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Paleos® aren’t just for experienced barefooters or passionate runners, we also specialise in getting anyone of you consciously and safe from A to B in nature, with individual style and the purest natural movement. Whatever the day holds, always land barefoot. Thanks to our customers we've received valuable feedback over the past years that has guided our journey to becoming the best that we can be.We won't rest on our laurels just yet...


ALLCAMO (AT) by Matt (Australia)

A very fun, adaptable shoe for unpredictable environments.

Definitely the most comfortable closed-sole shoes, with probably the most breathable fabric upper I've ever worn. The sole is very practical yet great fun. Having exclusively worn shoes from the GoSt URBAN range for over a year, I do slightly miss the under-foot breathability. The ALLCAMO sole somewhat makes up for this lack of breatheability with a larger area of chainmesh that contacts the foot: all of which transmits fine movement and temperature changes very effectively.

Let's be honest, there are times and places where the ground (or floor) is wet, and the circumstances are not always pleasant or natural. In most leisure situations, and some at work, I know that the environment is pleasant (and hygenic) enough to relax and enjoy URBAN without looking too much about where I step. ALLCAMO lets me tread anywhere, on anything--without any concerns. Sharp rocks in particular: wow! You can feel their surface and texture, but it's dampened very nicely.

The paws are phenomenal in natural environments as most ULTRA and CLASSIC wearers know, but I'm surprised everyday how well they work in man-made environments. I haven't really found any surfaces that they struggle with.

In its first week, ALLCAMO has provided a very unique experience and has earned pole position on my (now GoSt-only) shoe rack. If my job mostly took place in an office, workshop, or another mostly predictable environment I'd probably wear URBAN to work. With the constant unknowns and unpredictability I face everyday, ALLCAMO really shines.



One of the most comprehensive and best-illustrated reviews on the Paleos® CAYMARO (PURE/PAWS) chainmail shoes.

Blog and Review "Goldilocks and the Three Barefoot Shoes" by Aedon Cassiel, Georgia, USA. Why YOU should be wearing barefoot shoes, Why some barefoot shoes are better than others, And why I think these are the best!

A review by Cassiel, Georgia, USA

Read on to see me explain ... and don't miss out the discussion on my review at Reddit!



Impressions and thoughts by Matthew from Sidney Australia

The size 42 sandal is being thoroughly enjoyed by my Dad as his birthday gift. He rarely spends much on shoes, but I think he's addicted and may buy another pair for at work. My wife and I are enjoying our Sygentos, Pronativ and Caymaro. We intend to get sandals ourselves once we've saved up a bit :)

KETARON HUARACHE - Toughts by Matthew, Sydney, Australia

I'd get a pair for my brother, and my Mum; though they're sizes 40 and 38. I feel that they'd be most suited to starting with an Urban model such as the KETARON. I can see that the Urban tread pattern has to be adapted for smaller sizes, but I'm confident you'll find the solution. Maybe kids will wear them to school one day?

One day, I want to walk down the street and see GoSts everywhere! Today, most people have no idea what they're missing.


Review by Zachary Bergen, Colorado, US

I apologize for the English. I am re-learning Deutsche. My (German Citizen) partner gifted me with a pair of these wonderful items (don't like to call them shoes since they are symbiotic or to fashion a new word: pediotic). Me? Oh thanks for asking. I am a musician and physicist and am old enough to have run cross country before the foot abominations (wedge shaped soles) came about. Over the years I adopted to the trends without thinking and finally arrived at a point where I intuitively knew something wasn't right. I worked at NASA doing shock mechanics and was a science adviser for a barefoot running book back in the Caballo Blanco days (my friend Micah True). I also played music for the film.

TUHRON TRAIL - REVIEW by Zachary Bergen, Colorado, US

Do I have a point? I think so: I have been running "minimally" for about 15 years now and have experience with most "barefoot" shoes. I had the "aha" experience about three months into running with bare feet and my youthful sprint kicked in again. I knew that I wasn't doomed the fate of others who bought (literally) into the next new thing in shoes by the big name running shoe brands. A friend of mine has a successful minimal shoe company here in Boulder, CO and I think he has a good offering given his market and price point. However, for the ultimate worship of the authentic God's of experience I came upon your creations on a web search and knew I had found what I was looking for. You are probably aware that touching the earth is important for a couple of main reasons: 1) bleed off free electrons (charge) which is unhealthy (the grounding fad) and 2) be at the Schumann resonance which is a basic biological rhythm. So, yeah, I love the TUHRONs. I'd like to own a couple other models as budget allows.

TUHRON TRAIL - REVIEW by Zachary Bergen, Colorado, US

As to the "shoe: Ground feel is insane given the integrity and toughness of the TUHRON. You've probably got some mathematical stress curve for point impact distribution (N/m^2) as the mesh is engaged. Regardless whatever you've done the TUHRON maintains the feel and offers necessary support with what would otherwise be a bad bruise or worse due to impact. In regular people words the TUHRON allows for maximum "feel" without the terror of an ouchy.

TUHRON TRAIL - REVIEW by Zachary Bergen, Colorado, US

I wore these on a hike last Saturday up to around 12,000 ft on trail that offers just about everything w/r to scree, talus, angular sharp uneven rocky trail, boulders, steep slabs, streams, and roots. Keeping in mind that my feet have been rehabilitated from the foot prisons or yesteryear so I suppose someone who has been imprisoned in a shoe with "support" may feel too naked and exposed with the TUHRON. As for my feet I find myself looking for rocks to experience now for free reflexology. As I am trusting the proprioception with the TUHRON I am finding my more efficient natural gait on the mountains. I feel lighter and move faster. My input to the minimal running folks has always been to look at stride as the master. The foot working with the legs on up provides a perfect shock absorption mechanism and doesn't need anything really.

TUHRON TRAIL - REVIEW by Zachary Bergen, Colorado, US

To maintain stride on more difficult surfaces you add the minimal amount of protection and only to maintain stride where otherwise you might be "chicken hopping". Even a thin running sandal restricts the natural movement and deformation of the foot and too much shear support. So that's good news for your company (besides being German). Oh and traction: because of the ability to experience all ranges of motion and deformation the traction is great and I notice that I have a more efficient stride and ability to move across multiple surfaces with less effort than with a hiking boot. The hiking boot with its stiff sole creates instability on a hinge point and extra effort to push against the last of the boot.

TUHRON TRAIL - REVIEW by Zachary Bergen, Colorado, US

So I am on a mission of course as usual. As a self appointed minimalist I tend to get evangelical w/r to my experience. I want others to experience the added dimension offered by touching the earth.

Another item I offer up is that I am able to have the natural experience all of the time now since I wear my TUHRONs as my primary "footwear". The advantages are the ability to continuously strengthen the foot (and legs on up, posture, happiness, dare I say intelligence?), stay grounded (huge), and feel superior (nicht). There really isn't another offering on the market that allows for such natural movement. It's much bigger than just stride in the sense that these "shoes" allow for a lifestyle without being an outlier or extremist. I don't put the title "Barefoot" in front of my name (OMG people). It's more of what is natural as I recall my love affair with all things "John Muir" as a child realizing that our true home is in nature and anyway we may experience that heals and allows us to exist as we are meant.

