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ANTERRA CLIFF is fitted with the strong CLIFF PAWS for water, mixed soils and stony ground. Fitted with paws that are non-slip on smooth surfaces such as tiles, marble and parquet! Do you love to do sports and to be active in the natural environment? ANTERRA is designed for water and hiking tours. Due to its design the PaleoBarefoots® ANTERRA also protects the sensitive upper foot. The long lacing offers perfect fit and hold during fast movements. In combination with the supplied accessories, ANTERRA is ideally suited for long distance walking, hiking and many more activities in the great outdoors! A unique footwear that enables you to become one with the elements!



Paleos®ANTERRA CLIFF ENANTERRA CLIFF (incl. PAWS) for recreational athletes!

ANTERRA CLIFF comes with instep protection and are ideal for those who love nature and hiking in overgrown terrain. Perfect for leisure sport activities and healthy barefoot training, ANTERRA gives maximum barefoot feel under more challenging conditions, boggy terrain, forest floor, mud, streams and creeks can be safely crossed. Dense vegetation and soil are just great and become a sensory highlight. ANTERRA gives unique hiking and (natural) running experience for all senses under all weather conditions. Weight of ANTERRA: EU 42 = UK/AU 7,8 = US/CA 9,5 per shoe approximately 215g / 6,702oz!

The Multi-Paws for Paleos®ULTRA

Recommended for barefoot beginner, challenging subsoils and sport activities in water and in all terrain. The Paleos®INSOLES are made of weather resistant TPU added with a minimal padding of micro fleece. Even the finest needles of thistles or sea urchins can no longer reach your soles! Add them to your order and save!

Paleos®TPU-INSOLES (open - with padded areas of micro fleece)

Please make sure to click all above item tabs. These will provide you with further information on suitability (Additional) scope of delivery (Delivery) and will also answer further questions you might have on the ideal size, the paws, cleaning, saver, etc. (FAQ). If you still have any further question, please do not hesitate to click tab "Contact Us" at the left edge of the screen to write to us directly.


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Max. shipping weight 1.8
Ready to ship 2-3 days
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Availability Date No
Price €365.00
Shoe/Hand Sizes EU 34 - UK/AU ♂♀ 2 - USA/Canada: ♂ 3 / ♀ 3 ½, EU 35 - UK/AU ♂♀ 2 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 3 ½ ♀ 4, EU 36 - UK/AU ♂♀ 3 - USA/Canada: ♂ 4 ♀ 5 ½, EU 37 - UK/AU ♂♀ 4 - USA/Canada: ♂ 4 ½ ♀ 6, EU 38 - UK/AU ♂♀ 4 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 5 ½ ♀ 7, EU 39 - UK/AU ♂♀ 5 - USA/Canada: ♂ 6 ½ ♀ 7 ½, EU 40 - UK/AU ♂♀ 6 - USA/Canada: ♂ 7 ♀ 8 ½, EU 41 - UK/AU ♂♀ 7 - USA/Canada: ♂ 8 ♀ 9 ½, EU 42 - UK/AU ♂♀ 7 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 8 ½ ♀ 10, EU 43 - UK/AU ♂♀ 8 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 9 ½ ♀ 11, EU 44 - UK/AU ♂♀ 9 - USA/Canada: ♂ 10 ♀ 11 ½, EU 45 - UK/AU ♂♀ 10 - USA/Canada: ♂ 11 ♀ 12, EU 46 - UK/AU ♂♀ 11 - USA/Canada: ♂ 12 ♀ 13, EU 47 - UK/AU ♂♀ 11 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 12 ½ ♀ 3 ½, EU 48 - UK/AU ♂♀ 12 ½ - USA/Canada: ♂ 13 ½ ♀ 14 ½, EU 49 - UK/AU ♂♀ 13 - USA/Canada: ♂ 14 ½ ♀ 15 ½, EU 50 - UK/AU ♂♀ 14 - USA/Canada: ♂ 15 ½ ♀ 16 ½
Cut and Fit For regular shaped feet
Suitability Sea & Water, Bogs & Swamps, Lawn & Clay Courts, Soft natural soil, Mixed natural soil, Rocky natural soil, Yachts & Boats
Activities Fishing, Beachvolleyball, Archery, Camping, Crossgolf, Disc Golf, Frisbee, Fly fishing, Gardening, Golf, Geocaching, Dog Sports, Canoeing, Stunt kite flying, Paintball, Rafting, Rowing, Snorkelling, Swimming, Sailing, Survival, Wading, Walking, Mudflat hiking, Rafting, Wave riding


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Scope of Delivery

Scope of delivery

ANTERRA CLIFF fitted with CLIFF PAWS with metal tags (model, size, serial number), rubber bands, lace locks and cord lock.



