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  1. Feet's best friend

    Por Lionel, Cape Town, Südafrica February 12, 2020

    I bought these not for athletic prowess and nature running, but rather the opposite. In my 70s and arthritic I am becoming unsteady on my feet and afraid of falling (again). My experience with the slippers and sandals was so good that I decided to go for the full effect (except I did insist on soil 'paws' because I dare not slip on polished floors).

    I immediately lost them. One of their greatest features is that they roll up so small, where most men's shoes take up half a weekend case. They slipped down behind a bookcase, and it was months before I discovered that they had not been stolen! That compactness makes them so practical for travelling – but don't let them slip away.

    I feel more secure and sure-footed wearing these than even when supported by firm ankle boots. Even more, I revel in the sense of connectedness with the soil and ground. They foster mindfulness that is helpful for infirm walkers, and is a valuable experience in its own right.

    As shoes they are expensive, but as a way of life they are worth it.

  2. These are incredible!

    Por Roman, Augsburg, Bavaria June 04, 2019

    These are incredible! Impossible to explain their performance. You just have to wear them in forest, in mud and puddles. Then you know :)

  3. Couldn’t get these out of my head!

    Por Lorenzo, Formia, Italy December 16, 2018

    Shoes made of metal, can this work?! Man, how I doubted until I ordered these. I guess that, due to their appearance, many out there do not connect good features with them. But we are all completely wrong and they are, at least for me, worth every penny. I could now tell a lot, starting with the professional size check or how valuable they finally came in a shiny metal box, how amazing the mesh feels against the skin, how safely you perceive every tiny detail of the ground, how thoughtfully the concept and the saver work. But I do not think I get this done well enough. Actually they can not be compared to any other footwear. Besides, it is all written here on many pages. Just try them and be amazed - like I am!

  4. Can’t Rate Highly Enough!

    Por Matthew, CA, US October 26, 2018

    Best piece of footwear I have ever purchased, hands down! PRONATIVs are my favorite minimalist shoes I have tried. There’s no other concept that gets even close to it. Do your feet a favour and order a pair.

  5. I love my PRONATIV!

    Por Mark, Christchurch, New Zealand September 30, 2018

    I've worn them for the mud sweat and tears challenge. This is a winter 10km race through varying terrain of mud, water, hills, rocks, hard packed trails, very soft grassed paddocks, pine forests and man made obstacles. I have worn the saver and the shoes were great. I love the concept!

  6. What you have is a true “innovation”.

    Por Fred, Yukon, Oklahoma January 30, 2018

    I’m newly a practitioner of mindfulness and mindful walking is one of the main reasons I love your product. Walking mindfully requires being in touch with every physical step because each one is an opportunity to step into the now/present. It’s a metaphor for life. We are domesticated to rush forward at the expense of the now. Honestly, this realization makes me wear my GoSt-Barefoots with greater pride. CAYMARO truly is the kind of product someone has to experience in order to appreciate.

  7. These are really nothing more than a filter ...

    Por Art S. September 02, 2017

    I find them extremely comfortable just walking around and short distance runs without a inner lining. These are really nothing more than a filter and a mild protective layer for your foot. You are going to feel dirt, pebbles and most every texture you're stepping on with these. They're meant to give you the feel of being barefoot with a bit of protection. They do just that. They're solely for trails and they're quiet as you run or walk. I've really enjoyed them this last year and 1/2 that I've had them.

  8. They'll reward the time you put in.

    Por AJ August 31, 2017

    I was an early adopter of Paleos, and I own three different types - one thing that you need to bear in mind is that if you want to run barefoot on any surface, you will always encounter a time of adjustment. You'll risk cuts, bruises, thorns, etc. GoSt Paleos will not remove all of those problems, but when you combine them with the right environment, they will give you a considerably safer, and more enjoyable experience. Only the most hardy of barefoot runners would venture out into the deep forests and run with abandon - the rest of us would probably either not tackle that environment, or would approach with extreme caution. With Paleos, you can worry far less about the underfoot terrain, and get on with the enjoyment of running barefoot on a natural surface. Just like any other shoe, you'll need to get used to them (there are good tips on the site as well as on other blogs on how to do this), but I think you'll find that they are a great tool to help you experience the outdoors. The new versions are now available with 'paws' technology, so even formerly off-limits surfaces like pavements are easily accessible in Paleos. Everything that's worth doing requires a bit of patience and practice, and using Paleos is no exception, and if you want to run barefoot, in my personal experience, they are the best way to do it. They'll reward the time you put in.

  9. There's no escaping the fact that they are expensive.

    Por Robert K. May 10, 2017

    I believe that ‘because the feet contain many nerve endings, they are an important part of our sensory system that has been nullified by stifling modern footwear’. But there's no escaping the fact that they are expensive. I think you get what you pay in terms of quality for though I think it pays to understand what you are getting in terms of function etc. They are not sold as and nor are they the life long on and off road shoe. (If used appropriately then I think they will last a long long time though). In a way it's a shame you can't hire a pair for a few days to see if they're the sort of thing your looking for really. I think most people doing this would be convinced to buy a pair.

  10. Never worrying about slicing something open!

    Por Chris April 26, 2017

    They perform excellent on trails/mud/sand/rocks. The combination of protection, and sheer flexibility they provide had me sprinting down paths with reckless abandonment. Never worrying about slicing something open. Chris

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