So there it is. I am about the dress out for a run in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Except now I don't have to change my footwear. (I fashioned a key chain using fishing tackle. The leader (20 lb test) is the right length to proudly display my mesh status!)

I fashioned a key chain using fishing tackle. The leader (20 lb test) is the right length to proudly display my mesh status!

Tschüss, Zachary Bergen


Review by Joshua D. Oklahoma, US

CAYMARO BLACK is the great all-rounder of the Paleos® range. It is the “take on any challenge” Paleos®. The rubber sole – that is integrated with the chain mail mesh, has a tread that’s 4-6 mm thick, this gives the CAYMARO BLACK extra protection and cushioning compared with other Paleos®. The upper is chain mail mesh, with the addition of a small section of soft fabric that gives a certain amount of comfort and protection around the lacing area. The lacing system is extra-long and extends the whole length of the top of foot (toes to heel).

 CAYMARO BLACK - REVIEW by Joshua D. US, Arizona

You have to understand that this is no ordinary barefoot shoe, like all Paleos®, this has its own unique styling which corresponds perfectly with the intended use. Your first visual impression of the CAYMARO BLACK is industrial, robust, muscular, sturdy and safe. These are just a few words that went through my mind and I’m sure you will think the same. I knew immediately from the style that this shoe was meant for hard-core, off-road trailing and I was not wrong. Like all good products, purpose dictates style and this is very much the case here. I give 10/10 to the CAYMARO BLACK for styling, because you immediately know you will be safe wherever you travel.

CAYMARO BLACK - REVIEW by Joshua D. US, Arizona

The fit is not what you would expect from a sturdy off road hiking shoe, shoes at this level normally are ridged, uncomfortable beasts, but the CAYMARO BLACK changes this convention. The shoe is highly flexible and the lacing, because it extends the entire length of the top of the foot, can mould to the entire foot, giving a firm, secure, comfortable fit. There is a soft piece of fabric that is woven into the laces that gives a comfortable feel to the top of the foot. This fabric also extends part way round the ankle to give added comfort.

 CAYMARO BLACK - REVIEW by Joshua D. US, Arizona

Build Quality is what separates GoSt-Barefoots apart from other barefoot/minimal shoe manufacturers, the entire range personifies quality. Everybody at GoSt-Barefoots prides themselves on making a superior quality product and this shows there is absolutely no question regarding the quality. The stainless-steel chain mail mesh is – by using the latest manufacturing technics, exceptionally well-constructed, all the joins are seamless and flawless. The rubber tread sole blends perfectly with the chain mail, making a beautifully constructed, robust shoe. Difficult to find any manufacturing flaws after using them for many landscape gardening jobs, they are showing no sign of braking or coming apart at any joins.

How well do they perform? My primary use is gardening and landscape gardening for which these have been impeccable. I have done several jobs which have involved erecting large amounts of fencing, for which these Paleos® have been perfect. Nails, sharp stones, wood splinters and other hazards associated with large garden project work have not posed a problem. They give a good reassuring, secure performance; one reason for this is the innovative design of the lace system, which allows for a perfect fit along the entire foot, so enabling natural foot movement.

 CAYMARO BLACK - REVIEW by Joshua D. US, Arizona

Obviously barefoot simulation is not going to be great for a sole that is 4-6 mm thick. Having said this, the chainmail mesh sole does allow full ventilation, with water and dirt able to flow freely between the ground and the foot, permitting a fair amount of contact sensation with the ground. There is also – considering the thickness of the sole, a good amount of flexibility. Taking all this into account you are getting a heavy-duty construction shoe that still has all the qualities of a barefoot/minimal shoe, which I have to say is impressive.

CAYMARO BLACK - REVIEW by Joshua D. US, Arizona

Overall this is an excellent off-road hiking barefoot shoe, that is very capable of coping with mud, water, rock, natural ground and of course, the office environment. I’ve had a huge amount of fun wearing these in different environments and activities, gardening, hiking, boggy trails, construction and in the city. I’ve particularly enjoyed wearing them while landscape gardening, which is a passion of mine. They give me all the protection that I need for erecting fences, building decking and general digging. I have absolutely no problem in recommending these, robust, safety, barefoot shoe. They have proved themselves over again, in the field for grip, protection, durability and flexibility.


REVIEW by Luuk, Amersfoort, NL

Introduction KETARON HUARACHE is a barefoot sandal for casual, everyday use. Part of the Urban range, it uses soft straps with Velcro fixings for the upper. The sole, as with all the URBAN range, is constructed from stainless-steel chainmail mesh combined with a minimal rubber tread to create a flexible, puncture resistant sole that is approximately 2 mm thick. There is a soft 1 mm thick footbed that mimics the rubber tread on the underside.

The styling is traditional with two Velcro fastening, one over the mid foot, allowing the toes full movement. The other strap wraps around the ankle, with a non-adjustable strap to the rear of the ankle. The Velcro is a tried and tested fastening and works well, permitting a good adjustment range. The sole tread is minimal, with the chain mesh being the highlight of the sole. I’ve had a great deal of enjoyment showing friends and family the sole, always a good talking point when I lift my foot to show them the underside. Essentially this is a good looking barefoot sandal, with it’s black design, it matches well with anything from my wardrobe.

KETARON HUARACHE - REVIEW by Luuk, Amersfoort nl

The two Velcro straps provide plenty of adjustment to accommodate any size foot, giving an excellent fit, whether you prefer a firm, tight fit, or a loose flip flop type fit. The soles are not flat, they are shaped/moulded to mimic the foot, combined with the flexible structure they provide the best fit possible. With other sandals that have a flat footbed, the foot will slip on the footbed, especially when they become wet, the HUARACHE with the shaped footbed, does not allow foot movement, making a reassuringly secure fit, even in the wet. With all this considered, the URBAN HUARACHE have the best fit of any sandal I have tried.

The build quality is up to the usual Paleo high standard, the use of durable material and manufactured to exceptional standards make HUARACHE a rugged outdoor sandal that will withstand any amount of abuse that is thrown at it. I’ve been wearing them around the garden, to the office, down the town and for long country walks over the past few weeks with them showing no sign of flaws that might cause problems over time. With the appropriate care, I quite expect them to last a very long time.

Performance surpasses any barefoot sandal that I’ve tried before for two main reasons. Firstly, in wet and muddy conditions they are amazing. The grip from the underside of the sole is flawless on all the types of surfaces that I’ve tried, natural or artificial. In the wet they especially excel. The foot bed with its shaped structure eliminates foot slippage; again, in wet conditions I’ve found this to be particularly true, I don’t know of any other sandal that doesn’t have a slippery foot bed when wet. The second reason for its superb performance is the contoured sole that hugs the foot allowing a reassuringly secure fit.

