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Sus propiedades superan las de cada sandalia! Apenas se pueden sentir y están hechas de tan poco material que tus pies pueden hacer su cosa natural! Sandalias descalzas que son perfectas para tus caminos de cada día. Diseñado para el contacto máximo y la conexión permanente con la tierra en los terrenos suaves naturaleza y antideslizante seguro en los pisos duros y planos de la ciudad en centros comerciales, pasillos y edificios. Sandalias perfectos para todos los días qué se puede llevar directamente sobre la piel. No hay manera de encontrar sandalias que son más flexibles, confortables, de peso ligero y transpirable! Especialmente agradable ... ¡No se deslice dentro del zapato! Ni cuesta arriba ni cuesta abajo, ya que la forma de concha de la suela mantiene el pie firmemente en su lugar.

Contrariamente a las sandalias convencionales, sus suelas no son superficies planas sino cáscaras flexibles que se moldean perfectamente a la anatomía del pie humano. Es por eso que KETARON BLACK (HUARACHE) no tiene las desventajas como resbalar sobre la propia suela de zapato, golpeando los dedos de los pies contra objetos más altos y recogiendo la suciedad y otras partículas perturbadoras. Pero incluso si esto sucede una vez - habilitado por las aberturas de las suelas, por ejemplo, la arena puede escapar fácilmente de nuevo.

Las plantillas permiten una adaptación perfecta al subsuelo y al clima!

La suela consiste en la cota de malla protectora que está incrustada entre dos capas muy finas pero dimensionalmente estables de TPU. Resistente al desgaste y antideslizamiento hacia el suelo (aproximadamente 2 mm) y como una suave capa interior (aproximadamente 1 mm). ¿La limpieza? KETARON BLACK (HUARACHE) puede enjuagarse completamente en agua limpia y / o lavarse hasta 60°C / 140°F en la lavadora. Una pieza de alta tecnología que no debes perder!

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  1. So comfy and flexible!

    Por Juan, Castelo Branco, Protugal January 11, 2020

    Just so comfy you don't want to take them off ever again! A light but sturdy sandale, of course with an extremely good ground feel! Also use them indoors and I think these are just great!

  2. Why not earlier!

    Por Gernot, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany October 16, 2019

    I have been wearing KETARON HUARACHE since April almost every day. In between switching to other shoes was actually a torment. Once you get used to these lightweight, breathable sandals (and that goes damn fast), other footwear becomes a problem! Even though you still have to pay a bit of attention where you walk... that's the deal if you want maximum freedom. My unreserved recommendation for HUARACHE!


    Por Tom April 19, 2019

    Totally in love with these amazing sandals. Now that the sunny weather has returned it's been so nice to wear a high quality sandal that allows me to feel nature and not have to worry about cuts, stings and abrasive stones.

    I'm finding the size 47 perfect for my large feet and the extra wide toe area is great for letting my toes move how they are designed to.

    All things considered these are definitely a 5 star product.

  4. Most people have no idea what they're missing

    Por Matthew, Sydney, Australia March 08, 2019

    The size 42 sandal is being thoroughly enjoyed by my Dad as his birthday gift. He rarely spends much on shoes, but I think he's addicted and may buy another pair for at work. My wife and I are enjoying our Sygentos, Pronativ and Caymaro. We intend to get sandals ourselves once we've saved up a bit :)

    I'd get a pair for my brother, and my Mum; though they're sizes 40 and 38. I feel that they'd be most suited to starting with an Urban model such as the Ketaron. I can see that the Urban tread pattern has to be adapted for smaller sizes, but I'm confident you'll find the solution. Maybe kids will wear them to school one day?

    One day, I want to walk down the street and see GoSts everywhere! Today, most people have no idea what they're missing.

  5. Extreme lightweight comfort!

    Por Ahmad, Singapore November 25, 2018

    Amazingly light and comfortable. It's the shoe I wear when I do at lot of walking at work. Have to say these are my NEW favorite shoes. The fabric is soft and extremely comfortable and breathable. Almost feels like walking in slippers (you get the clear barefoot vibe). Can’t recommend these enough!

  6. Chargers!

    Por William, Lincolnshire, UK October 25, 2018

    Shoes are great, no issues.


    Por Barefoot Jonas June 19, 2018

    There are plenty of barefoot sandals/Huaraches on the market to choose from, but none of them come near to this true barefoot sandal. An absolute must if you want to truly get close to nature and feel the ground beneath your feet. I have no hesitation in recommending them.


    Por Dan June 14, 2018

    What an amazing concept, the use of stainless-steel mesh (chain mail) in between rubber to great a breathable, non-slip and flexible sole. The upper is soft and comfortable and I’m able to wear them for long periods of time.

