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  1. Turbocharged slippers

    Por Matt, South Australia January 01, 2020

    I bought these with the intention of mostly wearing around home: walking about in the shed, putting out the bins, cleaning, and such.

    Given their comfort and "easy on"/"easy off" nature, I've succumbed to temptation and worn them for many other situations including casual social meetings out and about. It's great being able to go barefoot occasionally without anyone noticing! I've had so many compliments for these "shoes". No one else has called them slippers.

    While wearing them at a Christmas gathering, I noticed the family dog becoming restless so took her for a walk. Would have brought different shoes if I'd known that was to happen. We ended up walking over 1km across roadways, thick dry grass and even some gravel. No problem at all! I even ran for a bit, I mean, why not?! They stay on my feet with minimal effort, unlike normal slippers.

    Yes, they're probably not designed for big adventures. When the need arises, though, they can handle almost anything.

  2. Love the SLIP-ON

    Por Ed, Mackay, Queensland, Australia December 25, 2019

    After having tried other "barefoot" shoes at home, a.d soon as I tried on my SLIP-ONs, I knew my feet had found their perfect match. Wear them non stop from day one. They're seated just far enough away from the ground for some feedback yet thick enough for protection against anything. The breathability of course is just fantastic!

  3. Great Slip-On's ;)

    Por Kurt, Cologne, Germany October 17, 2019

    Pricy but definitely worth it. Over the last month I havn't worn any other shoes in the house. They're so comfy! Even walking to the post box is more fun now than it used to be. You can feel the air going through and the cool ground below. Is always a nice to feel. In the meantime I have an eye on SYGENTO for everyday life and for the office. As far as I know they have the same sole, which is great. I can not recommend the concept enough!

  4. Simple, pleasant, just brilliant!

    Por Maxime, Marseille, France August 09, 2019

    For me the most pleasant shoe solution for home, garden and short distances! Very comfortable, breathable and very easy to clean. Just a great idea that is fun and pure relaxation for your feet! You'll feel it immediately ...

  5. Best slip-ons ever!

    Por Gerd, Eilsleben, Saxony-Anhalt April 17, 2019

    The coziest and most breathable slip ons for house and garden I ever owned! Well made, robust, extremely breathable and easy to clean. For three months in use and always as new. What more do you want? Thanks for the perfect size advice ;)


    Por Karen July 31, 2018

    My husband leaves them conveniently by the front door, making them ideal for putting on when popping out. I have to say that I'm very impressed with them, they are so easy just to slip on, and what an incredibly comfortable fit. Ideal as a front/back door shoe, I give them my full recommendation.


    Por Dan July 30, 2018

    I have no hesitation in recommending these excellent casual/slip-on shoes. I find them very comfortable and easy to wear. I leave them by the front door, ready to slip on when I go out to the garage. Styling is brilliant, totally love the look of them, a great piece of design.


    Por Gordon, AU July 29, 2018

    Absolutely love them. They are super comfy, super lightweight, breathable and mould perfectly to the human foot shape. They are just right for lounging around the house and garden. The perfect shoe for leaving by the front door and slipping on when popping up the shop for milk, etc. Excellent value for money for an extremely durable casual shoe. I highly recommend them.

  9. Never sweaty sneakers again!

    Por Dieter K., Kassel, Germany April 26, 2018

    I work in a doctor's office and have been wearing these for quite some weeks now. Well, meanwhile I can no longer imagine a better footwear for this purpose. Be it the shape adapted to the human feet, their all over breathebility or howeasy they can be cleaned in the washing machine. A great product!

  10. My favourite slippers

    Por Lionel, Cape Town April 16, 2018

    The only reason I don't give 5 whole stars is that these are pretty ugly. Bought them because I liked the paleo idea, and these seems the cheapest try out. From the moment I put them I was converted. They are the most comfortable, versatile, practical and easy to slip on slippers I've ever had. My wife won't let me go out in such goofy-looking shoes, so I've now bought the sandal version, which are perfect.

Artículos 1 a 10 de 11 en total

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