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PRONATIV SOIL is fitted with the medium sized SOIL PAWS for water and mixed soil. Fitted with paws, they are non-slip on smooth surfaces such as tiles, marble and parquet! Do you love to do sports and to be active in the natural environment? You want flexibility and performance? PRONTIV, a further enhanced development of the all rounder ANTERRA. Built for higher loads and more extreme terrain, the clever lacing provides an even better fit and more flexible hold to the foot. PRONATIV is a real outback barefoot shoe for coasts, soils, muddy and soggy terrain. The more natural, wet and muddy, the better! PRONATIV is best suited for those who want to train and strengthen their feet the most natural way! The special type of lacing makes it the ideal partner for all "natural runners".


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Paleos®PRONATIV SOIL ENPRONATIV SOIL (incl. PAWS) - Paleos® for high demands!

Go into nature and you will love them! If you're ready to let your feet experience the real attractions and experiences this world has to offer, far away from areas inhabited by humans, PRONATIV is your tool to enjoy the great outdoors the safest possible way! PRONATIV is a real outback barefoot shoe for coast, soil, muddy and sodden terrain. The further away from concrete the better! Best suited for those, who are keen to experience what a barefoot shoe in fact should provide.

PRONATIV are the perfect complement to your minimal shoes or conventional running shoes ... on your way to a healthy and more natural running style. Weight of PRONATIV: EU 42 = UK/AU 7,8 = US/CA 9,5 per shoe approximately 225g / 7,231oz including "Multi-Paws"!

The Multi-Paws for Paleos®ULTRA

Recommended for barefoot beginner, challenging subsoils and activities in water and on soft terrain. The Paleos®INSOLES are made of weather resistant TPU added with a minimal padding of micro fleece. Even the finest needles for example thistles or sea urchins can no longer reach your soles! Add them to your order and save!

Paleos®TPU-INSOLES (open - with padded areas of micro fleece)

Please make sure to click all above item tabs. These will provide you with further information on suitability (Additional) scope of delivery (Delivery) and will also answer further questions you might have on the ideal size, the paws, cleaning, saver, etc. (FAQ). If you still have any further question, please do not hesitate to click tab "Contact Us" at the left edge of the screen to write to us directly.


Additional Information

Max. shipping weight 1.8
Ready to ship 2-3 days
Preorder status No
Availability Date No
Price €365.00
Shoe/Hand Sizes EU 34 - UK/AU ♂♀ 2 - USA/Canada: ♂ 3 / ♀ 3 ½, EU 35 - UK/AU ♂♀ 2 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 3 ½ ♀ 4, EU 36 - UK/AU ♂♀ 3 - USA/Canada: ♂ 4 ♀ 5 ½, EU 37 - UK/AU ♂♀ 4 - USA/Canada: ♂ 4 ½ ♀ 6, EU 38 - UK/AU ♂♀ 4 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 5 ½ ♀ 7, EU 39 - UK/AU ♂♀ 5 - USA/Canada: ♂ 6 ½ ♀ 7 ½, EU 40 - UK/AU ♂♀ 6 - USA/Canada: ♂ 7 ♀ 8 ½, EU 41 - UK/AU ♂♀ 7 - USA/Canada: ♂ 8 ♀ 9 ½, EU 42 - UK/AU ♂♀ 7 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 8 ½ ♀ 10, EU 43 - UK/AU ♂♀ 8 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 9 ½ ♀ 11, EU 44 - UK/AU ♂♀ 9 - USA/Canada: ♂ 10 ♀ 11 ½, EU 45 - UK/AU ♂♀ 10 - USA/Canada: ♂ 11 ♀ 12, EU 46 - UK/AU ♂♀ 11 - USA/Canada: ♂ 12 ♀ 13, EU 47 - UK/AU ♂♀ 11 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 12 ½ ♀ 3 ½, EU 48 - UK/AU ♂♀ 12 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 13 ½ ♀ 14 ½, EU 49 - UK/AU ♂♀ 13 - USA/Canada: ♂ 14 ½ ♀ 15 ½, EU 50 - UK/AU ♂♀ 14 - USA/Canada: ♂ 15 ½ ♀ 16 ½
Cut and Fit For regular shaped feet
Suitability Sea & Water, Bogs & Swamps, Lawn & Clay Courts, Soft natural soil, Mixed natural soil, Yachts & Boats
Activities Fishing, Beachvolleyball, Archery, Camping, Crossgolf, Disc Golf, Frisbee, Fly fishing, Gardening, Cross-country race, Golf, Geocaching, Dog Sports, Hunting, Canoeing, Stunt kite flying, Paintball, Rafting, Rowing, Snorkelling, Swimming, Sailing, Survival, Wading, Hiking, Walking, Mudflat hiking, Rafting, Wave riding


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Scope of Delivery

Scope of delivery

MAGENION SOLE-GUARD made of 1.7 mm stainless steel chain mesh, embedded in sturdy PU sole material and fitted with the foot pad of your choice (footprint or full surface). Otherwise no further accessories.



FAQ / Size

What size do I order?

The insoles are very soft and flexible! That is why they perfectly adapt to every shoe and its shape. Order this item one size down to your everyday, surf or sports shoes and they'll fit perfectly!

