From URBAN to ULTRA & CLASSIC (and vise versa)!


The more you know the less you need! With series URBAN - which look similar to conventional shoes, our customers have become aware of the advantages they gain by wearing the URBAN in their daily lives. They now wish to feel even MORE, they want to feel it off the beaten track. Series ULTRA and CLASSIC, made from pure chain mesh, enters the game!

Those knowing URBAN also go for ULTRA & CLASSIC!

There is also the opposite, if you start with ULTRA or CLASSIC, you quickly get the idea to use the open concept at home, in the city and in residential areas. Well, this is where URBAN's excel!

URBAN's create awareness

ATTAGO (SPORT) and TUHRON (TRAIL) our environmentally-open concept has been available for about one year. Due to their sturdy upper shoe construction, they are almost indestructible and perfect for every terrain and condition in nature. Customers who own them are still fascinated by fit, performance and easy care.

Shortly after KETARON (HOME) and SYGENTO (CASUAL) could be pre-ordered they were purchased in a far higher quantity than we had expected. The combination of both models makes sense for many people. KETARON for the home and the short distances in and around the house - SYGENTO for everyday life in the city, residential areas and at the office.

Like all models of series URBAN, SYGENTO is a true pleasure for the feet. Customers tell us frequently that they don't feel the desire to kick them off after having worn them the entire day. SYGENTO with its particularly light upper is more versatile than we had expected. Most SYGENTO's are used for sport activities such as hiking, jogging, tennis, golf and more. A great shoe! Yet ...

ULTRA's & CLASSIC's serve

Those knowing URBAN also go for ULTRA & CLASSIC!

We are increasingly seeing that first-time customers who opted for one of the URBAN models shortly afterwards order a pure chainmail variant from series ULTRA or CLASSIC. Now they want to feel even MORE of the natural environment.