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  1. Love them!

    Por Sian, Worcestershire, UK August 24, 2018

    I love my Paleo Classics. They are strong and grippy and they make me feel like a warrior!

  2. So I've had the Paleo's nearly a year on.

    Por David, UK August 09, 2018

    Overall a year on and am still happy with them. Yes they were expensive and yes they have proven the website right in not being very good on road which maybe I'd hoped (the everlasting running shoe?!). Their value prehaps has come in the unexpected especially to a predominatly road runner like myself. They have made beach and trail running much much more fun and I do genuinely love the feeling of being a big kid jumping in muddy puddles. In warmer weather they excel for kayaking and surfing and have become my go-to sandle in the garden, walks along the beach or to the pub...

  3. The perfect footwear for Australia

    Por Garrett, Brisbane, Australia February 10, 2018

    What a fantastic idea and what a great feel wearing them in mud, puddles and at the coast. Free your feet. Awesome product and quality! Cheers,Garrett

  4. Surprisingly comfortable form of protection!

    Por Juan September 07, 2017

    They do offer a surprisingly comfortable form of protection in woods and forests where it's not always easy to see what's underfoot.

  5. These are pure pleasure!

    Por Marcus May 10, 2017

    These are pure pleasure without any concern to get injured. I love that they can be cleaned easily after use with pure water. If you want to do more it can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher or even in the washing machine. After cleaning they look like new again and in terms of hygiene are properly! Thanks, Marcus

  6. Grey feet with loads of fun!

    Por Andre April 26, 2017

    They’re incredibly easy to clean. In fact the way the little links rub together makes them nearly self cleaning. One weird quirk to be aware of though is the metal oxidization caused by your sweat reacting with the steel can potentially leave a gray residue on your skin. It’s harmless, but wear these long enough and you’ll look like you’ve got some Game of Thrones Greyscale going on.

6 Artículo(s)

10 por página

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