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CAYMARO PURE has no MULTI-PAWS and should only to be used on sandy and other purely natural soft surfaces. Without the "paws" they are ideal for sandy beaches. You want flexibility and performance? Compact dimension makes them essential for outdoor activities. PURE is the pure chain mesh version of CAYMARO for surroundings such as the sea, streams and rivers with slippery rocks.

No sole structure except pure chain mail has such an incredible grip on substrates, which are overgrown with moss and slimy algae. This is what makes them ideal for wading in water, fishing at rocky coasts, creeks and in rivers. Since PURE has no paws, sand is entirely washed out again at the very next step making this version especially suitable as a reliable protection for the wadding into the sea and back to the beach again!


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Paleos®CAYMARO PURE ENPaleos® CAYMARO PURE - fits every foot!

PURE is the pure chain mail version of CAYMARO for the sea, streams and rivers with slippery rocks. No sole structure except pure stainless-steel chain mesh provides a fantastic grip on substrates, which are overgrown with moss and slimy algae. This makes them ideal for wadding in water, fishing at rocky coasts and in rivers. On land, PURE is - just like our Ultras, naturally suited for soft, wet or dry natural surfaces such as sand, clay, earth and forest floors.

The more natural the better! Even though they are made from stainless-steel, CAYMARO size 42 only weighs about 205g/7,2312oz! Please bear in mind CAMARO PURE is intended for surfaces away from concrete and Tarmac. If this is your environment, we recommend you order CAYMARO fitted with an outsole (versions WHITE or BLACK) for the cushioning needed in this environment. Even better - have a closer look at series Paleos®URBAN.

Recommended for barefoot beginner, challenging subsoils and activities in water and in wet terrain. The Paleos®INSOLES are made of weather resistant TPU and added with a minimal padding of micro fleece. Even the finest needles of thistles or sea urchins can no longer reach your soles! Add them to your order and save!

Paleos®TPU-INSOLES (open - with padded areas of micro fleece)

Please make sure to click all above item tabs. These will provide you with further information on suitability (Additional) scope of delivery (Delivery) and will also answer further questions you might have on the ideal size, the paws, cleaning, saver, etc. (FAQ). If you still have any further question, please do not hesitate to click tab "Contact Us" at the left edge of the screen to write to us directly.


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Price €346.00
Shoe/Hand Sizes EU 37 - UK/AU ♂♀ 4 - USA/Canada: ♂ 4 ½ ♀ 6, EU 38 - UK/AU ♂♀ 4 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 5 ½ ♀ 7, EU 39 - UK/AU ♂♀ 5 - USA/Canada: ♂ 6 ½ ♀ 7 ½, EU 40 - UK/AU ♂♀ 6 - USA/Canada: ♂ 7 ♀ 8 ½, EU 41 - UK/AU ♂♀ 7 - USA/Canada: ♂ 8 ♀ 9 ½, EU 42 - UK/AU ♂♀ 7 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 8 ½ ♀ 10, EU 43 - UK/AU ♂♀ 8 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 9 ½ ♀ 11, EU 44 - UK/AU ♂♀ 9 - USA/Canada: ♂ 10 ♀ 11 ½, EU 45 - UK/AU ♂♀ 10 - USA/Canada: ♂ 11 ♀ 12, EU 46 - UK/AU ♂♀ 11 - USA/Canada: ♂ 12 ♀ 13, EU 47 - UK/AU ♂♀ 11 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 12 ½ ♀ 3 ½, EU 48 - UK/AU ♂♀ 12 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 13 ½ ♀ 14 ½
Cut and Fit For regular shaped feet, Also fits exceptional feet
Suitability Sea & Water, Algae & Moss (Grip), Bogs & Swamps, Lawn & Clay Courts, Soft natural soil
Activities Fishing, Surf fishing, Beachvolleyball, Archery, Crossgolf, Disc Golf, Frisbee, Fly fishing, Gardening, Dog Sports, Snorkelling, Swimming, Beach fishing, Wading, Walking, Mudflat hiking


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Scope of Delivery

Scope of delivery

CAYMARO PURE without MULTI PAWS with metal tags (model, size, serial number), rubber bands, lace locks and cord lock.


 Saver Paleos®CLASSIC (lining - open toe design)Additional set of lace locks with every CAYMARO

Comfy sleeves with open toe design made of soft, breathable lining for added comfort with Paleos®CLASSIC. At the sole area they are largely open, but otherwise encloses the entire foot excl. the toes area. The color of cords and saver corresponding to your selection (black or red). By default, CAYMARO PURE will have a black cord lock!

All models of series CLASSIC (CAYMAROs) have a quite long lacing system and need correspondingly long laces. At delivery the laces are sufficiently long for all foot circumferences. However, if the wearer has narrow feet, the band ends at the heel probably come out be too long. For such cases we also deliver a second set of lace locks with every CAYMARO which can be used after shortening the laces at the heel to the personal taste.

