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Paleos® URBAN NAUTIS (SHEPPARD). Sailors, kiters and surfers have pushed for it. Water sports enthusiasts who sustain serious injuries when they fall or jump off their boards into the water ... SHEPPARD is the only safety water shoe on the market. The built-in ring mesh protects soles, toes, heel and sides of the foot. Shards, sheet metal and metal parts in the water, shell layers in the mud, oysters, sharp-edged stones on banks or on reefs are all harmless while wearing the SHEPPARD. With the added benefit of having a non-slip sole, ideal for boards and boat decks.

Swap the risk for relaxation!

SHEPPARD is lightweight and very flexible. The shoe feels soft but compact and provides a sock like fit in every section of the foot, they do not obstruct movement while providing the toes the space and freedom they need. Slipping them off is fast and comfortable, by means of a large elastic closure, the desired tension can be individually adjusted and then secured via a large Velcro pad.

Our insoles even make them dirt and cold repellent!

By the way, NAUTIS SHEPPARD is an excellent alternative for the chilly days outdoors. Leisure, garden, lawn sports, yoga, martial arts, parkour, capoeira, tree climbing, and much more become absolute highlights!

TIP: You love the concept - but you want it to be even more minimal, lightweight, breathable and flexible? Then you should have a look at category  KETARON.


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Paleos®NAUTIS SHEPPARD ENNAUTIS SHEPPARD - no surf shoe is safer!

Every water sport enthusiast knows it, that queasy feeling never knowing exactly where the foot will land if you don't know the water or when you can't see the ground in the agitated water. Sharp-edged corals, shells, rocks or even a forgotten rusty nail? The very thought of it is scary!

SHEPPARD gives the feet a bulletproof vest. Even more, the integrated sole of chain mesh is not just a simple sole protector, it also arches around the foot on all sides and thus, protects toes, heel and the sides in the metatarsal area. Even when stumbling or slipping sideways you can rely on perfect protection. Shards of glass and metal parts in the water, shell layers in the mud, oysters, sharp-edged stones on banks or on reefs - no hazard at all!

GRIP. Even in this category, SHEPPARD is a true master! On the one hand, the pure ring mesh allows the sole "claw" into otherwise very slippery surfaces while on the other, there is an additional 2.5 mm thick, sharp contoured outsole made of extremely robust outdoor material. Two grip concepts combined! Slipping on natural surfaces as well as on the generally smooth surfaces on boards and boats is hardly possible. Liquids can escape at any time in all directions.

Construction and Fit. SHEPPARD is very light and consists of neoprene (upper and inner shoe), TPU fleece elements (toe protection, heel cap, heel strap), stainless steel mesh and TPU material - sting and cut resistant sole shell. Thanks to its basic shape it perfectly adapts to the foot, fitting softly but firmly around the ankle, heel and metatarsus. No slipping inside the shoe with fast movements. Nevertheless, they do not obstruct any movements and allows the toes the space they need to do their job. Slipping them off is fast and comfortable, by means of a large elastic closure, the desired tension can be adjusted individually and secured via Velcro pads.

The weight of NAUTIS, in size 42 for example, has to be seen in two parts: the integrated chainmail sole for injury protection makes about 100g/3.5oz of the total weight. The entire upper shoe including all sole portions weighs an additional 140g/4.9oz, totalling 240g/8.4oz. NAUTIS SHEPPARD is not only a true barefoot safety shoe but can also be considered as extremely lightweight.

Because it's such a lightweight, warming and adaptive shoe, NAUTIS SHEPPARD is also a perfect alternative for the colder season on land.

Your mood and the adaption to different conditions matters!

And if your mood, or even the weather changes, NAUTIS SHEPPARD can either be an open barefoot surf shoe or a "normal" closed minimal shoe! The insoles are not fitted into the shoe but are fully removable depending on your mood and environmental demands, making them flexible in every way! To make this work you can choose between two insoles, each are 2.5 mm thick, very soft and honeycombed structured / perforated. Especially on hard floors, reefs, edges and sharp stones the additional cushioning can be enjoyed.

Please make sure to click all above item tabs. These will provide you with further information on suitability (Additional) scope of delivery (Delivery) and will also answer further questions you might have on the ideal size, the paws, cleaning, saver, etc. (FAQ). If you still have any further question, please do not hesitate to click tab "Contact Us" at the left edge of the screen to write us directly.



