot while being safe and protected. Otherwise its strictly forbidden as they would not feel if they get injured.

The Ehlers-Danlos syndrome! Insights and thoughts that made us think ...

Jasmine Raskas (Missouri USA) on the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

This extraordinary review was illustrated and edited by Jasmine Raskas (Missouri USA). She suffers from a form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and has been using our chainmail shoes for several months. She sent her experiences along with an invitation to publish her review on our website to help others affected by similar diseases. Anyone who takes the time to read her findings on the Paleos® will not only get to know Jasmine but will also understand Paleos® much better. Paleos® make sense for all of us.

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ULTRA & Martial Arts

1 Comments| Posted in BLOG POSTS EN By GoSt-Barefoots Team

There's are barely areas of life or applications where the Paleos® don't show outstanding performance and due to this are winning new fans. Sports, water sports, therapies, yoga, fashion, capoeira, events ... and now martial arts too!

Carlos Dunick and his master of Shaolin Temple Europe

Experiences and insights on Paleos®ULTRA at martial arts by Carlos Dunick and his master at Shaolin Temple Europe in Otterberg Germany.

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