The Paleos® / Overview

Barefoot protection for connoisseurs

Paleos®The Paleos ENWhere other shoes fail, slip, or would just be ruined ... PaleoBarefoots® are for water and natural conditions on land! For the city they should be understood as highly-breathable leisure shoes and be used accordingly.

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Paleos® are truly barefoot safety shoes! They give you less without insulation and no interference of mobility, and are still far more durable than any other footwear! High-quality, environmentally-open, anatomically self-adjusting, flexible, protective, easy to clean making them the most consistent and unique foot protection you can buy. When ordering, you even have an option to have your size verified for free.

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Discover Barefoot Shoes deserving the name!

Natural Running and movement in its most consistent form!

Natural Running in its most consistent form

Don't be fooled by their appearance, once you put them on you will hardly notice wearing them. They have proven to be a very interesting "shoe" to use outdoors - whether you want a walk over a field, use them for a wildlife trip (they are very quiet), wading at and in turbid water or for running barefoot. They allow the wearer to sense their feet and perform in any terrain.

Paleos® don't care if they are used on land, at the coast, in or even under water!

Compared to traditional barefoot shoes that get dirty, loose shape and encapsulate your feet, the Paleos® are, well, incomparable! Here are some questions that we are repeatedly asked about the Paleos®:

  • Is ring mesh noisy when it's in motion= not at all, like fine jewelry it is very quiet!
  • Does ring mesh or chainmail from stainless steel feel hard? No, it feels more like silky jewellery!
  • Is it scratchy?  No, it feels very smooth and soft against the skin!
  • Does it rust? No!
  • Is it cold?  No, it immediately takes on your own body heat!
  • Does it make metallic noises?  No, users regularly report that they see more wildlife wearing Paleos® for example nature photographers or bow hunters.
  • Does it rip off your hair?  Not at all.
  • Does it collect dirt? No, everything falls out of the mesh at the next step.
  • Is it heavy?  No, Paleos® are barely heavier than other minimal shoes.
  • Is it conductive to heat or cold? Not at all. Compared to conventional shoes, the contact surface to skin and soil is less than 10%. In fact, you can even walk over glowing hot sand or asphalt without any problem!
  • Are they dangerous in thunderstorms and lightning? No more dangerous than being barefoot.
  • Do they heat up in strong sunlight while wearing them? No, on the contrary, when you wear them they will not become warmer than your own body temperature - comparable a necklace or watch worn on your arm.

Indeed, it`s exactly the opposite of what you may suspect. Incidentally, at Reddit there is an interesting discussion on quiet some of these misconceptions.

No compromises

One could try to compare them to other minimal shoes since they sort of fall in that spectrum. Each of those shoes is different and may be good for minimal running but the Paleos® are in a class of their own. With our chainmail shoes/soles you could even run on broken glass and razor blades, no matter what is hidden in the mud, in the surf, reefs or in overgrown terrain - you're absolutely safe!

Without even thinking about lurking hazards

Paleos® - The more wet and muddy the better - feel the elements!

From November 2019 onwards, series ULTRA and CLASSIC are fitted with the new PAWS for WATER, SOIL and CLIFF. Even more GRIP in natural environments and optimized for smooth and polished floor on boats and in buildings.Series ULTRA and CLASSIC fitted with the new PAWS for WATER, SOIL and CLIFF.

Every puddle will make you smile

Enjoy relaxed and fearless! Not without reason, this type of chain fabric is also processed in bullet-proof vests or used for body protection in the sheet metal and meat industry!

Paleos®ULTRA - Join the fun of feeling the elements!

The same chain mesh is used in the meat processing industry as protective gloves. Such gloves are worn daily for up to 8 hours - directly on the skin! From a technical point of view Paleos® are complex high-end products between pure barefoot and typical minimal footwear. They are optimized for precisely those activities and conditions that would be too dangerous with conventional shoes or would, at best, ruin them. Want to lean more? Have a look at some Customer Reviews. Want to see our chainmail wear in action? See our videos at blog post "Walk, Hike, then Run!" Do not miss this awesome experience! Choose your Paleos® chainmail shoe from our current range ... give sense to the ground below your feet and enjoy!


