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Paleos®URBAN NAUTIS (SHEPPARD). Veleros, kiters y surfistas lo han impulsado. Entusiastas de los deportes acuáticos que resultaron gravemente heridos cuando se caían o saltaban del tablero a las olas ... SHEPPARD es la única zapatilla de agua de seguridad en el mercado. La malla de anillo incorporada protege las plantas, los dedos del pie, el talón y los lados del pie. Chapas metálicas y partes metálicas en el agua, capas de conchas en el barro, ostras, piedras afiladas en los bancos o en los arrecifes - ¡sin peligro alguno! Además absolutamente antideslizante en superficies naturales, tablas y barcos.

Cambia el riesgo de relajación!

SHEPPARD es liviano y se adapta de manera óptima al pie. El zapato se siente suave pero compacto y ajuste similar a un calcetín en cada sección del pie, no obstruye los movimientos y proporciona a los dedos el espacio y la libertad que necesitan. Deslizarse y desvestirse es rápido y cómodo. Por medio de grandes elementos de cierre elásticos, la tensión deseada se puede ajustar individualmente y luego se puede asegurar mediante almohadillas de velcro más grandes.

Nuestras plantillas incluso las vuelven repelentes a la suciedad y al frío!

Por cierto, NAUTIS SHEPPARD es una excelente alternativa para los días fríos al aire libre y en tierra. El ocio, el jardín, los deportes de césped, el yoga, las artes marciales, el parkour, la capoeira, la escalada de árboles y mucho más se convierten en destacados del háptico.

TIP: Te encanta el concepto, pero quieres que sea aún más minimalista, liviano, transpirable y flexible? Entonces deberías echarle un vistazo a la categoría KETARON. En este lugar pronto encontrarás también la versión de tierra de SHEPPARD!

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  1. Feet felt great!

    Por Matthew, Marshall, Australia September 16, 2019

    I'm about to send a couple of photos taken during a recent trip to Mt. Buller in north eastern Victoria. High resolution as requested. I never expected barefoot shoes to be so comfortable in the snow!!! If anything felt at all cold, it was probably my hands. Feet felt great! Thanks again. Best regards, Matt

  2. Versatility for every environment

    Por Alexander, Heiligendamm, Germany August 13, 2019

    NAUTIS is truly a very comfortable and exciting shoe. Although, or just because the upper is made from neoprene, it is so versatile. I already have them for three months now and use them almost every day. At the water as well as in everyday life they are great fun. Easy to put them on and off, thin but with high-abrasion-resistant sole with enormous grip, good ground feel and easy to clean (washing machine). Also, I did not expect that even used in the mud only the soles of the feet become dirty. I use it on our beautiful coast, in the water, in the forest, for gardening and even in the city and at the office. A great shoe that makes you experience the environment different and that can be used all year round (thanks to the insoles).

  3. The most comfortable shoes we've ever owned.

    Por Matthew, Marshall, Australia August 08, 2019

    The Nautis Sheppard are without question, the most comfortable shoes we've ever owned. It'd be amazing to have a version more appropriate for summer, though we'll wear these for as much of the year as we can. In summary, thanks again for your suggestion of the Sheppard for our specific use case. It's been a great recommendation. I'll submit a review of them shortly! We're saving up for sandals, thongs, caymaro black, and probably more.

  4. These make sense everywhere!

    Por Hannes, Emsdetten, North Rhine-Westphalia April 17, 2019

    Actually described as a water and surf shoe ... But actually a shoe for all occations and everywhere. Sheppard is as universally applicable as you need it. We have no sea nearby, but also for the forest, hiking trails, the garden, lawn mowing they are great. So far I have not even sweated in them. Despite the neoprene úpper probably because of the open soles? I especially love that they are so easy to put on and take off. The big overlapping flaps with Velcro are a splendid idea. Still thrilled!

  5. Heavy price, however, incredible shoes

    Por Szymon, Białystok, PL December 15, 2018

    Over month I hassled for the price tag, but finaly I have them ...