KETARON HUARACHE - REVIEW by Luuk, Amersfoort nl

The URBAN range of which the HUARACHE is a member, share the same sole design, the combination of stainless-steel chainmail mesh and a minimal textured 2mm rubber tread. This combination gives the sole a structure and eliminates sagging. The design provides a good constant barefoot feel. Add to this the open chainmail mesh that allows the elements to freely move between the ground and the foot you have a sandal that not only gives outstanding barefoot simulation, but also provides quality protection from hidden hazards. Wear these out in the natural environment and you will receive all the barefoot stimulation that you need for strong healthy feet.

These make an excellent everyday sandal for city, office, home, beach, park, woodland, etc.  As with all Paleos, the HUARACHE does not disappoint the wearer. I’m very much taken with them and have been wearing them as much as possible. I’ve tried to pick fault, but have so far failed and so I have no problem in recommending them. If you are looking for a comfortable, safe and durable barefoot sandal, then the URBAN HUARACHE is for you. I will write a long term review after several months of use, but I do not foresee and problems.

I would like to finish with a note about care and cleaning. It is a good idea to clean them in clean water as soon as possible after use. They can also be washed quite easily in the washing machine on a quick cycle and left to dry in a warm dry place, they come up like new even if they’ve not been washed for a while. Another way to wash them is by hand with liquid soap and clean water, making sure to give them a good rinse after, then left to dry.


Erik, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany

My first report on SYGENTO BLACK (CASUAL), a really interesting shoe! Unfortunately, I can not wear them for work anymore, because after 1,500 km, the fine profile has expired and I sometimes lose grip on smooth, wet surfaces.

Erik from Bissersheim after 1,500 km SYGENTO

For explanation. I work full-time in the restaurant service and how one may assume, I walk quite a bit. To be more specific between 15 and 25 km a day, in most cases of course loaded with additional weight of trays, glasses, dishes, etc. When I stumbled upon the concept of GoSt, I loved the idea right from the start. Barefoot feeling, while still protected along with wonderful breathability.

Erik from Bissersheim after 1,500 km SYGENTO

Since I received them, I've been using them five days a week on varying flooring (stone floors, wood, carpet, cobblestones and gravel). After a short recalculation with the shortest distance (15km a day) that makes a total of 1,500 km. A good result and I can not say anything against that. My previous work shoes with thick leather soles surprisingly also have not lasted longer.

But there is a sticking point. With conventional shoes I can go to the shoemaker of my confidence who then can replace my leather soles. Unfortunately, there is (yet?) no repair service for SYGENTO. I mean an exchange service, such as its already offered for the Paleos® that are completely made from ring mesh.

Erik from Bissersheim after 1,500 km SYGENTO

Anyway ... It was a great experience to run the 1,500 km in these shoes! However, I will have to look for other alternatives for work because otherwise I would wear down two pairs of SYGENTO a year, even though the upper is still completely intact.

For leisure time and for sports, I will definitely switch to GoSt chainmail shoes when temperatures are up again. On the one hand, I run less distance, I'm not dependent the color and on the other hand, the pure Paleos® can be repaired whenever needed.

A great concept anyway, that one should definitely try! I think most of you will barely make more than 50km a month. Well, for those it's definitely worth it to try SYGENTO!


Paleos® in Daily Life: a Review by Adam Seaman, Teacher at Positive Leadership in Tusla, Oklahoma, US.

I’m a shoe connoisseur—always on the lookout for a combination of uniqueness and comfort. When I first learned about GoSt-Barefoots I had to try them out. I ordered the ATTAGO (SILVER) and the KETARON (HUARACHE) for my first order.

GoSt offers a service to help you find the right size and I suggest doing that if you’re uncertain. They were swift to respond and it gave me reassurance I ordered the correct size. It was also an indication that I was dealing with a service-oriented, trustworthy company that takes pride in the products.

I wear the ATTAGO in my day-to-day: daily walks with my dog, running errands and when teaching (high school and university).  At home, the KETARON are a great slipper.

Review by Adam Seaman, Teacher at Positive Leadership in Tusla, Oklahoma, US.

The benefits I’ve experienced include:

  • Comfort: with socks (or without) they conform perfectly. I think there’s something to the dynamics of the chainmail that flex when needed.
  • Style: I’ve never had so many complements on shoes where strangers would even say “Cool shoes, where’d you get them?”
  • Groundedness:  When I wear my Paleos®, I feel a connection to my surroundings—indoor or outdoor (especially outdoor).  As I’ve become a student of mindfulness, mindful walking is a deeper experience when wearing these shoes.
  • Convenience: I like dropping my Paleos® into the wash whenever the need arises. One time, after a muddy walk, I just grabbed my hose and sprayed them down while wearing them. I wanted to see what they felt like when wet and I didn’t even notice. It’s wintertime where I live and I’ve worn them all the way down to 30 degrees with no problem. I’m especially looking forward to wearing them in the hot summer.

I only recommend products that give me satisfaction and value. My experience with GoSt-Barefoots is entirely positive and I strongly recommend them. They are the kind of product I am proud to own and wear them every chance I get.

Pierre, (covert) barefooting, Belguim

Just to let you know, I've had my Anterra shoes for a month now, and they've become my main footwear when I'm not cycling. I wear them mainly as city shoes - with socks or with neoprene oversocks almost all the time, and they work really really well. Even walking on tarmac and concrete, the paws don't seem to wear down significantly when the shoes are used as typical city shoes.

Particularly, I wear them at work: I can go anywhere in the factory, or meet customers in suit and tie, and nobody thinks much of them, It's great: I feel like I'm barefoot all day long (or close enough) and nobody is any the wiser! Not to mention, my foot injury is healing up much faster with my Anterra shoes.

Anyhow, just to tell you, I think you're limiting yourself selling them as recreational shoes. They're an excellent product as primary footwear, for "city barefooters" so-to speak, and as everyday shoes for those who like barefooting while staying inconspicuous. It's a totally different usage pattern, but I reckon you should market your shoes for that purpose also.

ANTERRA and the different degrees of wetness on roads and sidewalks.

I'm sending you this message to propose writing an article for your blog to share my experience with your shoes as social acceptance footwear - as opposed to safe hiking or running barefoot footwear. Would you be interested? In a sense, I'm really glad I hurt my foot: it lead me to discover your products :)  I can't believed I've lived this long without wearing your shoes!

Best regards, Pierre

Find the full blog at "Covert Barefooting"

Ian W. UK (Less is more)

I have been a minimal runner for three years now. In the past I used Vibram Five fingers, they are great and I still use them for road running. I have been going through  a pair a year.  Due to using the most robust ones they had they started to feel more like boots and less minimal, (and they are a real pain to get on.) After doing a thirteen  mile run in Wales the material on the inside toe had a tear, Having only had the shoes for less that six months and the fact that they were a replacement for another pair I had had enough.

I have always been interested in the Gost Barefoots but had been reluctant to to the price. So not telling my partner I decided to spend big bucks on  a pair. First of all just great customer service and the best packaging I have seen. (Love the key-ring). So far I have used them in the seaside, great for dune climbing and forest trail runs.

Gost's Paleos Less is more!