Series Paleos®ULTRA

Paleos®ULTRA: are not only visually unique, they allow you to feel the grounds texture as if you were walking barefoot. You will even feel the temperature difference between walking from shadows into the sun. You’ll perceive the smallest air draft.  Enjoy wading in swamp, mud and murky water, there may be lurking hazards, you simply won't care! Your feet become wet but two steps further and they are dry again. You will take them through all kinds of dirt but after a quick rinse or a wash cycle they will be like new again. Actually, you won't be wearing shoes, so your movement won’t be hindered in any way!

Designed to give you the purest barefoot experience

Enjoy oodles of fun with series Paleos®ULTRA!

And to cope with every challenge

Customers and the fans of Paleos® can be found in all areas, from sports, water sports, therapies, yoga, fashion, and events.  Paleos® make your trail feel different in any weather. Ready to feel your trail like it really is? ULTRA's are pure chain mail shoes that can be worn directly against the skin or with the accompanying savers. All those who want to enjoy nature without any compromise should opt for ULTRA! ULTRA.

Perfect for functional training in nature!

Paleos® If you want to feel your trail at every step!

Series Paleos®CLASSIC

The Paleos® that built a bridge! They can be worn for everything, everywhere - water, mud and soil. Extremely sturdy and easy to clean! Do you have a specialshape of  feet? Then you should rather go for CLASSIC (CAYMARO) instead of ULTRA!

Paleos®CLASSIC - If your shoes have to cope every environment!

Paleos®CLASSIC (CLIFF) for the tough ones among our barefoots fans!

From PUR to PAWS (fitted with paws) to CAYMARO BLACK (with sturdy outsole) and WHITE (with soft outsole) for every terrain, boats, the water and even the city. They simply fit, are safe and great fun!

Paleos®CLASSIC - If your shoes must cope every environment!

Every rafter, kayaker, fisherman, angler or genuine nature lover should own a pair. They consist entirely of weather-resistant PU / TPU and of course, the finest stainless steel mesh! Are you a water sports enthusiast? Well, then maximize the fun and minimize your risk of getting injured with NAUTIS (SHEPPARD our slim surfing shoe with perfect grip.

Just enjoy - no need to be careful

There's no other outdoor shoe so insensitive against water and dirt and so universally applicable. The more adverse the conditions, the better CAYMARO BLACK  will work and perform for you!

Paleos®CAYMARO BLACK - sturdy barefoot safety shoe for every conceivable environment!

Also available in white colour! CLASSIC (CAMARO WHITE) is equipped with a pleasantly soft, white outsole, which makes it ideal for boats, sailing ships and harbours.


Series Paleos®PROTECT

Why take a risk if it can be avoided? A special series, not or only partially open to the environment and purely focused on body protection.

Paleos®CLASSIC - If you want your nautic advantures to be safe!

With MAGENION CAMPURO from series PROTECT. Worn with the BOOT-LINER NEOPRENE ... Stainless steel ring fabric, embedded in a puncture- and cut-resistant layer of polyurethane. No nail or sting can penetrate, and no coral or shard can cut it.Paleos®PROTECT - When it comes to perfect protection of your soles!

Or MAGENION SOLE-GUARD, also from series PROTECT. These can be worn with your surf shoes or any other footwear you own ... multiply the protective effect of the Paleos® or make every of your shoes a safety shoe!

MAGENION SOLE-GUARD - When every shoe must be absolutely safe!


Series Paleos®URBAN

Paleos®URBAN: Unlike anything you know! You will feel the ground clearly, but only touch it when it gets soft. You will feel the heat outside, but you won’t sweat. You will perceive low temperatures, but your feet won’t get cold. You will notice wetness, but your feet will remain dry. You will be aware of possible dangers lurking on the ground, but they won’t interest you. You will take them through every kind of dirty puddle, but after a wash cycle they will be like new again. You will wear shoes, but they won’t restrict your movements!

Die Paleos® - Also keen on being linked to nature?