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Max. shipping weight 1.6
Ready to ship 2-3 days
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Availability Date No
Price €299.00
Shoe/Hand Sizes EU 42 - UK/AU ♂♀ 7 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 8 ½ ♀ 10, EU 43 - UK/AU ♂♀ 8 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 9 ½ ♀ 11, EU 44 - UK/AU ♂♀ 9 - USA/Canada: ♂ 10 ♀ 11 ½, EU 45 - UK/AU ♂♀ 10 - USA/Canada: ♂ 11 ♀ 12, EU 46 - UK/AU ♂♀ 11 - USA/Canada: ♂ 12 ♀ 13, EU 47 - UK/AU ♂♀ 11 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 12 ½ ♀ 3 ½
Cut and Fit For regular shaped feet, Also fits exceptional feet
Suitability Sea & Water, Algae & Moss (Grip), Bogs & Swamps, Lawn & Clay Courts, Soft natural soil, Mixed natural soil, Sand & Heathlands, Concrete & Tarmac, Yachts & Boats, Late Autumn & Winter
Activities Fishing, Surf fishing, Archery, Tree climbing, Camping, Canyoning, Capoeira, Frisbee, Fly fishing, Gardening, Golf, Dog Sports, Jetski, Canoeing, Kitesurfing, Stunt kite flying, Paintball, Rafting, Rowing, Snorkelling, Swimming, Beach fishing, Sailing, Wading, Mudflat hiking, Windsurfing, Rafting, Wave riding, Yoga


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Scope of Delivery

Scope of delivery

DELINDA WATER fitted with WATER PAWS with metal tags (model, size, serial number), rubber bands, lace locks and cord lock.


Saver Paleos®ULTRA (neoprene perforated - open toe design)

Saver Paleos®ULTRA (neoprene perforated - open toe design)

Comfy sleeves with open toe design made of perforated neoprene for added comfort with Paleos®ULTRA. At the sole area they are largely open, but otherwise encloses the entire foot excl. the toes area. The color of cords and saver corresponding to your selection (black or red). By default, DELINDA WATER will have a black cord lock!

FAQ / Size

What size do I need?

You have normal feet and, for example, size EU43? Then select - as usual for sports shoes - one size up = EU44. You also have particularly wide feet or you want to order our saver  form thicker neoprene? Then please choose another size up = EU45.

We are glad to help! If you frequently have problems finding shoes that fit, please take advantage of our service at purchasing and select the appropriate option. Once we receive your order, we'll be in touch for the further procedure.

Do I need the Multi-Paws?

Without Multi-Paws Paleos®ULTRAs are only suitable for waters and rather soft, natural soils! Our innovative soles spots are only needed if additional cushioning is required, or the Paleos® should be non-slip also outside of nature on man made, smooth surfaces.

Which Multi-Paws for what?

There are three variants Multi-Paws of different thickness and hardness that we already have assigned to different products: WATER, SOIL, CLIFF. As the name suggests you can choose them according to your preferred activities and environment.
The Multi-Paws for Paleos®ULTRA
All variants help to broaden the application radius of ULTRAs immensely. Through them, stony soils and rocks, boats, boards, even smooth tiles, marble, parquet, etc. become safer and above all more enjoyable.

Can I get other savers with these?

We have already selected the most suitable type of saver for you. Those that fit best to your most probable activities and environments with the specific variant of ULTRA. If you still want a different type of saver or made from another fabric, please click here and order them in addition.

How to get started?

Use our chainmail Paleos® (with and without paws) only as a protection against hazards on the ground and in the water. Once the ground is harmless, you can clearly see the ground and also barefoot it feels good, take them off. The longer you will be able to use the unique services they are made for.

At the beginning make use of our saver and the insole (provided you purchased them). Both will make it much easier for you get used to real barefoot conditions. Start easy going - take your time to get to know their properties. At first only use them for short distances and periods. Increase gradually! Also make sure you always carry spare shoes (eg. Sandals or Flipflops).

How are ULTRAs cleaned?