Absolutely no issues with thorns stones and sticks, nothing has gotten through so far. No dog mess either!  For forest trails they are the best shoes I have ran in by far. There are some downsides. I need to get used to running almost barefoot again and I did struggle on the man made paths which are made with broken bricks and other large rocks. Also I get really dirty feet.

Gost's Paleos Less is more!

Now that I have told my partner how much I spent on the Gost Barefoots, She has told me I'm not allowed to buy anymore running gear for three years! So hoping for a long innings.

Gost's Paleos Less is more!

The real reason I love my Gost Barefoots is that I went running through the woods in Chainmail. Whats not to love about that!
Cheers Ian.

Author (unfortunately) unknown

Heavy Metal: Gost's Paleos Chainmail Shoes

One of the best reviews which we only discovered by chance. We even couldn't find out the author's name. A pity, because we would have loved to know him and to say thank you for his genious write up! There's barely a review on our "metal shoes" which is more emotionally and entertainingly than this one. Recommended to all those who who still don't really understand what our weird shoes are all about! Click here for the full blog post

David, UK

So I've had the Paleo's nearly a year on. With the onset of a Welsh Winter, I have to admit they went back into their tin, surfacing again a couple of weeks ago.

I've normally used them for runs on the beach, kayaking or some light trail. Fancying a change to my overall running, this year I made a vow to take to the trails some more. Nearby I have some fairly technical trail along a river with some woodland path and on road running to complete the loop (total about 5 miles). On the trail the paleos excel in areas where grip is needed but not so much in the regions with holly growing close to the path.

The smaller trails led me up to a bigger local trail race at the start of May, the Preseli Beast Bach. Basically this is a 10.5 mile off road race up to the highest point of the Preseli Mountains and back down again with a small amount of on road running at the ends. This is the little brother to 2 other much longer races The Beast  and the UltraBeast (bach is Welsh for small).  I have to admit to having some worries with this. I can comfortably run a marathon on road in a good time in "toe shoes," this however was a different proposition. I'd run this a couple of years ago in normal trail shoes and struggled.Truding through bogs in wet heavy shoes just wasn't fun and I remember slipping and sliding on the downhills. This was double the previous distance I'd done in the Paleo's and I was genuinely unsure if they or me would hold up.

Starting out on road I knew the route would go off road. Once we hit the grasslands I was flying. Noting others were avoiding puddles, I was actively seeking them out, this was the most fun I think I had in a run in a long time. Mud wasn't an issue and grip was fantastic. The only part of the race where I think the Paleo's didn't perform was on the road to the finish line but then this is to be expected- these aren't sold as road shoes.  Although a sprint finish would have been nice (it always is), I genuinely wasn't after a time just in having fun.

At the end the other great advantage of the Paleo's became apparent. While others were looking to scrub their shoes, a quick rince of the paleo's (and feet!) and I was done, the paleos taking next to no space in my race bag.

Overall a year on and  am still happy with them. Yes they were expensive and yes they have proven the website right in not being very good on road which maybe I'd hoped (the everlasting running shoe?!). Their value prehaps has come in the unexpected especially to a predominatly road runner like myself. They have made beach and trail running much much more fun and I do genuinely love the feeling of being a big kid jumping in muddy puddles. In warmer weather they excel for kayaking and surfing and have become my go-to sandle in the garden, walks along the beach or to the pub...

1st. Place for CAYMARO PURE (Barfuß Shop DE)

Paleos®CLASSIC PURE for water and nature has made the 1st. place of their barefoot shoe hit list! (Review only in German language)

Back to nature: Für alle, die sich noch nicht ganz vorstellen können, wie gut unsere METALLSCHUHE in natürlicher Umgebung funktionieren und dort weit mehr leisten als herkömmliche Barfußschuhe es können - besser schützen und vor allem einem Menge Spaß machen!

1st. Place for CAYMARO PURE (Barfuß.Shop DE)

Als ich im Frühjahr unsere Barfuß- und Minimalschuh-Herstellerliste überarbeitet habe, entdeckte ich einen komplett aus Edelstahlringgewebe gefertigten Schuh. Beim Erblicken dieses „Kettenhemdes für die Füße” konnte ich mir zuerst nicht vorstellen, dass man mit diesem Schuhwerk bequem laufen kann. Aber  meine Befürchtungen waren bereits kurz nach dem Reinschlüpfen verflogen und meine Erwartungen wurden mehr als übertroffen… Hier sein sehr lesenswerter, vollständiger Testbericht zu CLASSIC PUR auf Barfuß.Shop

2nd. Place for SYGENTO CASUAL (Barfuß Shop DE)

Paleos®CLASSIC PAWS for work, sports and the city has made the 2nd. Place of their barefoot shoe hit list! (Review only in German language)

2nd. Place 2 for SYGENTO CASUAL (Barfuß.Shop DE)

Sygento Black – Casual at its best! Optisch merkt man dem Sygento sein Herz aus Edelstahlringgewebe auf den ersten Blick nicht an. Der Sneaker in schlichtem Schwarz passt zu einer dunklen Stoffhose mindestens genauso gut wie zu einer Jeans. Man kann mit ihm auf den Boulevards der Metropolen flanieren, aber auch im urbanen Gelände unterwegs sein. Ob im Büro, beim Lauftraining oder Tennisspielen, ich fühl(t)e mich mit und in diesem Casual-Schuh wohl und nie falsch gekleidet.

2nd. Place for SYGENTO CASUAL (Barfuß.Shop DE)

Laufen wie auf Wolken. Erst auf den zweiten Blick fällt das Metallgewebe unter der skelettartigen Gummisohle aus Polyurethan auf. Die Sohle ist nicht flach – wie bei vielen anderen Schuhen – sondern anatomisch an die Fußform angepasst. Es ist ein Gefühl, als würde man auf Wolken laufen ... der vollständige Testbericht zu SYGENTO CASUAL auf Barfuß.Shop

2nd. Place for SYGENTO CASUAL (Barfuß.Shop DE)

Jasmine Raskas, Missouri, US

We know the invigorating effect of Paleos® on body and mind. We also know that they are suitable to support therapies in order to accelerate healing processes after eg sports injuries. The mesh consists of many thousands of rings, has a stimulating effect and also offers immediate perception of even slight differences in temperature and pressure. This is perceived by appropriate receptors in our feet and passed back into to the body.

Already several times we received enthusiastic reports from customers suffering from diminished or barely existing perception of stimuli by damaged body nerves. In most cases the feet are particularly affected. All reports have in common that they feel a stronger perception of the soil and the environment as well as an increased ability to coordinate movements. Multiple sclerosis and Diabetes mellitus are the best-known diseases of this type. With Paleos®, especially diabetics are happy to enjoy walking barefoot while being safe and protected. Otherwise its strictly forbidden as they would not feel if they get injured.

The Ehlers-Danlos syndrome! Insights and thoughts that made us think ...

