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Last update: March 2019

Paleos®Shipping ENShipping to all countries

8.1 The online store offers various shipping service providers and options, which can be freely selected by the customer. During the order process the shipping carrier (DHL, UPS, etc.) and the preferred service (standard, premium, express, etc.) can be chosen before placing a binding order, the resulting total is indicated.

Note: For the import of goods in non-EU countries additional costs must be expected, which we can not display on the website as they are not charged by us! These include, for example, country-specific fees of the shipping service provider for accompanying the process at customs, local VAT and possible customs duties on certain product types by customs.

Requirements for Free Shipping

8.2 For all countries and purchases over 400 € (including VAT) and up to 4 kg, no shipping costs will be charged! However, if such orders can not be successfully completed (for example, returns), the original shipping costs will be deducted from the refund. For the return of the goods to GoSt-Barefoots the customer bears the costs (from abroad including customs clearance and re-import to Germany). If the original order was free shipping, re-shipping will be charged. If shipping was charged for the original order, re-shipping will be free of charge. Every order can only once be shipped  free of charge. Thereafter, every further shipment (eg exchange) is chargeable and a return is no longer possible or leads to a credit.

Delivery time frames DE, EU and non-EU

8.3 After completion / assembling of the ordered product (on average 2-4 days after placing an order), the delivery time frame is only 2 to 4 working days nationally and internationally (exceptions are islands and very remote areas). Nationally DHL Premium (normal shipping), DHL Express and various UPS services can be chosen. Internationally GoSt-Barefoots ships only with DHL Express, alternatively with UPS (except to private addresses in Russia). Both companies work without additional shipping companies in the respective destination country and also ensure a fast and smooth customs clearance and the subsequent delivery by own staff. Even worldwide, express shipments are very reliable and within just a few days at the customer.

8.4 GoSt-Barefoots shall ensure a smooth and timely delivery of the items ordered. If items that form  part of a delivery are not available for immediate dispatch, GoSt-Barefoots will split the order into separate deliveries, with the items shipped at the earliest possible time and with no postage costs incurred.

Shipping service providers

DHL EXPRESS (all countries)DHL PREMIUM (Germany only)UPS (all countries & options)



For inter-European and international / intercontinental deliveries, we use online connections to logistics providers such as DHL and UPS. This allows the immediate "on the fly" calculation of costs for every order and any worldwide destination. As a result, the displayed shipping costs for the respective destination are binding. An internationally seamless tracking can however only only be guaranteed with DHL Express or UPS, since these shipment providers accompany the shipment through customs of the country of destination and subsequently the parcel is not handed over to a local shipping service providers. Note: For a more reliable or faster delivery depending on the country and region, we reserve the right to exchange the selected express provider.

GERMAN MAIL (up to 0.7 kg and only international)



For international shipments up to 0.7 kg (e.g. accessories), there is an optional FLAT RATE with German Mail (By Mail) which also includes the tracking. Note: Due to the high CORONA requirements for shipping providers, the fee for this shipping method is currently slightly higher than usual (only applies to international shipping)!

Options at checkout and at the shopping cart

You only need accessories?

Even for international shipping and a total weight less 0.7 kg (saver, insoles, ribbons, lace locks, etc.) shipping method "By Mail" is available. Compared to DHL EXPRESS and UPS (1-4 days), the delivery time here may vary by country (EU / other continents) from 5 to 14 days.

Tracking of Shippments

Tracking at DHL EXPRESS (all countries)Tracking at UPS (all countries & services)DHL EXPRESS / UPS (domestic as well as international):  Along with our shipping confirmation,  you'll also receive the tracking ID of your shipment. Once the parcel is picked up at GoSt-Berfoots you'll be notified by e-mail on every single step or event in the course of the shipment, e.g. pickup, custom clearance, exceptions, in-delivery, delivered. For individual tracking the tracking pages of DHL and UPS can be used.

Tracking at DHL PREMIUM (Germany only)DHL PREMIUM (domestic only):  For domestic shipments by DHL PREMIUM, you'll also be provided with a tracking link and ID for your parcel. This ID allows you to query the current status at DHL at any time.

Tracking at GERMAN MAIL (international only)GERMAN MAIL (up to 0.7kg and only international): For example accessories such as saver, insoles, ribbons, lace locks, etc. can be favorably shipped with German Mail. With the dispatch confirmation we also inform you about the individual data for tracking. By means of the data (day, month, year and tracking ID), the package can be tracked at German Mail.

Product / Size Exchange (DE / EU countries)

Note: If you wish to exchange a product you must notify us in writing within 14 days of receipt. After this period an exchange of the product is no longer possible. Please make sure your return is complete and includes all accessories such as insoles, saver, srerial key chain, etc. We only accept returns in our original packaging! Post your parcel to below address and let us know - as soon as available - the shipping service provider (USPS, FedEx, etc.) as well as the tracking ID and URL to trace your shipment.

Product / Size Exchange (non-EU countries)

Note: We only accept returns in our original packaging! Returns from non-EU countries require a shipping method that includes full custom clearance for the process of reimport to the EU / Germany. Delivery from door to door. For express shipments choose DDP - "Delivered Duty Paid" / for normal shipping choose DAP - "Delivered at Place". Caution: Express shipments may incur additional charges for re-import. If these costs are not covered, the shipment will not be processed by customs and automatically returned to the to shipper. To avoid this sort of unfortunate outcome and unnecessary costs, please opt for standard shipping.

Furthermore, all necessary documents must be attached to the outside of your parcel. For this purpose your respective shipping service provider provides self-adhesive transparent plastic bags. For the smooth handling, German customs expects to find the following documents in it:

  • A proof that the goods were originally sent to you from Germany by GoSt-Barefoots. The shipping label with the barcode of our original shipment to your address serves this purpose. If it was lost or turned unreadable, please request a corresponding pdf at us.
  • The description, value and content of the return (our original invoice from our shipment to your address).
  • A clear indication that it's a return of a product to to GoSt-Barefoots.

Post your parcel to below address and let us know - as soon as available - the shipping service provider (USPS, FedEx, etc.) as well as the tracking ID and URL to trace your shipment.

  • GoSt-Barefoots GmbH
    (Exchange / Return)
    Buchholzer Weg 17
    41189 Moenchengladbach
    Germany (NRW)