In general, as soon as possible after use, you should clean your Paleos® with clean water. However, in the course of use, as with any anything metal - from jewellery to bicycle wheels - oxidation will occur, giving a greyish colour to the metal. Although stainless steel does not rust, it will, over time, oxidize in this way. You might notice this in the latest when you take them off, as they can leave grey stain on the toes and the dorsal part of your foot. When that happens, wash them in the washing machine or by hand.

And if i do not like them?

From experience we don't expect that you want to return them to us. Once you have seen and tried them you'll love the concept. But of course it is no problem to send them back to us. If they are still unused and the accessory is complete, we will refund you the full purchase price. Click here to see the details.

How's the process for return and exchange?

Of course, you can also exchange your Paleos® for a different size. Please click here to learn more about the process, costs and conditions.

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14 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 14 reviews)
  1. Feet felt great!

    By Matthew, Marshall, Australia September 16, 2019

    I'm about to send a couple of photos taken during a recent trip to Mt. Buller in north eastern Victoria. High resolution as requested. I never expected barefoot shoes to be so comfortable in the snow!!! If anything felt at all cold, it was probably my hands. Feet felt great! Thanks again. Best regards, Matt

  2. Versatility for every environment

    By Alexander, Heiligendamm, Germany August 13, 2019

    NAUTIS is truly a very comfortable and exciting shoe. Although, or just because the upper is made from neoprene, it is so versatile. I already have them for three months now and use them almost every day. At the water as well as in everyday life they are great fun. Easy to put them on and off, thin but with high-abrasion-resistant sole with enormous grip, good ground feel and easy to clean (washing machine). Also, I did not expect that even used in the mud only the soles of the feet become dirty. I use it on our beautiful coast, in the water, in the forest, for gardening and even in the city and at the office. A great shoe that makes you experience the environment different and that can be used all year round (thanks to the insoles).

  3. The most comfortable shoes we've ever owned.

    By Matthew, Marshall, Australia August 08, 2019

    The Nautis Sheppard are without question, the most comfortable shoes we've ever owned. It'd be amazing to have a version more appropriate for summer, though we'll wear these for as much of the year as we can. In summary, thanks again for your suggestion of the Sheppard for our specific use case. It's been a great recommendation. I'll submit a review of them shortly! We're saving up for sandals, thongs, caymaro black, and probably more.

  4. These make sense everywhere!

    By Hannes, Emsdetten, North Rhine-Westphalia April 17, 2019

    Actually described as a water and surf shoe ... But actually a shoe for all occations and everywhere. Sheppard is as universally applicable as you need it. We have no sea nearby, but also for the forest, hiking trails, the garden, lawn mowing they are great. So far I have not even sweated in them. Despite the neoprene úpper probably because of the open soles? I especially love that they are so easy to put on and take off. The big overlapping flaps with Velcro are a splendid idea. Still thrilled!

  5. Heavy price, however, incredible shoes

    By Szymon, Białystok, PL December 15, 2018

    Over month I hassled for the price tag, but finaly I have them ...

    Extremely adaptable, softly padded and warm. With the insoles even now in the cold no problem. The outsole is actually only millimeters thick, but very sturdy. The feeling of running in these is like wearing a thicker sock, immediate and without restrictions. This shoe can bend in all directions. Particularly noteworthy is also the large closure tab with the Velcro areas. To put them on and off is absolutely unproblematic. How firmly the shoe attaches to your foot can be adjusted very individual. It can even determine whether the thze maximum tension is more in the metatarsus or around the ankle. That's why closing both shoes equally, sometimes requires a second try - but then everything is fine. Since they look so inconspicuous, you can actually wear them any time and everywhere. That's exactly what I'm doing. I even wear them at work. Conclusion: they are great fun and I'm happy to have these.

  6. High entertainment value for your feet!

    By Christian, Kulmbach, DE November 10, 2018

    Pre-sale service was exemplary! Only when I got them I could understand the price tag. A great construction and with the insoles really suitable for all weather. I use them mainly for fishing and walking our Doberman. Already after the first wearing I was thrilled ... a highly flexible, real barefoot shoe that gives you a new impression at every step. Especially in autumn spectacular! No blisters or irritations, although I tend to. With all shoes so far I initially have real problems. If you are looking for something sturdy with a lot of entertainment value for your feet then you should have these!

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