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Re-discover the sensory-enriched natural movement with the Paleos®. The only minimal footwear for land and water, providing the maximum contact with the immediate environment. Tey're highly flexible and above all safe where others become dangerous - due to lack of ground proximity -  fail or have their last mission!

Choose your Paleos® and their options by environment and activities.

Open to the environment (water and nature)

Temporary use in unclear conditions (100% perception of soil and external conditions).

Enjoy walking pure barefoot whenever possible! Understand our pure chain mesh shoes (even those fitted with the PAWS) as protective gloves for the feet. Wear them whenever there might be lurking hazards  in the water or on land!

Series Paleos®ULTRA (PURE/PAWS)

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Series ULTRA (PURE/PAWS) (DELINDA, ANTERRA and PRONATIV) was developed for regular shaped feet and toes and has a defined toe box. The individual models are distinguished by their appearance (personal taste), but especially by the lacing system, which is perfectly adapted to the respective application. For faster movements, the more secure the lacing must be in order to firmly keep the shoe to the foot: DELINDA for leisure, ANTERRA for hiking and PRONATIV for running on nature trails.

Series Paleos®CLASSIC (PURE/PAWS)Series CLASSIC (PURE/PAWS) is made from the same type of chain mesh, but has a significantly extended lacing system, which extends to the toe area. There is no defined toe box, which is why CLASSIC adapts very well to different shaped feet. No matter which toe is the longest or if your feet are different in length and width - CLASSIC CAYMARO (PURE/PAWS) will perfectly adapt to it. If you sometimes have problems finding suitable shoes and want to own a pair of our shoes from pure chainmail, you should opt for this series of Paleos®.

Choose options according your requirements

The MULTI-PAWS for Paleos® (ULTRA / CLASSIC)The MULTI-PAWS? Which ones do I need? Basically, all models not fitted with an outer sole are intended for use in rivers, streams, lakes or the sea, as well as for preferably soft ground, such as mud, bogs, etc. For conditions that would either be too dangerous with conventional shoes or at best would ruin them.

  • Coasts and water: The more chain mesh can touch the ground the better the grip, (for example, algae on slippery stones) and the more intense the barefoot feel. However, for boards, boats and other artificially smooth surfaces in vehicles or buildings, they should be fitted with WATER PAWS to make them anti-slip.
  • Natural soilFor the grip the previously said applies too. Without the PAWS, they provide the best grip on, for example, mosses and wet/slippery wood. Choose the type of PWAS (WATER, SOIL or CLIFF) according to the predominantly type of ground you will be on.
  • Reefs and stony natural soil: There are customers who use ULTRA and CLASSIC with enjoyment in the city (not for running). For this they should be equipped with the robust CLIFF-PAWS, as they do not wear down even on very rough ground. Unlike the chain mesh between the paws, which is still exposed to increased wear.

Paleos®Saver (Scope of delivery ULTRA & CLASSIC)Saver? Which ones should I wear? Savers are for longer wearing time and more intense activities, these increase the wearing comfort. For ULTRA and CLASSIC (PURE / PAWS) they are already included. The type and material of the saver (open or closed toe design as well as lining or neoprene) is already matched to the anticipated activity. You can see which SAVER comes with the product in tab "DELIVERY" within the respective item. A selection of all saver variants can be found at section Paleos®Accessories.


Open to the environment (all areas of life)

Permanent use for all conditions (80% perception of soil and external conditions).

The Paleos® with robust outsoleSeries URBAN (fitted with outer sole) is designed for permanent use: If your floors are predominantly hard, rocky surface or even paved, you should opt for a model fitted with our sturdy outer sole. Series URBAN and CAYMARO BLACK is suitable for any environment - from water to natural soils to the rough and abrasion-intensive soils in cities and residential areas. Please keep in mind that even with these models you should keep an eye on the ground as if you were walking barefoot. Enjoy the variety but avoid extremely aggressive surfaces or overcome them consciously to avoid premature wear and damage (also see page Warranty & Safety).

Adjust breathability and ground proximity

The TPU-insoles - available for all Paleos®

Don’t forget to add a pair of insoles to your order. They are made from weatherproof TPU (Polyurethane) and can be selected as an option for all models - whether its ULTRA, CLASSIC or URBAN. There are two versions of insoles available: perforated with a softlayer only on the tread surface or entirely covering and closing the entire sole - making them usual minimalist footwear. By theses, the contact with the ground and respective environment can thus be perfectly adapted to the respective weather conditions, soil and your own mood.


Predominantly closed to the environment (all areas of life)

Permanent use for all conditions (50% perception of soil and external conditions).

The Paleos® fitted with closed outsolesIf you love running barefoot, but outdoors you prefer to avoid direct contact with the ground, you should take a look at category PROTECT. Here you will find products for permanent use, focused on body protection and for every area of life. Insoles and soles made of stainless-steel chain mesh embedded in a puncture and cut resistant 1.4 mm layer of polyurethane. No nail or sting can penetrate, and no coral or shard can cut it. With these products it's no longer necessary to behave "barefoot" and to watch the ground in front!


Leave finding your ideal size to us!

If you’re about to buy your first pair of Paleos® Shoes, just follow the sizing recommendations on each product’s page (tab FAQ/SIZE). Otherwise...

We know our products and are happy to help! Especially if you already had problems finding shoes that fit, please take advantage of our free service at purchasing and select the appropriate item option. No matter which shoe you want to order - just order your usual size and choose "Yes" at item option "Do you want us to verify the ordered size?". Once we receive your order, we'll be in touch for the further procedure.

Choose your Paleos® and their options by environment and activities.

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