Jasmine Raskas (Missouri USA) on the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Moving Forwards by Taking a Step Back

This extraordinary review was illustrated and edited by Jasmine Raskas (Missouri USA). She suffers from a form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and has been using our chainmail shoes for several months. Now she sent her experiences along with an explicit invitation to publish her review on our website to help others affected by similar diseases. Anyone who takes the time to read her findings on the Paleos® will not only get to know Jasmine, but will also understand Paleos® much better. Paleos® make sense for all of us. Read full blog post on the topic

Dave, UK

Thoughts and feelings on the Paleo Ultra with Paws... OK so I've had these for nearly a month now and thought it was time to write up how I've found them so far...

When I saw these for the first time late last year I loved the idea but having already put in for some road races held back. 6 months and the evolution of Paws later I decided to take the plunge and get a pair, opting for anterra's with the jumbo paws.

I would say take time to get an accurate sizing. I was reccomended a size lower than I would normally wear in fivefingers and I think this was probably because my picture wasn't that good. Jorg had given his rationale for his sizing and because of this (I don't have narrow feet as the pic shows) I decided to go with my usual, am glad I did.

Everyone comments on the customer service and I have to concur, I can't fault it.  After ordering on the Saturday night, I had a nice little tin waiting for me when i got home from work on the Friday.

First impressions
My first thought was one of being impressed by the quality. They are a lot of money but in terms of product, a lot of work obviously goes into them. They were heavier than I thought but not in a bad way. The material is difficult to explain really, it is soft in a way that I hadn't really imagined it would be.

First forays
For the the first run in them I decided to go down to the beach in the rain. Here it was apparent why these are great off road. Normally I'd go barefoot and impale my feet on the sharp shingle or wear shoes and avoid the water. Now I didn't need to choose. A run up a grassy wet path also no problem.

Second run a mix of forest and dry path and road. No problems in the forest and even better in the mud to the point where I was actively seeking out the muddy puddles. The road running however wasn't fun and a bit disappointing.

The guys at GoSt are right, these aren't road shoes. When I first saw these advertised I was excited, surely these would be the last shoes I'd ever have to buy?! I could sell the hefty price tag to the wife if that were the case. I'd emailed before to be told that they weren't designed for roads. I didn't really get this. Why were GoSt appearing to do themselves out of customers? We're they saying that you can't run barefoot on the road? I do though locally to me the surface is a sharp stoney asphalt so I need some protection.  A shoe is a shoe isn't it?

After owning a pair I get it now
Firstly the material is a bit like wearing a sock and although it's soft and it moves, it hasn't any stretchiness to it. At least for me, running on hard surfaces pushes the top of the shoe into the top of the foot. Short distances and with the sleeve this isn't really a problem though over extended distances wouldn't be too much fun. Because of the way the shoe fits, on softer ground this doesn't happen. Also, maybe because I got the jumbo paws, you are aware of them occasionally on harder ground, they're not a soft flexible rubbery material bit a more durable plastic.

Secondly, as a shoe, they are actually more fun off road. As I said above something about wearing them makes you want to run through mud or the sea...

These have become my summer sandle, down the pub, round the supermarket I love them. The paws provide a phenomenonal amount of grip which at first quite surprised me.

I went canoeing in these yesterday. As much as I hate wearing wet shoes, canoeing has never really been possible barefoot with wet slippery slippery jetties and quays. I genuinely felt like Spider-man yesterday I had so much grip up coming up my neighbours muddy slipway yesterday.  These are a genuinely brilliant solution for watersports. I haven't tried them on the surfboard yet though imagine in the summer will also be a good alternative when it's too warm for wetsuit booties.

The paleos have been really well thought out and it's clear a lot of work has gone into designing and developing them. It's clear Jorg and the team understand the product and are passionate about it.  There's no escaping the fact that they are expensive. I think you get what you pay in terms of quality for though I think it pays to understand what you are getting in terms of function etc. They are not sold as and nor are they the life long on and off road shoe. (If used appropriately then I think they will last a long long time though). In a way it's a shame you can't hire a pair for a few days to see if they're the sort of thing your looking for really. I think most people doing this would be convinced to buy a pair.

Where next?
The proposed road shoes look interesting. I had doubted why they needed a traditional upper but having the ultras I can see the purpose now. I had better get saving..

Shaolin Monk Carlos Dunick, Otterberg, DE

The Paleos® have no areas or applications where they have not shown outstanding performance and have won new fans: sports, water sports, therapies, yoga, fashion, events ... and now martial art! Experiences and insights on Paleos®ULTRA at martial arts by Carlos Dunick and his master at Shaolin Temple Europe in Otterberg DE.

Carlos Dunick and his master from Shaolin Temple Europe

My name is Carlos Dunick. I was born in New Zealand and purchased my first pair of Paleos nearly 2 years ago. As for now, they are the perfect travel companion for the back pocket as I traveled from destination to destination. They served me throughout my whole journey from Denmark to NZ, Australia and eventually to Germany, where I know live and daily train together with the community of the Shaolin Temple Europe. Read full blog post on the topic

Ian Hicks, Barefoot Runner, UK

More than 200 miles with the PaleoBarefoots®!

Paleobarefoot Paws – A barefoot review by Ian Hicks!

The first independent and long-term review on the PaleoBarefoots® has been published by BarefootRunningUK. The magazine's main focus is barefoot running and the use of minimalist footwear in natural conditions - exactly the right place for our exceptional Barefoot concept! Click here for English verison of a very comprehensive ... Long-term-review by Ian Hicks.

Lynne, Allbutt Shoes, UK

Lynne Allbutt, another tough girl from the UK. Lynne, from Llangattock, near Crickhowell did a 45 miles in just two days. Staring on the 31st of May 2014 she ran barefoot from Anchor to Borth – the equivalent of two marathons. Read her findings on the PaleoBarefoots - it's really worth it:

Lynne Albutt UK - Paleo Paws For Thought

In life, there are relationships that obviously work – think ‘strawberries and cream’ for example, and those that shouldn’t – like strawberries and balsamic vinegar (yes I have an abundance of wild strawberries in my garden at the moment, hence the analogies but stick with me)

Paleo Paws on LynneChain mail shoes for bare feet definitely fall into the latter group. They shouldn’t work. It’s as unlikely as a chocolate teapot. But they do – and they work beautifully.

I am lucky enough to have been trying them out for the last two weeks and am not ashamed to say I am a little addicted. My feet have new best friends.

When I first heard about Paleo Paws, I was sceptical to say the least; gloves for feet I could just about comprehend; running socks I could grasp but barefoot shoes made from chain mail???
Click here to read full post on her website!

Siggi, Iceland

I had been waiting for over month for the new shoes to arrive and finally on the morning of 24th of December Santa brought a Christmas present my way - Paleos!

My first impression was that they look more like an armor than something that would be comfy to run in but then I picked them up. The feel of them is completely different than I what I had expected, it was soft and smooth and the metal felt almost warm in my. Very quickly I got the grasp of the level of workmanship in the Paleos it reminds more of the old sagas of the dwarfs smiths than anything that I would normally see in a shoe.

Ich liebe es mit den Paleos die Wanderwege, Traumpfade und den Rheinsteig in unserer Region abzulaufen!

