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  1. Delightful melody of sensations!

    Por Eliška, Bratislava, Slovakia February 13, 2020

    The CLASSICs and ULTRAs impress me in the depth of connection they afford with the land and the environment. When it's lush, green and healthy: WOW! Such a delightful melody of sensations. I'm sure, you know guys know exactly what I mean. Everyone who likes to be in the water and in nature should have a pair!

  2. Am fascinated by the incomparable ground feel!

    Por Jens, Schwerin, Germany May 03, 2019

    Jens, Schwerin, Germany

    Have CAYMARON SOIL for two weeks now and am fascinated by the freedom of movement and the immediate ground feel. At the beach and on soft ground they are just fantastic! The dirtier it gets, the better they become. I'm trying to decide which one to order next for the summer. HUARACHE or SI-GLIDE ...? Thanks for the great customer service. Best, Jens

  3. The first authentic barefoot shoes I own

    Por Julien September 20, 2017

    I admit it was a risk to order fromanother country than Germany. No idea what I would get, quite expensive, 14 days shipping time ... but sizing service was easy, processing of my order perfect and now I own a pair of these. Perfect fit - and definitely the first authentic barefoot shoes I have!

  4. The most extraordinary barefoot shoes you can own!

    Por Tim, UK August 31, 2017

    They don't need to be tight fitting. In fact having some slack, while it takes some getting used to, is certainly not uncomfortable, and allows the toes to splay as they should. I find them infinitely better than any other minimalist shoe for muddy and wet and overgrown nature trails, and they have a better ground feel than any shoe I have tried.

  5. Less is more

    Por Ian Whorwood, UK May 12, 2017

    I have been a minimal runner for three years now. In the past I used Vibram Five fingers, they are great and I still use them for road running. I have been going through a pair a year. Due to using the most robust ones they had they started to feel more like boots and less minimal, (and they are a real pain to get on.) After doing a thirteen mile run in Wales the material on the inside toe had a tear, Having only had the shoes for less that six months and the fact that they were a replacement for another pair I had had enough.

    I have always been interested in the Gost Barefoots but had been reluctant to to the price. So not telling my partner I decided to spend big bucks on a pair. First of all just great customer service and the best packaging I have seen. (Love the key-ring). So far I have used them in the seaside, great for dune climbing and forest trail runs.

    Absolutely no issues with thorns stones and sticks, nothing has gotten through so far. No dog mess either! For forest trails they are the best shoes I have ran in by far. There are some downsides. I need to get used to running almost barefoot again and I did struggle on the man made paths which are made with broken bricks and other large rocks. Also I get really dirty feet.

    Now that I have told my partner how much I spent on the Gost Barefoots, She has told me I'm not allowed to buy anymore running gear for three years! So hoping for a long innings.

    The real reason I love my Gost Barefoots is that I went running through the woods in Chainmail. Whats not to love about that!

    Cheers Ian Whorwood, UK.

  6. My barefoot path has led me to Paleo Paws, my new best pals!

    Por Lynne April 28, 2017

    With these your feet are immediately engaged. Suddenly you enter a whole new dimension. A World in which you can explore the great outdoors barefoot until your heart’s content, knowing your feet are as Nature intended and yet protected. They are quite simply the closest to being barefoot you will ever be but with the luxury of having peace of mind too. They offer protection from puncture wounds without compromising your barefoot journey.

  7. Your company deserves huge success.

    Por Rob, Australia April 22, 2017

    The shoes arrived! They are a terrific fit so I thank you very much for the size advice. It is winter here now, no snow but rain, but I am even enjoying the new sensation. I have not worn shoes except when working. My last home was on an Island in Sydney harbour and I constantly had wet and cut feet, the Paleos would have been perfect there.

    My real home is now on 35 acres and I have two rainforests, I have been caught many times walking bare footed too far away from my houses to get shoes. Now I will be able to walk safely around, I don't expect them to keep out leaches though! And the only snake I have seen in years is my diamond python Fangez and he is in his terrarium, so leaches and snakes asside they will be fantastic on the farm.

    I am trying to think of something that has made me so delighted as these shoes and I am struggling- maybe the heated car seats or my first iPad or 3d TV. They are a unique and beautifully executed design and concept. Your company deserves huge success.

    Fond regards Rob (Australia NSW)

7 Artículo(s)

10 por página

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