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Paleos®BAMANO FL-SPOT is the "extended version" of the pure chainmail glove FL-PURE. No other material except pure ring mesh offers such an enormous GRIP on natural surfaces such as wet wood or rocks and boulders covered with moss and algae. However, smooth surfaces such as tools, glass, metal, tiles, etc., the integrated spots provide exactly what is needed a non-slip grip. Paleos®BAMANO is a universal protective glove for all conditions on land, water and in the urban environment! Since the fingertips are free with this version, all devices (smartphone, radio, GPS, GoPro, etc.) can be freely operated. Secure, flexible and durable a worthy investment!


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Paleos®BAMANOS FL-SPOT ENBAMANO FL-SPOT - for additional GRIP on smooth surfaces!

The integrated GRIP-SPOTS are suitable for all indoor and outdoor environments, on land, in water, on boats and even in the urban environment. Compared to FL-PURE, this version is also very grippy on artificially smooth surfaces such as tools, glass, metal, tiles, etc. Completely made of proven stainless-steel mesh, they protect far better than other gloves against cuts, abrasions and scratches. Ideal for the off-road environment and during sporting activities when you regularly must support yourself on rough surfaces. Even in these situations, the patented, double locking system ensures a reliable grip!

BAMANO FL-SPOT - for additional GRIP on smooth surfaces!

Their fantastic GRIP makes them the perfect complement to the PaleoBarefoots® for cross races, off-road events, cycling, mountaineering, rock climbing, rowing, sailing, fishing, surfing, and much more. The open, light fabric is barely noticeable, and the free fingers keep the feel for fine motor activities. These gloves not only provide protection for activities like sports, they also ensure safe working with concrete, stone, wood, metal, glass and sharp objects. What more could you want for your hands? In size medium one glove weighs only about 140g / 4,9384oz

Please make sure to click all above item tabs. These will provide you with further information on suitability (Additional) scope of delivery (Delivery) and will also answer further questions you might have on the ideal size, the paws, cleaning, saver, etc. (FAQ). If you still have a question, please do not hesitate and click tab "Contact Us" on the left and you'll receive a quick response.


Additional Information

Max. shipping weight 1.4
Ready to ship 2-3 days
Preorder status No
Availability Date No
Price €334.00
Shoe/Hand Sizes XXS ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 5 – 5 ½ inch / 13 -14 cm, XS ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 6 – 6 ½ inch / 15 - 16.5 cm, S ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 6 ½ – 7 inch / 17 -18.5 cm, M ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 7 ½ – 8 inch / 19 - 20.5 cm , L ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 8 ½ – 9 inch / 21.5 – 23 cm , XL ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 9 ½ – 10 inch / 24 - 26 cm, XXL ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 11 – 12 inch / 27 - 30 cm
Cut and Fit For regular shaped hands
Suitability Sea & Water, Bogs & Swamps, Cars & Vehicles, Yachts & Boats, Accessories & Upgrades, Fashion & Related Events, To get to know
Activities Fishing, Surf fishing, Archery, Camping, Canyoning, Cross, Crossgolf, Disc Golf, Frisbee, Fly fishing, Gardening, Cross-country race, Obstacle Racing, Dog Sports, Jetski, Hunting, Jogging, Canoeing, Kickboard, Cooking, Stunt kite flying, Longboard, Fashion Events, Mountain biking, Nordic Walking, Paintball, Biking, Rafting, Rugby, Snorkelling, Swimming, Beach fishing, Sailing, Skateboarding, Survival, Trekking, Wading, Mudflat hiking, Windsurfing, Rafting, Wave riding


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Scope of Delivery

Scope of delivery

Paleos®BAMANO FL-SPOT (one pair) with metal tags (model, size, serial number) and a Paleos® key chain in a stylish metal box.


Paleos®BAMANO FL-SPOT - Scope of delivery


FAQ / Size

What size do I need?

Please measure the circumference of your hand around the center without the thumb and not above the ankles of your fingers. Thereby, the tape measure should loosely encircle your hand. Once you have determined the length you can easily select it from the drop-down menu within the article. Note: If your measurements are too close to the a size, please order the next size up!

Please measure your hand and wrist circumference

XXS (49) ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 5 – 5 ½ inch / 13 -14 cm
XS (50) ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 6 – 6 ½  inch / 15 - 16.5 cm
S (51) ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 6 ½  – 7 inch  / 17 -18.5 cm
M (52) ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 7 ½  – 8 inch / 19 - 20.5 cm
L (53) ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 8 ½  – 9 inch / 21.5 – 23 cm
XL (54) ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 9 ½  – 10 inch / 24 - 26 cm
XXL (55) ♂♀ Metacarpal circumference 11 – 12 inch / 27 - 30 cm

How does the closure system work?

The closure is as simple as it is safe: At both ends of the band for the wrist there are two hooks, which are hooked once from the inside and once from the outside into a ring row provided for this purpose.


The closure is as simple as it is safe

The closure is as simple as it is safe

How and when do I clean BAMANOs?

In general and as soon after use as possible, you should rinse your Paleos® with clean water. However, in the course of use, as with any anything metal - from jewellery to bicycle wheels - oxidation will occur, giving a greyish colour to the metal. Although stainless steel does not rust, it will, over time, oxidize in this way. That's why it's recommended to wash them regularily in the washing machine (due to the GRIP-SPOTS at max. 60 ° C) or by hand.

What if i do not like them?

From experience we don't expect that you want to return them to us. Once you have seen and tried them you'll love the concept. But of course it is no problem to send them back to us. If they are still unused and the accessory is complete, we will refund you the full purchase price. Click here to see the details.

How's the process for return and exchange?

Of course, you can also exchange your Paleos® for a different size. Please click here to learn more about the process, costs and conditions.

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  1. Awesome gift for every outdoor fan!

    By Werner, Cologne, Germany February 28, 2020

    Were very much appreciated as a gift. Great gloves and very versatile. I would have preferred to keep them for myself :/

  2. Gloves and company highly recommended!

    By Malthe, Aarhus, Denmark December 26, 2019

    Fingerless gloves from stainless steel chain mesh - how cool is that? Even fitted with small spots to provide good grip on smooth surfaces. So far I'm pretty excited about the gloves and I think it will stay that way. The chain mesh and construction seems to be pretty sturdy. Incidentally, they are very easy to celan too.

    The customer service was fast, personal and accommodating (thanks guys for finding the best size for me). Gost and gloves highly recommended!

  3. Love to wear them on my boat

    By Javier, San Sebastián, Spain April 19, 2018

    The concept of these is brilliant! Have them since some weeks already and love to wear them on my boat. They are surprisingly lightweight and can easily be stored in the pocket of your trousers. Wearing them requires some practice, but it's worth it. The mesh feels very pleasent against the skin and you can hardly feel that you wear them. They do not hinder my movements and still protect my hands extremely well. Great outdoor gloves which still allow me to operate technical equipment with ease and which can easily be rinsed with clean water. I am sure that these will last a lifetime. Javier

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