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The Paleos® for those who want it all: extreme minimal footwear, maximum protection, no dirty feet and yet the maximum perception of the environment ...

Our full chain mesh shoes with a closed semi-transparent and water-repellent PAW-Sole. CAMPURO which is ULTRA PRONATIV, due to the integrated sole, has a stable shape and quite shoe-like properties. In fact, this design has features like those of an adaptable, sturdy surf shoe (it can be rolled up in width and length). Stainless-steel chain mesh embedded in a puncture and cut resistant 1.4 mm layer of polyurethane. No nail or sting can penetrate, and no coral or shard can cut it. Via item option you can choose the hardness of the PAWS for your conditions (CLIFF or SOIL).

Depending on the weather and outside conditions, CAMPURO is worn directly on the bare foot = clean soles at the bottom, completely environmentally open at the top and therefore quick drying. Or you can wear them with the supplied lining saver or our BOOT-LINER NEOPRENE (full neoprene or perforated).

Recommended as a safety shoe for water sports on boards, boats, yachts and jets, as well as a shoe for all activities on the shoreline and all (also rough and stony) soils ashore. Due to its slim design, CAMPURO is even better suited for triathlon, duathlon, and swim & run events than any other shoe!

Note! You prefer the concept of being completely open to the environment? Then check out ULTRA and CLASSIC (PURE/PAWS) or CAYMARO WHITE/BLACK.  For work, the city and residential areas on the other hand we recommend Paleos®ALLCAMO (AT) .

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  1. Just a GREAT product!

    By Ulf, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany September 05, 2020

    At first you can't imagine it ... this is a highly comfortable “shoe”. Almost sock-like flexible and despite the paws a very thin sole that let you feel everything what's underfoot. Not cheap, but definitely incomparable, very easy to clean and incredible sturdy! I am very pleased with the product! Regards and keep up the great work, Ulf!

  2. Water, forest, city ... awseome versatility!

    By Detlef, Marburg, Germany February 28, 2020

    As a lover of nature, I had my first paleos already two years ago. Since then, ULTRA PRONATIV with the reef paws has given me so much pleasure that I wasn't worried that I maybe wouldn't like CAMPURO. And so it was ... This shoe is the ideal addition to my open chainmail shoes because, in addition to nature, they are also suitable for hard and very rocky subsoil. Nowadays, even most of the forest paths are rather gravel slopes than nature trails. Incidentally, I even wear CAMPURO for driving and shopping in the city. Because of the low temperatures, currently of course with the neoprene boot liner. Even though the shoe alone is very soft and flexible (for most probably hardly to imagine), but with the saver from neoprene they really feel like the slippers at home. PRONATIVE for water and pure natural soil, CAMPURO for everything else - works great!

  3. Only thing left to do, is to order ALLCAMO ;)

    By Bernhard, Bremen, North-Germany January 20, 2020

    Even if I had a hard time to accept the price ... These "everywhere shoes" are the best thing that you can treat yourself for the garden, terrain, forest and water. I have them now for more than 6 weeks and am out with the dogs and these in the forest every day for a longer time and at any weather. Don't want to miss them anymore!

    They are safe, non-slip, easy to clean, very supple against the foot and so far without any signs of wear. I absolutely didn't expected them to be so good … Btw., I also ordered the neoprene saver that are open at the bottom but covering the toes. Thus, not a problem either when it’s colder outside.

    Would buy them again at any time! Next to put ALLCAMO into the shopping cart for, everyday life ;) Regards, Bernhard

  4. Why are these not advertised as a running shoe?

    By Clément, Corrèze, France December 25, 2019

    I own this fantastic shoe for a few weeks now. Actually it was just a try and I'm very happy I dared to spend the money. As a passionate cross-country runner I am always looking for the ideal shoe for this purpose. I found them!!

    I don't know where to start ... It is simply a dream in comfort, flexibility, breathability, no absorption of dirt and water, great grip and protection. An excellent concept for everything related to outdoor, the water and terrain. Also, or rather especially in the current weather conditions. I mainly wear them for running with the perforated saver from neoprene, those which are closed toe design and open at the bottom (unfortunately these aren't content of delivery).

    Anyway! One of the coolest and most useful products I've ever been able to get to know! I know a lot, but in my opinion NO other shoe is better suited for running off-road than this one! Not to mention the easy cleaning!

  5. A fantastic complement

    By Bernhard, Leutkirch, Baden-Wuerttemberg, DE December 12, 2019

    I have PRONATIV for already two years and am always fascinated again by how great it feels to walk the dog in the forest. No matter where the dog is going, you can follow him everywhere. However, it is a shoe, that's recommended for roads and paved paths - what I've always stuck to. I also have a pair of SYGENTO for work. A great shoe for the city too. But you do not really like to wear them in the mud.

    This here is exactly what works well everywhere - it's half SYGENTO, half PRONATIVE. As great on hard roads as in the forest. And they insulate that good that they even can be worn at low temperetures. Cleaning is almost easier than with PRONATIVE. For me a successful addition to the other models. Truly recommended.

  6. I was so waiting for these Paleos!

    By Rüdiger, Constance, Baden-Württemberg November 06, 2019

    Admittedly, I'm not one of the hardliners among barefoot runners. Full perception is one thing, but to feel the fine spikes of chestnuts or thistles another.

    I found GoSt already years ago and was always interested in the open concept of Paleos. CAMPURO is exactly the shoe that - for my purposes - offers everything I need. Great feeling of the the ground and even stony paths can be overcome very comfortably. Self-drying and extremely easy to clean. I think they could even be sterilized. At first, however, I was concerned that unpleasant small parts could trickle through the upper shoe into the shoe. But I realized that everything that really ends up in the shoe is so small that it does not disturb or rub. Great!

    should mention the durability. Nowadays you have stones on paths and dirt roads again and again. Well, I can hardly imagine that I will ever succeed in damaging the compact but highly flexible sole of theses shoes.

    All in all, a really great product that I have already enjoyed to the fullest several times!

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