Finally after much wait and almost every hiccup possible I got to go for a run in them. Being who I am I picked the worst time possible to try this. It was one of the first days after a big snowstorm and a nasty freeze. The temperature had risen to +5°C and the snow and ice was melting. I put on a 1mm neoprene sock under the Paleos for cold protection and it was needed.

First thing is the shoes are just pure fun. It was a strange mixture of feeling protected and forgetting you had them on. I took them on short 5k run through the valley near my home. Running in the dirt you can quickly feel that that is what they are made for. I took them through everything that I could think off, dirt, sand, snow, ice and water (The river had flowed over the banks and filled up over the trail so I was forced to run around 100m in 20cm deep water. I was very happy I had the neoprene socks there.

But where they really shined was on ice. They performed there beyond any hopes I had for them. I ran on ice that had a layer of water on it and it was like I was running on dirt field. I ran up hill covered in hard ice and I was steady like a rock. At no time did I ever feel like I was about to slip or slide in them.

Just don’t stop to long when standing on in it. When returning home I stopped on a sidewalk covered in ice while waiting for the light to turn green and I could feel that they got stuck ☺

Review Paleos®Paws by Samuel, Sweden

GoSt Paleos – as close you can get to walking barefooted while not.

I remember the feeling when I first opened the case my Paleos came in. I remember the smell, the feel of them and the excitement to get them on and try them out.

Review Paleos®ULTRA Paws by Samuel, Sweden!

The touch of ring-mail on my fingers, tran sferred to my feet as I pulled them on for the first time. I took the time to carefully wrap my feet up in the protective-gear that came with the package, and wiggled my feet into the shoes.
My feets first target were a patch of grass and some gravel. I stood up, and remembering the lack of   sensation a few moments ago when I were wearing my regular shoes, the world suddenly turned upside down as I could softly feel every stone, every stick and every small nudge in the ground.  When I heard about the Paleos, my first thought was that they looked a bit odd. That they would rust, and make me look a bit odd. However, I realized that they were made out of stuff that doesn't rust, and that I don't really care what my feet look like anyway.

My mind were truly boggled when I realized that these shoes are actually recycleable and dureable like nothing else I've ever seen. That's when I realized that I needed to contact GoSt. I had just initiaded a campaign called «Oct-Out, the October Opt-Out» where I try to inspire people to consume less, live more sustainable lives and get out more into the wonderful nature that surrounds them (click here if you're interested).

Review Paleos®ULTRA Paws by Samuel, Sweden!

I hoped to acquire a pair of these for a competition to help me spread the campaign, as they fit the concept perfectly. I asked gently, and they replied gentler.

Normally I can walk quite comfortably on gravel, but this was without comparison. I stood up and felt alive. A few jumps to try them out, and to see how my feet could handle the rings beneath them, and I was on. My steps over the gravel is normally quite planned, to avoid too much pain, but now I carelessly crossed over not even looking down. The warming sensation of the dogs freshly laid excrements, quickly pushed through the mesh of the shoes and into my feet by my own bodyweight, suddenly reminded me me to mind my surroundings.

A quick wash later I was ready for more, and I found myself walking that same dog across a field  and into the nearby forrest. As I traversed sticks and stones, and could feel the softened impact of what otherwise would threaten to tear a hole under my feet, my enthusiasm for these shoes grew

. Review Paleos®ULTRA Paws by Samuel, Sweden!

I had a hard time shaking off the feeling of walking with wet socks, caused by the fabrics in the protective gear, so it only took two trips of about an hour and a half before I ventured out with only my feet and the Paleos. And my girlfriend. Helena. And her dog. Julius.

Despite being late summer, despite being moist and a bit cold, despite walking for almost 4 hours on regular roads, rocky roads, clay, grass, pineforest floor and through leafy forests my feet never complained about anything. Quite the contrary, I came back home with dirty but baby-soft feet that only needed a rinse and some drying to again be ready for anything. I remember laughing in awe so many times at what my feet could handle, and screaming to Helena stuff like «These shoes are awesome», «I can even walk on THIS», «You must try them» and so forth. For me, wearing the shoes was great fun, but I can only guess what my constant outbreaks felt for her. I imagine it was like when a friend of mine bought a new computer, proudly demonstrating all the new features that MY crappy computer could not offer ME, while he promised never to become a fan-boy of this brand. He became a fan-boy. So did I, I guess, in Helenas eyes.

I feel that I need to emphasize something at this point. Every step of every walk when you go barefooted gives your feet something they need. Especially if you walk on rugged terrain, where roots, rocks and the uneven ground directly interfaces with your feet. Our feet has been so accustomed to soft shoes and the cushioning they offer that all the muscles that are beneath our feet are severely weakened, almost inactivated – and walking barefooted on rugged terrain activates these muscles. Every touch of a rock, a root or – simply – the uneven ground triggers the muscles to react while sending sensory input to your brain telling it that your feet actually exists. This strenghtens your feet, enhances your balance, and works out your entire lower body. These improvements in turn improves a vast number of mechanisms in your body. Simply put – walking barefooted is great for you. So, coming home from this quite long trip, not only my feet felt great. I did as well, because that's what these shoes give you. The exact same stimulation for your feet, without the need for tip-toeing, and without the risk for severe pain if you don't.

Review Paleos®ULTRA Paws by Samuel, Sweden!

Not long after I went to the coastline to try them out for a swim. I live in Sweden, where there are lots of seashells stuck on the shore that can tear up your feet quite badly if you slip on them, so I was looking forward to going for a swim without worrying about that. While I managed to scrape up my knees while swimming in too shallow water, the shoes perfectly protected my feet. With the paws attached underneath them, I were even protected from slips while going in and out of the water. They once again impressed me. There were, naturally, things that I don't enjoy as much about the shoes, and I need to add those because I fear the reader might see me as some sort of fan-boy. I kind of am, but nevertheless the shoes are not perfect for everything:

  • They are uncomfortable on the hard surfaces that I face every day as I normally live in the city, but they aren't made for that sort of environment anyway. Neither are our feet, for that matter. That said, I'd love to see Paleos built for the city.
  • They look like a mideval armour for your feet, and can feel a bit odd to wear cosmetically.
  • They are heavy compared to walking barefooted, but while the weight did bother me a bit while swimming, I never thought about it otherwise (they weigh less than regular shoes).
  • I would never wear them on a beach, or any surface where I'm comfortable walking barefooted normally, because the only benefit I could see from that would be protection against the improbable glass-shard anyway. On almost any other surface however, I'd definitively use them.In the beginning it can feel like they are digging their way into your foot. They aren't, the mesh is to tight for that, but the sensation is there. Pro-tip: Use the protective-gear from the start and gradually remove them. I personally never really felt comfortable with the protective-gear, so I stopped using it quite fast.

Review Paleos®ULTRA Paws by Samuel, Sweden!

Other than that, they can be quite the hassle to put on. They require some quirking and some  twirking, and then you lock them in place with a elastic rope. This can also bother you, especially  the first few trips, because you might do as I do and tighten them too much on your tendons.

However, as with new shoes, this is something you work around quite quickly. You simply learn not  too tighten them so much, and wiggle correctly. It now takes me about 40 seconds to put them on, compared to perhaps 10 seconds with my regular shoes. Time well invested.

