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  1. THE best for shores and boats

    By Marco, Luino, Lake Maggiore July 12, 2019

    Fascinating, how did you guys come up with such an idea?! ANTERRA really has everything you need: protection, the fullest barefoot feeling and the freedom of movement of bare feet. Not to mention the packing size and easy cleaning. Due to the small paws they are non-slip on board and barely noticeable in the water. Thanks for the recommendation and good advice. Am thrilled!

  2. ANTERRA gives sense to the ground!

    By Ingo, Oebisfelde, Sachsen-Anhalt November 12, 2018

    If they weren't that pricy, everyone would have a pair, I'm pretty sure about this. Especially when one would have the chance to feel them on the feet and realize their performance in nature.

    I knew that these would be perfect for me. But still, I ordered them only after much deliberation, and only when I saw with Google how expensive pure stainless steel mesh actualy is sold. I do not regret the money I spent. But on the contrary! Am highly satisfied and can't recommend them enough to anyone who enjoys to be entertained by countless sensations coming from the ground. I uese them in places and in the water, where I would never have dared to go barefoot before. Thanks for this and also thanks to the friendly team of GoSt-Barefoots!

  3. These shoes are fantastic!

    By Tyler April 30, 2017

    I'm very appreciative of the product and I'm happy to write a great review. These shoes are fantastic and I can't wait to take them out for a spin.

  4. The paleos have been really well thought out!

    By David April 24, 2017

    The paleos have been really well thought out and it's clear a lot of work has gone into designing and developing them. It's clear Jorg and the team understand the product and are passionate about it. There's no escaping the fact that they are expensive. I think you get what you pay in terms of quality for though I think it pays to understand what you are getting in terms of function etc. They are not sold as and nor are they the life long on and off road shoe. (If used appropriately then I think they will last a long long time though). In a way it's a shame you can't hire a pair for a few days to see if they're the sort of thing your looking for really. I think most people doing this would be convinced to buy a pair. Best, David.

  5. I had no idea what to expect from the shoes!

    By Timothy, US April 22, 2017

    First I was simply amazed at the amount of sensation that I got through these shoes, both for good and ill. On the good side it was fantastic to feel every blade of grass, all the dirt and sand and leaves. It was absolutely electric. I have always enjoyed being barefoot and these shoes seemed to be the closest to a true barefoot experience as I can get without losing any hope of protection for my feet from the various hazards that can be found.

    ON the downside of the amount of sensation that I got through these, it hurt quite a bit when I would step on a stone or stick wrong and get a sharp edge into the bottom of my foot. It felt exactly as it does when I do it barefoot actually. I know these shoes are meant to prevent damage, not pain. It just caught me off guard because all of my other shoes have thick soles and so offer at least some reduction in pain from sharp objects. It is worth noting that even though it hurt that there was NO damage to my feet, not even a little. SO the shoes protected me perfectly. For the first time out I really loved the shoes and I am look forward to my next outing.

5 Item(s)

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