FAQ / Size

What size do I need?

Your usual shoe size is eg. size EU 43? Then this is also your size to order. You have particularly wide feet or you want to order our saver  form thicker neoprene? Then please choose another size up = EU44. We are glad to help! Please select the appropriate option if you would like us to check your size. We will then contact you after you have placed your order!

Do I need the Multi-Paws?

Without Multi-Paws Paleos®ULTRAs are only suitable for waters and rather soft, natural soils! Our innovative soles spots are only needed if additional cushioning is required, or the Paleos® should be non-slip also outside of nature on man made, smooth surfaces.

Which Multi-Paws for what?

There are three variants Multi-Paws of different thickness and hardness that we already have assigned to different products: WATER, SOIL, CLIFF. As the name suggests you can choose them according to your preferred activities and environment.
The Multi-Paws for Paleos®ULTRA
All variants help to broaden the application radius of ULTRAs immensely. Through them, stony soils and rocks, boats, boards, even smooth tiles, marble, parquet, etc. become safer and above all more enjoyable.

Can I get other savers with these?

We have already selected the most suitable type of saver for you. Those that fit best to your most probable activities and environments with the specific variant of ULTRA. If you still want a different type of saver or made from another fabric, please click here and order them in addition.

How to get started?

Use our chainmail Paleos® (with and without paws) only as a protection against hazards on the ground and in the water. Once the ground is harmless, you can clearly see the ground and also barefoot it feels good, take them off. The longer you will be able to use the unique services they are made for.

At the beginning make use of our saver and the insole (provided you purchased them). Both will make it much easier for you get used to real barefoot conditions. Start easy going - take your time to get to know their properties. At first only use them for short distances and periods. Increase gradually! Also make sure you always carry spare shoes (eg. Sandals or Flipflops).

How are ULTRAs cleaned?

In general, as soon as possible after use, you should clean your Paleos® with clean water. However, in the course of use, as with any anything metal - from jewellery to bicycle wheels - oxidation will occur, giving a greyish colour to the metal. Although stainless steel does not rust, it will, over time, oxidize in this way. You might notice this in the latest when you take them off, as they can leave grey stain on the toes and the dorsal part of your foot. When that happens, wash them in the washing machine or by hand.

And if i do not like them?

From experience we don't expect that you want to return them to us. Once you have seen and tried them you'll love the concept. But of course it is no problem to send them back to us. If they are still unused and the accessory is complete, we will refund you the full purchase price. Click here to see the details.

How's the process for return and exchange?

Of course, you can also exchange your Paleos® for a different size. Please click here to learn more about the process, costs and conditions.

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4 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 4 reviews)
  1. Barefoot shoes par excellence!

    By Chris, Tüddern, NRW November 12, 2018

    At first I thought these must be a joke. Meanwhile I don't know how I could life without them for so long. Just great to just trudge in the forest and leave the trails. Sometimes they are tough - well, just as barefoot - but the feel of being safe and the changing impressions with every weather is incomparable. Hats off to such an idea and its implementation. Thank you GoSt. I already save on the next model;)

  2. I love my #GoStPaleo classics!

    By Sian D. April 28, 2017

    I love my #GoStPaleo classics! They're now my go to trail shoe. We have hiked up mountains, traversed gorges and run down canyons. I can't wait for more adventures in them! Sian

  3. Better than snow chains!

    By Siggi, Iceland April 22, 2017

    First thing is the shoes are just pure fun. It was a strange mixture of feeling protected and forgetting you had them on. I took them on short 5k run through the valley near my home. Running in the dirt you can quickly feel that that is what they are made for. I took them through everything that I could think off, dirt, sand, snow, ice and water (The river had flowed over the banks and filled up over the trail so I was forced to run around 100m in 20cm deep water. I was very happy I had the neoprene socks there.

    But where they really shined was on ice. They performed there beyond any hopes I had for them. I ran on ice that had a layer of water on it and it was like I was running on dirt field. I ran up hill covered in hard ice and I was steady like a rock. At no time did I ever feel like I was about to slip or slide in them. Just don’t stop to long when standing on in it. When returning home I stopped on a sidewalk covered in ice while waiting for the light to turn green and I could feel that they got stuck ☺

  4. It was a spectacular sensation.

    By Leeanne April 22, 2017

    I put my Paleos Barefoots on and took my new dog out to the park and we walked, jogged, played in the river, splashed through the streams and in general had oodles of fun. We spent 3 hours together in the bright sunshine and the whole time I was enjoying the feeling of wandering around in the forest without shoes. But of course I had shoes on! It was a spectacular sensation.

    I'll admit I was worried that the shoes were not going to be comfortable, but man was I wrong. I had no trouble at all forgetting that I was wearing them. I am so happy I bought these shoes. My puppy and I got wet and muddy; we chased after frogs and ducks; we went home exhausted, but it was our best day together. And the joy of feeling like I was barefoot added to the day and made the whole experience one awesome adventure. LeeAnne

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