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Paleos® aren't worn - they are experienced

Paleos®Application ENThere has never been a better alternative than Paleos®! Throughout the history of man, we have been finding that our feet need as natural conditions as possible to strengthen our overall health. This also includes traveling over variable surfaces and the direct contact with the elements!

Having bare feet supplies the entire body with important signals about hazards, temperature, and environmental conditions. All these important nerve tracts are linked to the entire body and end in the soles of our feet. The more distance and the more obstructions between our feet and the ground, the more indistinct / incomplete these signals are.

Significant advantages over conventional minimal footwear

Other minimal footwear tries to simulate barefoot-like conditions, but most are barely capable of providing it in the literal sense! The PaleoBarefoots® can.

The series of PaleoBarefoots® - from ULTRA via CLASSIC to URBAN!

The Paleos® deliver; in addition to advantages such as biomechanically correct design - all relevant pieces of the puzzle without endangering the feet or the wearer! Authentic barefoot feel, reliable protection against injury, incomparable grip and the direct contact with the environment! No other footwear is able to combine all these benefits! Meanwhile, with the new series CLASSIC and URBAN the use of Paleos® is no longer limited to water and natural surfaces. Their unique properties can now also be enjoyed in residential areas and in the city! The PaleoBarferoots® are not merely worn - they are experienced!

Here's a great video, showing how dramatically heels in general and high heels in particular affect the entire body ...

Treat yourself a pair and enjoy unique barefoot freedom

Do you like walking and hiking in nature? Do you do a little jogging or practice yoga? Do you love muddy and wet events? Perhaps you like fishing, fell running or maybe you have foot problems. Perhaps you just want to change from your ultra-cushioned running shoes to minimal shoes, or want so support your physical therapy to recover from a foot injury faster. Which PaleoBarefoots® type is right for you?

Health & Therapy

Health & Therapy: Physiotherapy, podiatry, orthopedics, gymnastics, yoga, iyengar yoga, tai chi, hydrotherapy, Pilates, foot problems, sweaty feet, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rehabilitation after injury!

Sports & Nature

Sports & Nature: Baseball, softball, cricket, orienteering, walking, running, trekking, frisbee, cross raining, golf, paintball, archery, hunting, kite flying, MovNat, geocaching, dog sports, survival, tracking , lacrosse, martial arts, parkour, capoeira, tree climbing...

Sports & Water

Sports & Water: Fishing, fly fishing, beach fishing, canoeing, kite surfing, rafting, jetski, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, white water, ocean swimming...

Events & Muddy Sports

Events & Dirty Sports: Cross-country running, mud racing, fell running, obstacle racing, wadden sea games and events, MovNat, Cross-Fit, survival...

Leisure & Relaxation

Leisure & Relaxation: Public swimming pools, parks, bathing beaches, wading, gardening, holidays, barbecues, picnics, mushroom hunting, walking, hiking, camping, swimming, snorkeling...

Keen to have dirty - but healthy feet?

The PaleoBarferoots® are in their own class! Natural Running: other footwear makes you put up with compromises the PaleoBarefoots® (as pure ring fabric variants) don't! They represent the most sincere conceptualization of minimal footwear the market has yet seen. They are made of high quality stainless steel ring mesh, have no cushioning, no insole, no drop and no protection from the cold! For this, however, they give you the full contact with the environment, unrestricted freedom of movement, resilience and the best protection to you can get!

Or should the feet stay clean?

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