    Extremely adaptable, softly padded and warm. With the insoles even now in the cold no problem. The outsole is actually only millimeters thick, but very sturdy. The feeling of running in these is like wearing a thicker sock, immediate and without restrictions. This shoe can bend in all directions. Particularly noteworthy is also the large closure tab with the Velcro areas. To put them on and off is absolutely unproblematic. How firmly the shoe attaches to your foot can be adjusted very individual. It can even determine whether the thze maximum tension is more in the metatarsus or around the ankle. That's why closing both shoes equally, sometimes requires a second try - but then everything is fine. Since they look so inconspicuous, you can actually wear them any time and everywhere. That's exactly what I'm doing. I even wear them at work. Conclusion: they are great fun and I'm happy to have these.

  6. High entertainment value for your feet!

    Por Christian, Kulmbach, DE November 10, 2018

    Pre-sale service was exemplary! Only when I got them I could understand the price tag. A great construction and with the insoles really suitable for all weather. I use them mainly for fishing and walking our Doberman. Already after the first wearing I was thrilled ... a highly flexible, real barefoot shoe that gives you a new impression at every step. Especially in autumn spectacular! No blisters or irritations, although I tend to. With all shoes so far I initially have real problems. If you are looking for something sturdy with a lot of entertainment value for your feet then you should have these!


    Por Karen September 02, 2018

    I was able to try a pair and what an absolute pleasure they are to wear. Very comfortable, easy to slip on/off with the large Velcro fastening and lightweight. All the trademarks of an excellent barefoot shoe. Would make an ideal beach shoe.


    Por Daniel September 01, 2018

    Brilliant pair of surf shoes. Chain mail soles.....yep it works. 10/10


    Por Kev August 31, 2018

    Over the summer I've been wearing KETARON HUARACHE for my morning runs. Now that the temperate is starting to drop, I decided to try the NAUTIS SHEPPPARD and I'm so glad I did, as they make an excellent winter barefoot running shoe, which enable me to run through my local woods with lovely warm feet. Highly recommended.

  10. What a cool water shoe!

    Por Helge, Hamburg, Germany July 21, 2018

    Finally a real water shoe! In the course of the years, I again and again suffered small injuries from sharp stones and objects in the wwater while surfing. No matter how much you spend on a usual sufing shoe, this can't be prevented. Thank God there were only smaller cuts so far, but there's always the risk. NAUTIS not only gives me the feel of safety, it also feels good. Easy to put on and off, as tight an snuggly on the foot as you want it and with more grip than any other water shoe I know! All in all a great invention that can only be recommended!

  11. I truly enjoy every step.

    Por Patricia, Huntsville, Alabama March 24, 2018

    Since they do not become deeply infused with dirt and mud they don’t need to be washed each time, just hosed off! It's nice to feel the ground beneath my feet. Every time I walk my dogs I truly enjoy every step. I absolutely love them!

  12. Doesn't make sense, right?

    Por Dieter, Koppenhagen, Denmark February 24, 2018

    Warming on top and open to the ground? This doesn't make sense at first , right? Works though! Even at temperatures like 0 ° C You only get cool soles (whilst the toes were ok). The GRIP with these is terriffic, can only confirm what I heard from others. Already after my first run in the forest, I became a big fan of this weird footwear. Honestly, I didn't expect that feeling the ground so clearly can be be so much fun. Just awesome!

  13. Warmly recommended it in the truest sense!

    Por Bernd, Germany February 10, 2018

    NAUTIS is simply a great shoe for (almost) everything and I can warmly recommend it in the truest sense! I am not a runner, but I am a passionate nature lover and love to hike at lakes and in the woods. Especially with the current winter temperatures, I initially was concerned to get too cold feet. With the perforated insoles - nothing like this! The soles of the feet were (not too) cold, but the whole upper foot pleasantly warm. Particularly noteworthy is also the excellent grip of the sole. I still think about why they are so non-slip at spots where it was otherwise slipping and sliding with even my deeply profiled hiking boots. Also I had expected to have lots of dirt inthe shoes after two hours of hiking on unpaved paths. Only the sole itself was quite dirty. The entire upper foot was as clean as when I started. I stick to the concept and I'm looking forward to SYGENTO for everyday life. Keep up the good work and thanks! Bernd from Kempten, South Germany!

  14. Very enjoyabel and invigorating!

    Por Ondrej, Prague December 03, 2017

    They fit like a glove, adjust firmly to the feet, are soft and still let you feel everything what`s underfoot. A special highlight was the Christmas market last Saturday. The whole area was covered with bark mulch and wooden chips and it was great to feel the textures so clearly. The soles became cool but definitely not cold, otherwise the upper feet stay warm - very invigorating!

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