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BLOG-POST! You don't have to suffer from diabetes, multiple sclerosis or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to benefit from their unique properties! "Moving Forwards by Taking a Step Back" A comprehensive review and experience report by Jasmine from US Missouri, in which you will find back your own thoughts and understand the concept of Paleos®! Here's her BLOG-POST with many explanations, pictures and backgrounds.


The Paleos® as an instrument for therapies


BLOG-POST! Sports, water sports, fashion, therapy ... Not easy to find areas or fields of application where Paleos® don't make new fans. Now also at martial arts! Experiences and findings on Paleos®ULTRA. Written by a Shaolin monk and his master of Shaolin Temple Europe. Here is the BLOG-POST.


Paleos®ULTRA as body protection at martial arts!


What is always confirmed The feet are like hands and their proper and natural workingwise depends on the contact with environmental stimuli -  as directly as possible. Would you want to wear gloves all day? Often, one's own pressure of suffering has to be high enough to gain the consciousness to take care of one's own health. Do not wait! Paleos® can do far more for your overall health, mood and wellbeing than you can imagine!

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You like our unique environmental open concept of  protection combined with maximum closeness to nature? Do it like our customers! Join the ride like others do and spread the world to make Paleos® even more famous. Get in touch and tell us about yourself!
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Find the Paleos® for your conditions and link to the natural world!








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