Saver Paleos®ULTRA (Neoprene perforated - covered toe design)

Saver Paleos®ULTRA (Neoprene perforated - covered toe design)

Comfy sleeves with covered toe design made from perforated Neoprene fabric for added comfort with Paleos®ULTRA. At the sole area they are largely open, but otherwise encloses the entire foot incl. the toes area. The color of cords and saver corresponding to your selection (black or red). By default, ANTERRA CLIFF will have a black cord lock!

FAQ / Size

What size do I need?

You have normal feet and, for example, size EU43? Then select - as usual for sports shoes - one size up = EU44. You also have particularly wide feet or you want to order our saver  form thicker neoprene? Then please choose another size up = EU45.

We are glad to help! If you frequently have problems finding shoes that fit, please take advantage of our service at purchasing and select the appropriate option. Once we receive your order, we'll be in touch for the further procedure.

Do I need the Multi-Paws?

Without Multi-Paws Paleos®ULTRAs are only suitable for waters and rather soft, natural soils! Our innovative soles spots are only needed if additional cushioning is required, or the Paleos® should be non-slip also outside of nature on man made, smooth surfaces.

Which Multi-Paws for what?

There are three variants Multi-Paws of different thickness and hardness that we already have assigned to different products: WATER, SOIL, CLIFF. As the name suggests you can choose them according to your preferred activities and environment.
The Multi-Paws for Paleos®ULTRA
All variants help to broaden the application radius of ULTRAs immensely. Through them, stony soils and rocks, boats, boards, even smooth tiles, marble, parquet, etc. become safer and above all more enjoyable.

Can I get other savers with these?

We have already selected the most suitable type of saver for you. Those that fit best to your most probable activities and environments with the specific variant of ULTRA. If you still want a different type of saver or made from another fabric, please click here and order them in addition.

How to get started?

Use our chainmail Paleos® (with and without paws) only as a protection against hazards on the ground and in the water. Once the ground is harmless, you can clearly see the ground and also barefoot it feels good, take them off. The longer you will be able to use the unique services they are made for.

At the beginning make use of our saver and the insole (provided you purchased them). Both will make it much easier for you get used to real barefoot conditions. Start easy going - take your time to get to know their properties. At first only use them for short distances and periods. Increase gradually! Also make sure you always carry spare shoes (eg. Sandals or Flipflops).

How are ULTRAs cleaned?

In general, as soon as possible after use, you should clean your Paleos® with clean water. However, in the course of use, as with any anything metal - from jewellery to bicycle wheels - oxidation will occur, giving a greyish colour to the metal. Although stainless steel does not rust, it will, over time, oxidize in this way. You might notice this in the latest when you take them off, as they can leave grey stain on the toes and the dorsal part of your foot. When that happens, wash them in the washing machine or by hand.

And if i do not like them?

From experience we don't expect that you want to return them to us. Once you have seen and tried them you'll love the concept. But of course it is no problem to send them back to us. If they are still unused and the accessory is complete, we will refund you the full purchase price. Click here to see the details.

How's the process for return and exchange?

Of course, you can also exchange your Paleos® for a different size. Please click here to learn more about the process, costs and conditions.

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8 customer reviews

Average rating
(based on 8 reviews)
  1. Fantastic Barefoot Shoes

    By Mason April 30, 2022

    First impressions of the GoSt-Barefoots Anterra Cliff.

    Firstly, these don’t really fit or feel like a shoe but more like a loose sock. Sort of. They’re meant to be worn loosely. The lacing system allows one to adjust the tension at various points but they should never be tight.

    Walking in them is an interesting sensation to get used to. I know, that last sentence was poor grammar. As the chainmail is a loose mesh of stainless steel you can feel it moving as you step. The whole thing just sort of drapes around the foot.

    They’re quite comfortable and the ground feel is only slightly removed from being fully barefoot. The “Paws” are there to provide traction on harder, slicker surfaces but don’t act as cushions and on natural surfaces you don’t really notice them at all.

    Lacking soles, they are the most flexible shoes I’ve ever worn, there is literally zero resistance to foot and toe movements in any direction.

    I can feel the texture of the ground at all times, which is quite enjoyable and the chainmail doesn’t feel unpleasant against the skin at all. Quite the opposite, it feels very nice and the way it moves as you walk is somewhat stimulating.

