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  1. Perfect GRIP on wet stones!

    By Edoardo, Marina di Camerota, Italy June 07, 2019

    Our coast is rocky, the rocks often very slippery. As a passionate angler, I often slipped with rubber boots and water shoes and have always felt insecure. In addition ... once the shoes get wet, they stay so, which over time is very unpleasant. Home again they often need days to dry out.

    Quite different with these ones. I have them without paws and the chain mesh sole has a perfect GRIP on wet stones. You feel very safe and wet feet are no longer a problem. After minutes they are dry again without having to take them off.

    GoSt told me that wear and tear is unlikely to happen, if I only wear them for fishing at the coast. Most of the time I am standing at the same spot, just walk a few steps, thus no long distances. By the way thank you for the great service concerning the size to order and for answering the bunch of questions that I had!

  2. Perfect at the shore and in the water!

    By Dominik, Rovinj, Croatia March 05, 2019

    Have the version PURE of these and and allways with me when fishing at the water. Much better than being in wet shoes all day long. And they are extremely slip resistant too. Should actually belong to the basic equipment of every angler. Only cheaper if possible? Then, all of my friends would have a pair too ;)

  3. Awesome product!

    By Kwai C, Kalibo, Philippines March 02, 2018

    Surprisingly comfy and much more flexible I expected. Not using the saver which came with them, they float a bit around your feet, but it's not unpleasant and you get used to it after a few steps. Also it's hard to feel the weight. No joke! You really have the feel not to wearing shoes. I've used them several times at the beach already and they were fantastic. Grip and even swimming with these is not a problem at all. Felt quite safe. These are perfect for the shore and great fun really!

  4. Running through water is a great experience

    By Jason May 21, 2017

    Barefoot simulation! This is where they really excel. You can feel everything as if barefoot. As it is a mesh and not a solid covering you are able to feel the ground: Hot, cold, wet, rough and smooth through the soles of your feet. Running through water is a great experience.

    Without the fear of hitting something very sharp that you would not see through the water, you are able to completely relax and enjoy the experience and, of course, the water runs straight through them.

  5. My life will never be the same!

    By Jasmine Raskas (Missouri USA) April 22, 2017

    I was born with a rare connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. My body is held together with a different type of glue. When I move, my muscles have to work in overtime to make up for the laxity of my tissue. Wearing shoes has always made the pain and problems in my feet worse.

    As a toddler, my parents couldn’t keep me from throwing off my shoes at any chance I got, and twenty years later not much has changed! So, on this mission to save my feet, I discovered the Paleo Barefoot shoe. This shoe is truly the answer to much of my foot’s suffering. After months of intensive research into the barefoot movement, it was clear that the Paleos® were by far the most advanced and innovative barefoot technology on the market. In fact, I believe they are the only true barefoot shoe available. Most products marketed as barefoot shoes are merely a thick pair of socks. These products are difficult to keep clean and don’t offer many of the proprioceptive benefits found in the Paleo shoes. I received my first pair of Paleos just a few weeks ago, and I can assure you that my life will never be the same!

    This company is a part of the wave of the future. We are bound to see the barefoot movement take off in our lifetime. I would encourage you to give these shoes a try especially if you are suffering from a medical condition, that affects the nerves, muscles, or movement of the foot. I hope that you too will be amazed by the positive effects the barefoot shoe has on your quality of life.

    Thank you for reading this, and if you like ... on my WP-Blog Embrace the Brace (https://embracethebracesite.wordpress.com/) I'll be researching and reviewing more products for Ehlers- Danlos syndrome. Jasmine Raskas

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