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  1. Uniqueness that justifies the price!

    By Axel, Bielefeld, DE September 25, 2018

    Whatever the term barefoot shoes should mean ... those who do not know these here have never owned true barefoot shoes. And believe me, I have tried many other products. With the associated soft lining saver, which are completely open at the bottom and keep your feet clean, every meadow, field, the forest and especially water is as exciting as it can be. I'm not a runner, but enjoy every step with them. Far better than expected! And despite the price, my honest recommendation.

  2. I find it hard to find much wrong with them.

    By Ian May 21, 2017

    As you can probably tell, I’m very taken with the Pronativ and would highly recommend them. For all barefoot trail runners these are a must. The combination of excellent barefoot simulation and being very flexible make these perfect for trail running - as near to barefoot as you can get. I would urge you all to try them - they really are a very well thought out shoe by somebody who clearly understands barefoot running.

    I find it hard to find much wrong with them. They do oxidize and become covered in a grey soot which does rub of onto the foot, but it is easily washed off the skin with soap and water. Cleaning the Pronativ is just as easy.

  3. These provide a fantastic grip.

    By Andi May 04, 2017

    These provide a fantastic grip. This is a counter intuitive one. You’d think that metal would be slippery – well, guess what, it isn’t. If you go and run on a polished tiled/marbled floor, you might find that there’s not much grip – but get on to packed sand, mud, dusty trails, ice (yes, ICE), snow and yes, even concrete or asphalt* and you’ll find that the grip is not only fine, in many cases, it’s much better than any sneaker or your bare foot. If you’ve ever run in slushy ice**, or mud with your bare feet, you’ll find that the PaleoBarefoots are way more grippy.

  4. Their value has come in the unexpected!

    By Dave, UK April 24, 2017

    I can comfortably run a marathon on road in a good time in "toe shoes," this however was a different proposition (Preseli Beast Bach. Basically this is a 10.5 mile off road race up to the highest point of the Preseli Mountains and back down again with a small amount of on road running at the ends). I'd run this a couple of years ago in normal trail shoes and struggled. Truding through bogs in wet heavy shoes just wasn't fun and I remember slipping and sliding on the downhills. This was double the previous distance I'd done in the Paleo's and I was genuinely unsure if they or me would hold up.

    Starting out on road I knew the route would go off road. Once we hit the grasslands I was flying. Noting others were avoiding puddles, I was actively seeking them out, this was the most fun I think I had in a run in a long time. Mud wasn't an issue and grip was fantastic. The only part of the race where I think the Paleo's didn't perform was on the road to the finish line but then this is to be expected- these aren't sold as road shoes. Although a sprint finish would have been nice (it always is), I genuinely wasn't after a time just in having fun.

    At the end the other great advantage of the Paleo's became apparent. While others were looking to scrub their shoes, a quick rince of the Paleo's (and feet!) and I was done, the paleos taking next to no space in my race bag.

    Overall a year on and am still happy with them. Yes they were expensive and yes they have proven the website right in not being very good on road which maybe I'd hoped (the everlasting running shoe?!). Their value prehaps has come in the unexpected especially to a predominatly road runner like myself. They have made beach and trail running much much more fun and I do genuinely love the feeling of being a big kid jumping in muddy puddles. In warmer weather they excel for kayaking and surfing and have become my go-to sandle in the garden, walks along the beach or to the pub...

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