Paleos®ULTRA DEPaleos®PROTECT – safety that makes you mobile!

Paleos® for pure body protection - without or with limited contact with the environment.

You are from the timber and forestry industry, lumberjack, you take part in Timbersports Championships or work in landscaping? Maybe you are in search for a flexible protection when surfing, fishing or diving which does not restrict your movements? Well, with multiple demand you will find just that with us! This product category is about pure body protection for dangerous areas, activities and aggressive soil. The main focus of development was maximum safety with low pack size and weight, high flexibility of use along with full preservation of mobility.

Paleos®PROTECT - Safety shoes and insoles, protectors for wrists and ankles, arms and legs made of highly flexible stainless steel chain mesh with special, technical properties. Be safe from sharp tools, dangerous spines and teeth!

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