Review Paleos®ULTRA Paws by Samuel, Sweden!

Some would perhaps consider the fact that your feet get dirty a drawback, but then you'd probably not walk barefoot anyway and these shoes might not be for you.  The benefits of these wonderful shoes does in my humble opinion outweigh the drawbacks by far, and I will never hesitate to recommend them to those who enjoys the barefooted feel and wants to extend the range of this sensation even further. Because you won't regret buying them. Ever.

The Paleos® by Fizz, UK

On the 9th July 2014, I received through the post the most wonderful package - my paleo barefoot shoes. Although i wrote a short review a few weeks in, I wanted to live with my new friends for a while before writing another, I wanted to see if they would become as integral a part of my life as I thought they would.

Follow your dog! This can only be done without problems with Paleos®ULTRA! Thank you Fizz Fry for the awsome photos!

There is still more testing to be done. Due to the driest summer and autumn I can remember here in the South West of the UK, mud has required searching for! This is the direct opposite to normal, and is in some way a ‘payback’ for the terrible flooding that Somerset was plagued with last winter.

I decided early on this summer to wear shoes as little as possible so that my feet can strengthen themselves naturally, and i get to explore more surfaces barefoot. For general street walking, nipping over to the shops, tarmac and short grass running and as many occasions as possible, i am totally barefoot.

At work I wear Sockwas on most occasions, and for any natural terrain walking, especially out with the dog, in rivers, streams, any mud I can find, on the moors, under trees, it’s a paleo  barefoots day.
Where have I tried them?

In the last few months we have been on the moors, places of thorn and bramble, and currently rocks and dust! Small stream beds with a little mud can be followed down the hillside to boggy marsh areas. The grip and my balance has been fantastic through these challenges, and I am still enjoying the temperature changes and sensations as much as on day 1.

Then we have explored rivers, streams and the sea, pebbles, sand, mud and silt, and balancing on algae covered rocks. Again the grip has been superb, with my husband blanching slightly as I gather the experience and courage to rock scramble. I have loved being able to wild swim in pools and streams without fear of cutting my feet.

Follow your dog! This can only be done without problems with Paleos®ULTRA! Thank you Fizz Fry for the awsome photos!

Then I surprised my instructor for stand up paddle boarding (a birthday present) as he offered me wet boots. He was not happy for me to go barefoot because there was a risk of cutting myself if I fell into the canal, but when I pulled out shiny chain mail, and explained their purpose, he was very happy for me to wear them.

This was a great relief, my feet would have boiled in wet boots, but the barefoots were able to provide the natural feel I was comfortable with, along with grip on the board and protection. If I was SUPaddleboarding on the coast I can think of nothing better to wear than my GOST barefoot shoes.

Follow your dog! This can only be done without problems with Paleos®ULTRA! Thank you Fizz Fry for the awsome photos!

I still have to try running in proper mud. I currently have a small injury that has preventing me from running for a few weeks - but I’m confident in both myself and the British weather, rain and mud will join us for the winter, and I will be out there in them, with barefoots on my feet and a big smile on my face. I am looking forward to frost, and snow will be amazing!

How have they changed my life?

On a wet or muddy day, my heart would sink as I thought of walking out in muddy heavy terrain, hefting my walking boots and half - a - tonne - of mud along with me. I had invested in expensive wellingtons, which helped, but they also carried a huge amount of mud attached. Trainers might be lighter, but would be a pain to clean up afterwards.

Now the choice is simple, and my heart is light. Rain = fun = mud, puddles and I used to seek out dry smooth paths, both in bare feet, and in shoes.

I used to seek out dry smooth paths, both in bare feet, and in shoes. Now, with my feet safe, I feel like a child, ready for new experiences, looking for new places to explore. I have lost my fear of running off into the undergrowth, climbing up steep slopes, even walking on scree. I seek out cool deep muddy puddles on a hot day, and love the sensation of soft mud sliding on my skin. In a few minutes my feet are dry, light, cool, the mud turns to dust and drops away.

Follow your dog! This can only be done without problems with Paleos®ULTRA! Thank you Fizz Fry for the awsome photos!

My husband and I will often go for long walks with our dog on a day off. My decision to enter the world of bare feet had impacted on these walks, as my pace altered dramatically, slowing down as my pace shortened and my poor soft pads and underdeveloped muscles started to experience the world outside shoes. I found I could keep up on country road walks by running at a slow pace, but wasn’t listening to my body as I wanted too. My husband, being a compassionate and patient man, slowed down for me, and enjoyed my enjoyment, until I trod on a thorn or my nemesis - the dreaded holly leaf (not dangerous, doesn’t really even dig in any more, but always makes me yelp!)

Follow your dog! This can only be done without problems with Paleos®ULTRA! Thank you Fizz Fry for the awsome photos!

Now I simply walk to the camper van in bare feet, with my paleo barefoots swinging in a little bag at my side. As I am more confident and more relaxed, the walks are again fun for all of us.

Which brings me to my surprise benefit. One I didn’t anticipate. I have been studying dog training and behaviour for about 7 years, and over that time my relationship with our Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Tarka, has grown, developed and blossomed. It is our relationship and understanding of each other that underpins everything we do together, be it training or play, or both. I was looking forward to being able to ‘follow my dog’ in safety, with my paleo barefoots .

Follow your dog! This can only be done without problems with Paleos®ULTRA! Thank you Fizz Fry for the awsome photos!

Tarka has loved this. She had also taken to following me, and my ability to go wherever I wish in the landscape has led to a stronger bond. Together we have explored rivers, both paddling, and also wild swimming together. She has led me to rabbit holes, waiting for me to bring the rabbit out! I have led her into muddy puddles and played games at the depth of them, persuading her to dip her nose and face in, exploring in her own way.

The picture used to be: person on path, dog exploring environment around path.

Now the picture is: dog and person explore the environment together. I feel that I have begun to enter her world more fully, and perhaps catch a glimpse of how human and canine may have worked together in the far past. It is a deeply humbling experience, exciting, and also it is fun.

Who would have thought that a foot covering could make such a profound difference to life experience? All I can say is a very big thank you to Jorg and Uschi.

I will write again in early 2015 when I have experienced a few more miles and let you know how i’m getting on.

Steve, Calne, Wiltshire, UK

Neat selfie by Steve during the first run with the Paleos® in beautiful countryside.

Today I took my brand new Paleobarefoot Pronativs for their first test run. I dropped my car off at the garage (in the middle of a field in Wiltshire), and planned to run back from there.
The first part of my run was across a field, and then up a gravel track which has always defeated me totally barefoot. I ran along the old Bath Road heading towards the Cherhill Monument, and the Neolithic Oldbury Hill Fort. Apart from my legs being stung by lots of nettles, thistles and grass seeds, I didn't have to scan the ground as I ran, I just knew the Paleos would protect me.

The Paleos® Paws also protect against exceedingly sharp flints!