No limits - Paleos®URBAN for every challenge

Out there are fans of Paleos® who have done hikes of more than 600 miles wearing URBAN (ATTAGO and TUHRON). Others are extreme runners who regularly run 30 miles or more on surfaces like gravel, streets and off the beaten track - several times a week. No other concept of conventional sports and terrain shoes is as thin, as flexible and extremely secure at the same time!

Paleos® - Wet, damp, dry - URBAN can handle it!

There's no upper-shoe more supple, breathable, dries so quickly and offers such a fantastic GRIP at any environment - wet, dry, loamy, rocky, sandy, muddy, soft and hard.

WATER to TRAIL and CITY VERSATILITY: Are you on a quest for a barefoot shoe for all seasons, including less summery conditions? URBANs have all that is needed to take you through the winter months. Paleos® will keep your feet warm and well ventilated without separating you from the environment. By means of our insoles all open structures can be completely covered! In this sense, they can either as a largely open barefoot shoe or a "normal" closed minimal shoe.

Paleos®URBAN - Suitable for everything, everywhere!


The Paleos®GLOVES

Gloves from chainmail will protect your hands when falling (eg. skating, cycling, trail running), chainmail sleeves will guard your ankles, lower legs, arms and provide reliable protection in the water against cuts from crustaceans, from the spines and barbs of rays and sea urchins, as well as protection from dangerous plants and bites from animals and reptiles.

Protective gloves and sleeves from the same mesh Paleos® are made from!

Virtually 100% protection in any environment

Not even the wooden stick of a match can fit through the ring mesh of Paleos®.  They provide “just in case” protection that can barely be felt but immediately appears when you need it! In murky water, seas and rivers, mud flats, swamps and bogs or overgrown terrain. Enjoy peace of mind and the certainty of protection at the crucial moment from insects, crustaceans, sharp-edged objects and man-made hazards!

Paleos® Enjoy relaxing safety - anywhere!

PaleoBarefoots® are an open-to-the-environment barefoot concept which is combined with a focus on injury prevention and meant for natural environments.  Wet wood, algae, moss, mud ... the slicker the context, the better they perform! In Germany, roads, towns and cities occupy approximately 15% of the country’s total area. Paleos® are safe outdoor shoes for the remaining 85%! We focus on natural environments and there on.


The Paleos® and the world of fashion

Originally, our unique footwear was designed to be a robust, open-to-the-environment outdoor tool, but there is really no application or environment to which they can’t aspire. In addition to nature shoes, urban wear or as foot therapy the glittering Paleos® are also suitable for completely different applications.  They have already been used as a key accessory at Fashion Week in London.

Paleos® X-Color WHITE - at London Faschion Week!

From London Fashion Week to PACO RABANNE in Paris

In December of 2016, we were contacted by one of the most renowned fashion labels in the industry, PACO RABANNE. They had become aware of our exceptional shoe concept through our Instagram account and were fascinated by the appearance of our sparkling Paleos® chainmail shoes.  Here's the results of our so far collaboration.

A special edition of Paleos® at PACO RABANNE in Paris!


The Paleos® for therapy

We have received many enthusiastic reports from customers suffering from diminished or barely existing perception of stimuli by damaged nerves in their feet. The one thing all of their reports have in common is that after wearing the Paleos the customers say they feel a stronger perception of their environment as well as an increased ability to coordinate movements. Multiple sclerosis and diabetes mellitus are the best-known diseases of this type, with Paleos®, diabetics may find themselves enjoying walking barefoot while being safe and protected.

The Paleos® for therapies - The Ehlers-Danlos syndrome! Insights and thoughts that made us think ...

Moving Forwards by Taking a Step Back This extraordinary review was illustrated and edited by Jasmine Raskas (Missouri USA). Jasmine suffers from a form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and has been using our chainmail shoes for several months. She sent us an account of her experiences along with an invitation to publish it on our website to help others affected by similar diseases. Anyone who takes the time to read her findings on the Paleos® will not only get to know Jasmine, but will also understand the Paleos® much better. Paleos® make sense for all of us.

Need more information?

Browse our BLOGs for background information on the  Paleos®.   Find tips for Barefoot Beginners, learn where "PAWS" come from, read about forefoot running, see our videos on how to get started with Paleos®, and many more interesting topics.