Do they fit into my current Paleos®?

Yes, they also fit into your current Paleos®ULTRA, CLASSIC or X-COLOR. They are made to conform to their shape and therefore nestle perfectly and keep in place. With these you almost have 100% protection against any injury, since you walk on TWO protective layers of chain mesh.

How to clean SOLE-GUARD?

Thorough rinsing with fresh water immediately after use is completely sufficient. Otherwise, wash them regularly at 40 ° C in the washing machine or with a detergent by hand.

And if i do not like them?

From experience we don't expect that you want to return them to us. Once you have seen and tried them you'll love the concept. But of course it is no problem to send them back to us. If they are still unused and the accessory is complete, we will refund you the full purchase price. Click here to see the details.

How's the process for return and exchange?

If you whish you can also exchange your Paleos® for a different size. Please click here to learn more about the process, costs and conditions.

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13 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 13 reviews)
  1. Mit Liebe gemacht

    By Kay June 17, 2023

    ... und das merkt man den Paleos auch an.

    Die Auswahl ist nicht einfach, ich hatte zuerst den Anterra Erde bestellt, bein Reinschlüpfen musste ich leider feststellen, dass er nicht zu meinen Füßen passt.
    Umtausch und Alternativempfehlung waren aber kein Problem. Vielen Dank hierfür Jörg!!!

    Nach ca. einem halben Jahr im Einsatz möchte ich meine Erfahrungen mit den Plaeos teilen
    Zunächtt einmal muss man sagen, dass die Schuhe sehr gut verarbeitet sind - außerdem sind sie ein echter Hinkucker.

    Im natürlichen Gelände und auch im Büro :-) sind die Schuhe einfach super. Feedbach zum Boden Top, Fußklima Top, um nicht zu sagen einmalig!
    Man darf allerdings den Spann nicht all zu sehr belasten (z:B. Schneidersitz).

    Für den Einsatz auf natürlichen Untergründen ist das der beste Barfußschuh, den ich bisher hatte (und ich habe schon einige ausprobiert).

    Ich hatte anfangs ein Wenig Bedenken dass das feine Kettengewebi im Gelände leicht Schaden nehmen könnte - wurde bisher aber eine Besseren belehrt.

    Es gibt allerdings auch Schattenseiten, die ich hier nicht unterschlagen möchte.

    - Sehr hoher Preis (der allerdings gerechtfertigt ist)
    - Ja sie machen Schwarze Füße
    - Die Tatzen könnten etwas haltbarer sein

    Fazit insgesamt ein sehr guter Schuh, den meine Meinung nach jeder Barfußläufer Mal getragen haben sollte.

    Von meiner Seite klare Kaufempfehlung. Ich werde mir sicher noch einen bestellen.

  2. Feet's best friend

    By Lionel, Cape Town, Südafrica February 12, 2020

    I bought these not for athletic prowess and nature running, but rather the opposite. In my 70s and arthritic I am becoming unsteady on my feet and afraid of falling (again). My experience with the slippers and sandals was so good that I decided to go for the full effect (except I did insist on soil 'paws' because I dare not slip on polished floors).

    I immediately lost them. One of their greatest features is that they roll up so small, where most men's shoes take up half a weekend case. They slipped down behind a bookcase, and it was months before I discovered that they had not been stolen! That compactness makes them so practical for travelling – but don't let them slip away.

    I feel more secure and sure-footed wearing these than even when supported by firm ankle boots. Even more, I revel in the sense of connectedness with the soil and ground. They foster mindfulness that is helpful for infirm walkers, and is a valuable experience in its own right.

    As shoes they are expensive, but as a way of life they are worth it.

  3. These are incredible!

    By Roman, Augsburg, Bavaria June 04, 2019

    These are incredible! Impossible to explain their performance. You just have to wear them in forest, in mud and puddles. Then you know :)

  4. Couldn’t get these out of my head!

    By Lorenzo, Formia, Italy December 16, 2018

    Shoes made of metal, can this work?! Man, how I doubted until I ordered these. I guess that, due to their appearance, many out there do not connect good features with them. But we are all completely wrong and they are, at least for me, worth every penny. I could now tell a lot, starting with the professional size check or how valuable they finally came in a shiny metal box, how amazing the mesh feels against the skin, how safely you perceive every tiny detail of the ground, how thoughtfully the concept and the saver work. But I do not think I get this done well enough. Actually they can not be compared to any other footwear. Besides, it is all written here on many pages. Just try them and be amazed - like I am!

  5. Can’t Rate Highly Enough!

    By Matthew, CA, US October 26, 2018

    Best piece of footwear I have ever purchased, hands down! PRONATIVs are my favorite minimalist shoes I have tried. There’s no other concept that gets even close to it. Do your feet a favour and order a pair.

  6. I love my PRONATIV!

    By Mark, Christchurch, New Zealand September 30, 2018

    I've worn them for the mud sweat and tears challenge. This is a winter 10km race through varying terrain of mud, water, hills, rocks, hard packed trails, very soft grassed paddocks, pine forests and man made obstacles. I have worn the saver and the shoes were great. I love the concept!

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