    As it’s been rainy and cool here I can say that with the chainmail being fully open to the environment the feet do get wet but since the water just passes straight through they never get soggy and dry off quickly, so they’re ideal for wet conditions, puddles, streams, etc.

    But they are most definitely not warm. At all. If the ground is cold you feel it. If the air is cold you feel it. It’s only in the 40s today and rainy so when outdoors my feet do feel the chill. I did buy a pair of their neoprene savers, basically socks that cover the tops of the feet to trap some heat but have open soles, but I’m intentionally not wearing them today as I want to get a good feel for these new shoes.

    There are also thin insoles one can put in to provide a bit of cushion but I’m not using those either, again because I want to experience the shoes as they are. I will probably use the insoles on days I plan to do a lot of walking on hard surfaces but otherwise I’ll enjoy the almost pure barefoot feel these shoes provide.

    While these shoes are on the pricy side, with proper use and care I can see them lasting quite a long time. They also offer a repair service which includes replacing the entire sole if needed, to extend their life instead of having to buy new ones. I think that makes the cost over time better than shoes one just wears out and replaces.

  2. Marvelous idea!

    By José, Santander, Spain November 06, 2019

    I love minimalist barefoot style shoes and I have tried many brands. But this environmental-open concept is definitely the most consistent of all. No other concept makes you feel the environment as immediate as these!

    There’s space for my toes, there’s room for my foot to articulate, there’s no heel lift so my calves, hamstrings and back are not contracted and they’re much lighter than I expected, so I feel like I’m leading and not dragging my heavy shoes behind me. I tested these in numerous conditions in nature since receiving them and I’m never disappointed!

    Because I work in the field manual therapy, I think these shoes make a world of difference in the body! Thank you, I’m very satisfied !

  3. Every day a little holiday

    By Angelika, Meersburg, Lake Constance July 12, 2019

    I love everything about this "shoe": the noble metal mesh, how it feels against the skin, the freedom of movement, the safety they give ... and of course the pure barefoot feel. Thanks for this great product. If they were less expensive, all my friends would already have some too. But as I swarm of them so much, they'll also order soon ;) I enjoy them almost every day, working in the garden and at the shores of our lovely lake. Regards, Monika


    By Ian June 14, 2018

    Excellent customer service from my initial contact to owning a pair, I can't praise the whole team at GoStBarefoots enough. Thank you for making the purchase and owning a pair such an easy and enjoyable experience.

  5. In a sense, I'm really glad I hurt my foot...

    By Pierre Coupard, Belguim November 06, 2017

    Just to let you know, I've had my Anterra shoes for a month now, and they've become my main footwear when I'm not cycling. I wear them mainly as city shoes - with socks or with neoprene oversocks almost all the time, and they work really really well. Even walking on tarmac and concrete, the paws don't seem to wear down significantly when the shoes are used as typical city shoes.

    Particularly, I wear them at work: I can go anywhere in the factory, or meet customers in suit and tie, and nobody thinks much of them, It's great: I feel like I'm barefoot all day long (or close enough) and nobody is any the wiser! Not to mention, my foot injury is healing up much faster with my Anterra shoes.

    Anyhow, just to tell you, I think you're limiting yourself selling them as recreational shoes. They're an excellent product as primary footwear, for "city barefooters" so-to speak, and as everyday shoes for those who like barefooting while staying inconspicuous. It's a totally different usage pattern, but I reckon you should market your shoes for that purpose also.

    I'm sending you this message to propose writing an article for your blog to share my experience with your shoes as social acceptance footwear - as opposed to safe hiking or running barefoot footwear. Would you be interested?

    In a sense, I'm really glad I hurt my foot: it lead me to discover your products :) I can't believed I've lived this long without wearing your shoes!

    Best regards,
    -- Pierre

  6. Cross terrain grip that's second to none!

    By April B. September 01, 2017

    I can say that these are the most unique and versatile barefoot shoes! I've owned mine for almost two months and run the trails with them with no problems from stones or other items on the trail that had been a problem barefoot running unprotected. I'm also an avid disc golfer and have found that while my round mates have hikers or trainers covered in mud that takes days to clean off I am able to swish through the next puddle and emerge with clean shoes. As far as connectedness and stability I have yet to find a better solution than the paws application on my Anterra Sport version. They provide a cross terrain grip that is second to none. The newer ultra paws are a more multi surface application. These are quiet and move with me as I traverse sand, grass, clay, water, rock, and concrete all during the average round of play. I have never had a blister from wearing them but I usually wear mine with the saver.

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