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De hecho, él está adecuado para cualquier actividad en cualquier superficie y cualquier entorno - desde la ciudad a través del agua hasta un terreno más profundo. Survival (supervivencia), campo traviesa, barranquismo, Jet ski, esquí acuático, senderismo, rafting, vela, golf ... no hay límite!  Un zapato calzado para el ocio y el deportivo que no podría ser mejor! BLACK tiene suela exterior resistente con un perfil similar de huellas digitales, que absorbe bien el agua sobre superficies planas  y permite que se desplaze muy bien. Los grandes avances en la suela son con el único fin de que en la naturaleza sea posible absorber una gran cantidad de líquido para que pueda escapar completamente de nuevo en el momento siguiente. CAYMARO BLACK es fácil de limpiar y prácticamente indestructible!

TIP: CAYMARO BLACK es menos un zapato para correr que un zapato todoterreno, de senderismo y de agua muy resistente. Si necesitas un zapato de trail ligero para correr, TUHRON TRAIL es lo que estás buscando!

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  1. No (barefoot) shoe like this one!

    Por Günther, Koblenz, Germany October 16, 2019

    Only accidentally, I doscovered these and immediately discarded them because of the high price. Fortunately I could not get them out of my head and started garthering information on products from stainless steel chain mesh. Well, now I understand much better the high price tag. Even without making shoes from the, it's extremely expensive!

    Long story short - I have them for 3 weeks now and I'm completely thrilled. From the size check service over the fast delivery up to how these shoes feel and perform. Great quality and really a dream for every barefooter like me and for nature! The fall and the forest has never been so exciting and invigorating to me than this year. Even to wash my feet after every use is just fine for me and a price a gladly pay ;)

  2. The most invigorating shoes I ever had!

    Por Tammy, Nashville, Tennessee, US October 14, 2019

    Very nice shoes! They're comfortable and stretch in width, which suits my wide feet just right. They're great barefoot shoes with lots of ground feel. I recommend them to all.

  3. Great Shoes

    Por Noah March 24, 2019

    Hi, unfortunately I ordered the wrong size. If anyone in the United States wants a pair of these, I am selling a pair brand new on eBay for only $350 with free shipping.


    Por Dan June 23, 2018

    When I first saw these I was unsure about them, I wondered if these were a step too far, but I was wrong, these quite literally are the ultimate barefoot shoe. They have proved to be a very comfortable, tough, safety barefoot shoe, which I've used for landscape gardening. I have no reservation in recommending them for tough outdoor work.


    Por Ian June 06, 2018

    I can only imagine the amount of work that has gone into making such an incredible, robust barefoot shoe, a BIG thank you to all the staff at Gost Barefoots who have made this happen. I use them every weekend for gardening and garden landscaping, for which they are perfect. I can enjoy barefoot ground feel combined with total protection, AMAZING. Highly recommended them.

  6. Thanks guys!

    Por Christopher, Dallas March 22, 2018

    Recently bought a pair. I absolutely love them! Had a wonderful experience with customer service, thanks guys!

  7. A wonderful feeling!

    Por Noah, Texas,US October 22, 2017

    I really loved the fit and they are amazingly comfortable and create a wonderful feeling. Thanks for the help and the great communication.

  8. Incredible comfy and the feel that makes aware ...

    Por Angel (Spain) September 20, 2017

    Never had better "shoes" than these! Incredible comfy and the direkt feel of what's underfoot! Just great. Can not wait to see what's next from GoSt-Barefoots!

  9. A great deal for waters and real nature

    Por Kristian, Norway August 25, 2017

    A really crazy feeling when you can step into anything without even thinking of it. Somehow you always take care that your shoes do not mess up and you avoid anything that could harm them. Dirt, mud, water were therefore always taboo to walk through. But these shoes are really great for this. Moreover, they even are, which I would not have expected, very pleasant to wear too. Full contact to the ground and yet so cleverly padded that nothing can rubs or scratch. You almost forget to take them off again. Really a pity that they are so expensive. This also was the reason why I hesitated to order them for quite some time. On the other hand, I can say that they are very noble and obviously made of very high quality materials. No matter how dirty they are, after a washing cycle in the washing machine they are in perfect condition again. A great shoe for waters and the terrain! Actually a must for all those who love these environments.

  10. Even after weeks weeks I am still absolutely fascinated!

    Por Roman from Croatia July 22, 2017

    The high price is justified! After months of hesitation, I have these now since a few weeks and am still absolutely fascinated. Not only from the concept and the protection they offer, but also their characteristics fit perfectly to my passion. I am a natura photographer and constantly off road in rough terrain. Sodden soil, streams, banks, meadows, forests ... and with all the ground conditions and inclinations one can imagine. No problem and always safe with perfect grip every step. As with every shoe you know, I initially was afraid to ruin them. Not even close! Rinse, washing machine, drying - and ready for the next trip. Thanks to the inventors and a recommendation for all those who have to deal with similar conditions!

10 Artículo(s)

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