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  1. ATTAGO WHITE (SPORTS) Paleos®ULTRA DELINDA PURE (ohne Multi-Tatzen)


    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €268.91 DE/EU no VAT-ID €320.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    Paleos®URBAN ATTAGO (WHITE) for yachts, sailing boats, sea ports, lawn and indoor sports. The jewel of the series - Paleos®URBAN. Fashionable, white, lightweight, soft, adaptable, breathable, practical and flexible are just a few features that make it a safe and very comfortable shoe for leisure and sports. Ideal for all activities that depend on comfortable and secure contact with the ground, allowing speed and safe footing. Perfect for wet conditions such as on boats, ships and sea ports. Suitable for golf, tennis and other land-based activities. The cleverly designed soles do not leave prints or marks on floor surfaces making them particularly popular for use on yachts, sailboats, sports halls and gyms. They are open to the environment, ribbed and fashionable but even more importantly provide safety and security with excellent grip on wet surfaces!

    The insoles make them as flexible as you need them.

    ATTAGO WHITE is a flexible shoe and a sustainable and vegan product. With this responsible approach to the environment and nature it fits perfectly with our vision. Experience ATTAGO and you'll be convinced at the first step!

    TIP: You love the concept - but you need it at home, for work, sports and leisure: thinner, lighter, more breathable and even more flexible? Then you should take a closer look at SYGENTO and KETARON!

  2. KETARON (HUARACHE) Paleos®ULTRA DELINDA PURE (ohne Multi-Tatzen)


    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €292.44 DE/EU no VAT-ID €348.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    Their properties surpass those of every sandal! They can barely be felt and are made from so little fabric that they let your feet do their natural thing! Barefoot sandals that are perfect for your everyday activities. Designed for maximum contact and permanent "grounding" on soft ground in nature and safe anti-slip on hard and flat floors in the city, halls and buildings. Perfect casual and everyday sandals that can be worn directly against the skin. They are more flexible, comfortable, lightweight and breathable than other sandals! Especially pleasant ... no slipping inside the shoe! Neither uphill nor downhill, as the shell shape of the sole keeps the foot firmly in place.

    Contrary to conventional sandals, the soles are not flat but flexible shells that are perfectly moulded to the human foot. That's why KETARON BLACK (HUARACHE) does not have the disadvantages such as slipping on the sole, bumping the toes against higher standing objects and collecting dirt and other disturbing particles inside. But even if this happens - enabled by the openings of the soles, dirt can easily escape.


    The sole consists of the protective chain mesh which is embedded between two very thin but stable layers of TPU, which is wear resistant and anti-slip. The underside is approximately 2 mm thick and the footbed has a comfortable soft layer (approximately 1 mm thick). The Cleaning? KETARON BLACK (HUARACHE) can be completely rinsed in clean water and / or washed at up to 60°C / 140°F in the washing machine. A piece of high-tech that you should not miss!

  3. MAGENION ALLCAMO (AT) Paleos®ULTRA DELINDA PURE (ohne Multi-Tatzen)


    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €289.92 DE/EU no VAT-ID €345.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    The Paleos® for those who need a bit of comfort: thin-skinned minimal footwear, maximum protection, no dirty feet and a pleasant dose of perception of the environment ...

    Paleos®ALLCAMO - Supple and with plenty of space for movement. A modern trainer with perfect GRIP, grounding and total protection against cuts and punctures. Only the GoSt-Metal-Tag and the semi-transparent sole reveals that it is a true Paleos®An ultra-slim barefoot shoe for those who prefer to keep their feet clean in the city, at work or in nature.

    Closed and extremely secure, flexible sole concept. Stainless steel chain mesh imbedded in a puncture and cut resistant layer of polyurethane. No nail, no sting can penetrate this sole, and no shard can cut it! Even by sharp stones damaged rings remain firmly anchored. Almost wear-free and fitted with 3 mm thick CLIFF PAWS for tremendous grip and a good ground feel on every surface.

    Upper made of especial breathable 3D fabrics and lining materials. With a weight of 230g in size EU42 it’s very light and at the same time incredibly sturdy. Surfaces like asphalt, concrete, gravel, paving and sharp stones are no problem!

    Wet and soggy conditions are where they really excel. With a quick 40 ° C wash, they are easy to clean. ALLCAMO (AT) - an all-terrain shoe, anytime, anywhere. Recommended as an everyday shoe, for leisure, all sports activities and a running shoe on soft ground.

    Note! You want the concept to be open to the environment? Then you should have a look at SYGENTO, ATTAGO, TUHRON and NAUTIS !



    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €324.37 DE/EU no VAT-ID €386.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    The Paleos® for those who want it all: extreme minimal footwear, maximum protection, no dirty feet and yet the maximum perception of the environment ...

    Our full chain mesh shoes with a closed semi-transparent and water-repellent PAW-Sole. CAMPURO which is ULTRA PRONATIV, due to the integrated sole, has a stable shape and quite shoe-like properties. In fact, this design has features like those of an adaptable, sturdy surf shoe (it can be rolled up in width and length). Stainless-steel chain mesh embedded in a puncture and cut resistant 1.4 mm layer of polyurethane. No nail or sting can penetrate, and no coral or shard can cut it. Via item option you can choose the hardness of the PAWS for your conditions (CLIFF or SOIL).

    Depending on the weather and outside conditions, CAMPURO is worn directly on the bare foot = clean soles at the bottom, completely environmentally open at the top and therefore quick drying. Or you can wear them with the supplied lining saver or our BOOT-LINER NEOPRENE (full neoprene or perforated).

    Recommended as a safety shoe for water sports on boards, boats, yachts and jets, as well as a shoe for all activities on the shoreline and all (also rough and stony) soils ashore. Due to its slim design, CAMPURO is even better suited for triathlon, duathlon, and swim & run events than any other shoe!

    Note! You prefer the concept of being completely open to the environment? Then check out ULTRA and CLASSIC (PURE/PAWS) or CAYMARO WHITE/BLACK.  For work, the city and residential areas on the other hand we recommend Paleos®ALLCAMO (AT) .

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