    My friends have shown a great interest in my Paleo Sandals, they’ve been a real talking point amongst us. I recommend them for anybody who wants to get closer nature, wear a fully breathable sandal and own a totally amazing piece of technology.

  9. Absolutely fantastic!

    Por Ben June 12, 2018

    My HUARACHE are absolutely fantastic, they are definitely the best barefoot sandal I have ever tried and I've tried a lot of sandals. I love the fact that my soles can breath, something that I've never had with a sandal. Have you ever thought of doing a "Flip Flop" version for the KETARON range?


    Por Ian June 04, 2018

    I've wanted a pair for a long time and now that summer is finally here I took the plunge and got a pair. I have absolutely no regrets in buying them, totally amazing, light, flexible, very comfortable and of course the Paleo trade mark soles which allow my feet to breath.

  11. No sweaty feet anymore :)

    Por Andreas, Papenburg, Germany April 24, 2018

    I've always had sweaty feet and these are what I was searching for! I hate it in the summer when you even sweat in sandals what can make them pretty spippery. These cool sandals solve this issue. Super lightweight, comfortable to wear and more feel for the ground than anything I've ever had before. The soles are super thin! A real barefoot shoe that you can wear anywhere. Can not recommend them enough.

  12. My best sandals

    Por Lionel, Cape Town April 16, 2018

    Tried out the slipper version, which were great. So I got these for more outdoor use. Best sandals I've ever had. Comfortable, cool in the heat, good looking. If I made one suggestion it would be a little more rigidity ahead of the front strap, because they can bend back to easily when hitting an obstruction.

  13. Everyone needs his hands on these!

    Por Daren, Encino, California March 22, 2018

    Best sandals ever! So light and breathable. I wear them even hanging out inside of my house. No question everyone needs his hands on these!

  14. Huarache makes me want more.

    Por Jörn from Berlin February 20, 2018

    I have never felt so comfortable wearing sandals. There always were sections where they rubbed my feet or were too floppy. These, however, use a supple, neoprene-like material, have no seams in the inner and adjust extremely soft but firm to the feet. Since even the very thin sole follows every movement they are hardly felt whilst wearing them. They defintely make me want to try one of the other products too. Thanks, Jörn

  15. Keep up the awesome work!

    Por David, Nevada, US January 22, 2018

    Everyone who knows me well knows that I am a connoisseur of footwear and I’m obsessed with your creations! My KETRAON HUARACHE fit perfectly and are just fantastic! Keep up the awesome work!

  16. The best sandals I've ever owned.

    Por Carlos, Madrid November 26, 2017

    These are definitely the most comfortable, versatile sandals I've ever owned. Although having a a sole from metal mesh, they feel very light. When you wear them, you barely feel them anymore. Can't recommend them enough. Thanks for the great support!

  17. I love the concept of Paleos :)

    Por Bernd from Swizerland November 23, 2017

    Somehow I didn't know what to expected. What I finaly received was far better then all my imaginations. They are really fun and work well on every subsoil. Great sandals and even suitable for the city. Compared to the usual (thick-soled) outdoor sandals, these are absolutely lightweight and of course tremendosly compfy and breathable. The best thing is that wetness does not harm them at all. Crossing streams, wading in water pools, walking through wet meadows ... no problem. After washing and drying them they are in perfect condition again. For those loving sandals and nature I can't recommend them enough! I love the concept of Paleos :)

  18. Expensive? No, worth every penny!

    Por Jim September 20, 2017

    Came across these onj search for the best barefoot feel, ordered them and I am fascinated by look, quality and performance. Expensive but worth every penny! Order a pair and you will think the same. Not at all comparable with other sandals!

  19. Vacation with KETARON HUARACHE

    Por Rob from USA California July 22, 2017

    Love them! The perfect sandale for sunshine adventures over land and sea. Lightweight and packable with a very thin sole providing amazing grip and barefoot feeling. A brilliant sturdy and incomparable concept! Cheers, Rob

  20. My first holiday ONLY with Paleos!

    Por Hans-Jürgen July 22, 2017

    I've been a big fan of Paleos for years. Starting with CAYMARO BLACK 2 years ago (I still love them), then SYGENTO for work and office, I just im time before my holidays I received the new sandals. Vacation was in Spain at a wonderful coast. In fact, I've only been wearing Paleos all the time. At the coast and even in the water KETARON, for hiking CAYMARO BLACK and for shopping in the village SYGENTO. I've never been so well equipped with barefoot wear. My wife quite envies me because unfortunately Paleos aren't available in her size. Well, what can I say... no Second at all in which I did not enjoy the freedom and proximity to the ground with these perfectly ventilatetd shoes. Paleos? Always a great pleasure ;)

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