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PRONATIV AGUA está equipado con AGUA-PATICAS pequeños y sólo debe ser utilizado en un sustratos blandos puramente natural y en los boards y barcos. Equipado con las paticas multiples, tambien son antideslizante en superficies lisas tal como embaldosado, mármol y parquet! Quieres flexibilidad y rendimiento? Entonces elige PRONATIV, el desarrollo consecuente de nuestro Todoterreno ANTERRA. PRONATIV es un verdadero descalzo para exteriores, apropiados para las costas y aguas, los suelos naturales con maleza y el terreno fangoso, húmedo. Mientras más natural, húmedo y fangoso mejor! El más adecuado para aquellos que quieren experimentar cómo se va descalzo! El tipo específico del acordonamiento lo hace ser el compañero ideal para todos aquellos que aman el „running natural“ en un entorno natural.

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  1. Perfect for fishing at rough coasts

    Por Pablo from San Sebastián, Northern Spain April 17, 2019

    The price is high, but the benefits of this foot protector - priceless! I live in San Sebastián and in my spare time i love fishing at the coast. We have a very rough coast with many high waves. Once you enter the water you never really know where your foot lands. With rubber boots and my rigid water shoes always a problem. Either you slip, or you have wet feet all the time.

    These "shoes" have a tremendous grip on rocks. I never felt unsecure or slipped with these. Even if the stones were full of algae. In my opinion, the water paws are completely sufficient. Version PURE would certainly be even more grippy here. If you come out of the water again, after a short time the feet are perfectly dry again. A great idea and invention. Everyone who lives at the coastline should have them at hand!


    Por Sven May 01, 2017

    Once my socks were on THEY WERE OUT FUKING STANDING. JUST AMAZING. Pardon my language.

    They were more than i hoped for. I climbed some rocks ran across fallen trees, ran threw mud and gravel, ran threw thick brush just to test them out and see if i got poked or hurt. I didn’t feel a single poke. It was all while it was raining and slick but they worked beautifully. I will be finding broken glass, Stickers, brambles and anything else just to try them. I really am happy with these. Sven

  3. How have they changed my life?

    Por Fizz, UK April 22, 2017

    On a wet or muddy day, my heart would sink as I thought of walking out in muddy heavy terrain, hefting my walking boots and half - a - tonne - of mud along with me. I had invested in expensive wellingtons, which helped, but they also carried a huge amount of mud attached. Trainers might be lighter, but would be a pain to clean up afterwards.

    Now the choice is simple, and my heart is light. Rain = fun = mud, puddles and I used to seek out dry smooth paths, both in bare feet, and in shoes.

    I used to seek out dry smooth paths, both in bare feet, and in shoes. Now, with my feet safe, I feel like a child, ready for new experiences, looking for new places to explore. I have lost my fear of running off into the undergrowth, climbing up steep slopes, even walking on scree. I seek out cool deep muddy puddles on a hot day, and love the sensation of soft mud sliding on my skin. In a few minutes my feet are dry, light, cool, the mud turns to dust and drops away.

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed using Pronativ!

    Por Ian, UK April 22, 2017

    So far I have thoroughly enjoyed using these PaleoBarefoots® Pronativ. They are a great deal of fun and I will certainly be using them for occasions when the ground is too rough for barefoot and when there is a lot of mud, for the extra grip they give.

    I’m sure this company will be a big player in the barefoot/minimal shoe market - with a product like the Pronativ I have no doubt. Ian.

4 Artículo(s)

10 por página

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