Heading up towards the hill fort, there is a flint path, the flints are exceedingly sharp (which is why Neolithic people used them for knives and axes). With the Paleos, I was able to concentrate on the scenery, without picking a line between the lumps of flint. Once at the hill fort, at the top of the hill, it opened up into lush grassy meadows. I stopped to take in the view of the Lansdowne (Cherhill) Monument, and the Cherhill White Horse hill figure. I had to descend some steep grassy slopes, the grip on the Paleos was amazing, I didn't slip at all.

The Paleos® Paws on a heavily rutted chalk path

Running off the hill there is a heavily rutted chalk path, which is lethal when damp (fortunately it was bone dry today), but there were still large lumps of fresh chalk. The grip running down was like no other footwear (I don't call them shoes - they are a foot covering really) I have owned (Mizuno trail shoes, Vivobarefoot trail shoes).  The feeling was almost superhuman, I felt I could run down anything.

I did run approx 1 mile on tarmac, between trails, and they were absolutely fine. Running back into Calne, I stopped and had a dip in the River Marden to cool my legs off. When I stepped on slimy green rocks, the Paleos gripped better than rubber shoes, and better than barefoot. After I took them off, and ran the final mile on tarmac home (just to see the difference), I had no sore spots on my feet, either top or bottom (and that was without wearing either the inner socks, or the ankle wraps).

On slimy green rocks, the Paleos® grip better than rubber shoes, and better than barefoot.

All in all, 7 miles total, I am blown away by them. I can't wait to go out again - they are addictive. To sum up, you feel every bump and lump, but you don't feel the sharp edges which may cut you.

Steve Bailey, Calne, Wiltshire, UK.

Tracy, UK

ANTERRA®Paws by Tracy Davenport from Barefoot Britain

A very comprehensive review by Tracy from Barefoot Britain - one of very few persons we consider real barefoot runners. Read all the truth (exept the too dirty toes) on the "Paleos-Paws"! Thank you very much Tracy. Here is how Tracy's review begins ...

I wanted to begin this review by letting you know that I am a Barefoot runner, I almost exclusively run Barefoot on all terrains and temperatures. So I think that it was because of this that I was chosen to review this product.

I'm pretty specific when it comes to footwear and the factors by which I judge them. Based on how well they perform and how well they compare to being truly barefoot.

I have to say there are an awful lot of shoes out there which I simply will not run in because of the way they perform and how much they alter the way I move when I run dispite being called minimal shoes... I had first seen these amazing looking chain mail shoes about a year ago and they really caught my eye then.

I'm not sure if it was because they looked really interesting or more that I simply had to touch a pair, they looked so tactile. I also love metals, my degree is in metal work and I have always had a fascination and affinity with metal things...

Josh, Melbourne, Australia

Josh right after the ToughMudder!

Meanwhile he's completed his fifth Tough Mudder's with Paleos!!

Josh at ToughMudder in Australia

Review: GoSt Paleo Barefoots Antera Paws: Adding the Paws grip-spots immediately ended this issue, providing immediate regular shoe traction with surprisingly little loss of tactile response. They added some pressure points on the foot that had not been present in the "bare-sole" version, but this was not unpleasant by a long shot. The area taken up by the Paws is slightly larger on the links than on the ground contact, and only very slightly permeate into the shoe, essentially imperceptibly. This means that you still have all the flexibility, and articulation of the originals with none of the slip-sliding... Click here for full article and more reviews on the Paleos!

Ian, UK

This was no ordinary pair!

Paleobarefoot Paws – A barefoot review by Ian Hicks!

This pair has been fitted with “Paws”! For an additional cost this new option is now available for the existing ULTRA range. The “Paws” are resin spots that are bonded to the underside of the mesh soles. The idea behind this is, to give them good grip on smooth surfaces.

The fit is better with the “Paws” fitted. The spots give the ULTRAS a bit of structure, creating a more shoe-like shape, although these are still more akin to a sock (performance sock) than a shoe. Anybody who has read issue 9 of Barefoot Running UK Magazine, would have seen my long term review of the Pronativ. In the review I talk about a slack feeling over the toes, this is now much less noticeable... read full review!

Josh, Melbourne, Austraila

Josh at ToughMudder in Australia

I had a lot of fun doing my third Tough Mudder on the weekend, this time, for the first time, in my Pronativ's. They held up really well, and I never had a moments fear that I wold loose them thanks to the lock-tight straps and buckle. The gravel sections were not as much fun as you might think, but the mud, slush and climbing parts were great. I was asked several times if i wore chain-maile underwear as well, i should have handed out cards. Four and a half hours of 20km course, and 2km to and from the carpark, not a blister or worry with my feet!

Jona, Christchurch, New Zealand

I have been waiting until I had completed the mud race before getting back to you. Attached are some pictures I have of me wearing your shoes. Sorry they were all taken on my phone so not great quality.

Jona from Christchurch New ZealandJona from Christchurch New Zealand

As you can imagine it is generally too cold for much use of your shoes but I tried them out in the stream behind our house. The water was pretty cold but the grip on the slippery rocks was impressive. The shoes seem to be drier than if you were bare foot when you get out.

My first real length of time in them was at the beach on a more mild day. They were very comfortable and I purposefully stood on every broken shell in front of me and felt well protected. The kids had taken a ball to kick around and I was expecting the shoes to hurt kicking but they were fine.

Jona from Christchurch New Zealand

The next time out was a short 5 km run up and down Harry Ell track on the port hills near Christchurch (photo -red top). I have been using barefoot shoes for a while so my feet and legs were used to this type of running.

The track is not ideal as the surface is very hard packed shingle and the mid foot was feeling a little tender at the end and I was glad to have the inner sock. The new running sock would probably be more comfortable on this track but not essential.

Jona from Christchurch New Zealand

The third time out was the mud sweat and tears challenge. This is a winter 10km race through varying terrain of mud, water, hills, rocks, hard packed trails, very soft grassed paddocks, pine forests and man made obstacles. I worn the inner sock and the shoes were great.

Jona from Christchurch New Zealand

This was the best test I could give them and they performed brilliantly. They don't hold mud or water so my feet never felt heavy. No injuries or blisters and feet not at all sore or tired. I am really looking forward to some warmer weather so I can get them on more. Jona

Rob, Tilba Tilba, Australia

The shoes arrived! They are a terrific fit so I thank you very much for the size advice. It is winter here now, no snow but rain, but I am even enjoying the new sensation. I have not worn shoes except when working.

Rob Tilba Tilba Australia

My last home was on an Island in Sydney harbour and I constantly had wet and cut feet, the Paleos would have been perfect there.

My real home is now on 35 acres and I have two rainforests, I have been caught many times walking bare footed too far away from my houses to get shoes. Now I will be able to walk safely around, I don't expect them to keep out leaches though! And the only snake I have seen in years is my diamond python Fangez and he is in his terrarium, so leaches and snakes asside they will be fantastic on the farm.

I am trying to think of something that has made me so delighted as these shoes and I am struggling- maybe the heated car seats or my first iPad or 3d TV. They are a unique and beautifully executed design and concept. Your company deserves huge success.

Fond regards Rob (Australia NSW)