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Paleos®URBAN SYGENTO BLACK - tan poco como sea posible - tanto como sea necesario! ¡Verdadero zapatos descalzos para las estaciones más suaves! Negro profundo, aspecto moderno y adecuado para todos los trajes. ¡Una zapato descalzo casual ultra ligera, flexible para la oficina, ocio, deportes, terreno ligero, áreas urbanas y residenciales! En comparación con ATTAGO, TUHRON y NAUTIS (para los más altos requerimientos mecánicos y en condiciones adversas), SYGENTO es más "delgado", pero no menos robusto. El corte es más estrecho sin restringir el compartimiento de los dedos del pie - su apariencia es delgada y agradable. En toda la zona inferior (la suela y es pala de zapato inferior), es como todos los Paleos® "abiertos al entorno", mientras que el relleno altamente transpirable en el empeine asegura que - incluso si se atan con fuerza para actividades más intensas - el zapato entero se siente cómodo suave y envuelto alrededor del pie entero como una segunda piel. ¡Un minimalista que sigue cada movimiento sin resistencia!

Su suela suave, la protección exterior del tobillo y la lazada larga garantiza un ajuste perfecto - del talón a la bala; incluso con diferentes formas de pie y circunferencias de los pies. Por cierto, SYGENTO sigue siendo fiel a nuestro excepcional concepto para el aire libre (agua y terreno idoneidad) y es muy fácil de cuidar también! Por supuesto, también puede ser usado directamente contra la piel y sale de la lavadora como nuevo - incluso después de la contaminación extrema por el polvo y el barro! Por lo tanto, no tengas miedo del tiempo húmedo, de charcos y tierra mojada. ¡Consígirlos ahora y sorpréndate! ¡Tus pies merecen este gran zapato descalzo y apreciarán frescura y movilidad sin obstáculos!

Nota! Te encanta el concepto - pero lo necesitas aún más robusto y más seguro para las aguas y terrenos más ásperosos? Entonces debes echar un vistazo a ATTAGO, TUHRON y NAUTIS!

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  1. Awesome!

    Por Silvia and Christian, NRW, Germany September 16, 2019

    Whether at work, for biking, at the lake or for a gentle walk; these shoes are just awesome.

  2. Perfect ground feel, very flexible and good quality.

    Por Alex, Malmedy, Belgium August 08, 2019

    If you're used to running in a minimalist shoe or barefoot you'll be fine. Perfect ground feel, very flexible and good quality! For what you get they are definitely not expensive. They have become my everyday shoes and I wear them every day and everywhere. If you're not used to running in minimalist shoes, you should add the insoles at ordering.


    Por Bill U.S.A. May 15, 2019

    I've been for several long walks in my Sygento now and have enjoyed every minute. They are exceptionally comfortable and are the best fitting shoes I have every worn. I would find it very hard to find anything negative about them, they are very well designed. I love the fact that GoStBarefoots clearly have a thorough understanding of the human gait cycle and have used their knowledge to produce a perfect combination of modern technology and natural movement, the result being the Sygento. 9/10

  4. Total quality

    Por Oliver U.K. May 12, 2019

    Recommended by a friend and he was true to his word, they are a total quality pair. A fully breathable shoe for the summer - perfect. I've always liked products from companies that think outside the box and these fit that agenda. Love them, full marks, well done guys.

  5. Am thrilled every time again

    Por Ullrich M. from Rhineland-Palatinate April 18, 2019

    At first I hesitated, because I was worried to get the wrong size. But the size verification service worked perfectly. Normally I wear size 43 and finally received size 44 and a perfect fit.

    I did not expect these shoes to feel and work so well. Very difficult to describe what is so different about them. You can slip in quickly and the lacing holds them firmly at the foot. Because they are ventilated from all sides I have, for example, I do not have uncomfortable wet socks and feet anymore like I have with other shoes. With every step you can literally feel the air flowing through these shoes. The sole is pleasantly soft and very flexible, and can be adjusted via the insoles (I have the perforated ones) to the weather. The shoes give the feet plenty of freedom of movement and thete's space enough for the toes. SYGENTO has quickly become my favorite shoes and I wear them as well as ever and everywhere. If I have to wear other shoes for business, I'm always happy if I can take them off again. I definitely would order SYGENTO again at any time.

  6. These are my best shoes and here is why

    Por Nohr, Grindsted Sogn, DNK December 09, 2018

    These are my best shoes and here is why:

    - fit perfectly and provide an unbelievable ground feel.
    - are well made and from high quality fabrics.
    - are flexible, mold perfectly to the foot and don’t blister.
    - feet remain dry and perfectly ventilated.

    I had knee and Back pain when i wore out my other shoes and i couldn't figure it out. My physiotherapist pointed out that it might be just the shoes and mentioned GoSt-Barefoots brand... That was 3 years ago and I am sold. I wear these for work, all of my strength training and everything else i do. I also love the insoles because they allow the shoe to be adapted to the weather so well. Go one size up, to your usual shoe size.

    Do yourself a favor and buy these. Extremely highly recommended!!

  7. CAYMARO like SYGENTO will give me lots of pleasure!

    Por Stefan, Dentlein a. F., Bavaria December 05, 2018

    Hello GoSt-Barefoots Team, I just wanted to give a short feedback.

    I have SYGENTO now for almost 2 weeks, am wearing them in the office and must say these are exactly what I have been looking for. Finally I can have good looking shoes that are accepted and still provide a "relatively" free feel on the feet. I write "relatively" because I find SYGENTO already warm. But that just comes from constantly walking barefoot.

    My overall rating is that these are the best barefoot shoes I've ever had for work. I'm looking foreward to a lot of fun with my SYGENTO as well as CAYMARO and you have won a new satisfied regular customer.

    Sincerely, Stefan

  8. Perfect ventilation that is fun!

    Por Bernhard, Eisenberg, Germany November 26, 2018

    The SYGENTO BLACK is perfect for me. I really appreciate that the environmental-open concept and level of attention to detail I have come to expect from GoSt products like the PRONATIV SOIL was preserved in this iteration. I especially enjoy the moisture wicking fabrics and high breathability as I have sweaty feet and these keeps me dry, cool and ventilated. In terms of ambulation the shoes feel just like made for my feet and are a joy to walk in.

  9. Extreme lightweight comfort!

    Por Mason, Adelaide, Australia November 25, 2018

    Amazingly light comfortable and true barefoot shoes. It's the shoe I wear when I do at lot of walking at work. Have to say these are my NEW favorite shoes. The fabric is soft and extremely comfortable and breathable. Almost feels like walking in slippers (you get the clear barefoot vibe). Can’t recommend these enough!


    Por Dan June 11, 2018

    I'm an A level student studying design. I was fascinated by the amount of thought that has gone into the design of these barefoot shoes. I love the use of chain mail and fabric combined to produced this flexible, comfortable and beautifully designed barefoot shoe.

    They are exceptionally well made and very comfortable to wear.

    I highly recommend them.

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