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The Paleos® for those who need a bit of comfort: thin-skinned minimal footwear, maximum protection, no dirty feet and a pleasant dose of perception of the environment ...

Paleos®ALLCAMO - Supple and with plenty of space for movement. A modern trainer with perfect GRIP, grounding and total protection against cuts and punctures. Only the GoSt-Metal-Tag and the semi-transparent sole reveals that it is a true Paleos®An ultra-slim barefoot shoe for those who prefer to keep their feet clean in the city, at work or in nature.

Closed and extremely secure, flexible sole concept. Stainless steel chain mesh imbedded in a puncture and cut resistant layer of polyurethane. No nail, no sting can penetrate this sole, and no shard can cut it! Even by sharp stones damaged rings remain firmly anchored. Almost wear-free and fitted with 3 mm thick CLIFF PAWS for tremendous grip and a good ground feel on every surface.

Upper made of especial breathable 3D fabrics and lining materials. With a weight of 230g in size EU42 it’s very light and at the same time incredibly sturdy. Surfaces like asphalt, concrete, gravel, paving and sharp stones are no problem!

Wet and soggy conditions are where they really excel. With a quick 40 ° C wash, they are easy to clean. ALLCAMO (AT) - an all-terrain shoe, anytime, anywhere. Recommended as an everyday shoe, for leisure, all sports activities and a running shoe on soft ground.

Note! You want the concept to be open to the environment? Then you should have a look at SYGENTO, ATTAGO, TUHRON and NAUTIS !

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  1. Just want Paleos!

    By Aksel, Hadersleben, Denmark January 26, 2020

    No comparison to other shoes ... Great quality and workmanship, super soft, comfortable and with great ground feel. Highly recommended!

  2. A very fun, adaptable shoe for unpredictable environments

    By Matt, Marshall, Australia November 12, 2019

    Definitely the most comfortable closed-sole shoes, with probably the most breathable fabric upper I've ever worn. The sole is very practical yet great fun. Having exclusively worn shoes from the GoSt URBAN range for over a year, I do slightly miss the under-foot breathability. The ALLCAMO sole somewhat makes up for this lack of breatheability with a larger area of chainmesh that contacts the foot: all of which transmits fine movement and temperature changes very effectively.

    Let's be honest, there are times and places where the ground (or floor) is wet, and the circumstances are not always pleasant or natural. In most leisure situations, and some at work, I know that the environment is pleasant (and hygenic) enough to relax and enjoy URBAN without looking too much about where I step. ALLCAMO lets me tread anywhere, on anything--without any concerns. Sharp rocks in particular: wow! You can feel their surface and texture, but it's dampened very nicely.

    The paws are phenomenal in natural environments as most ULTRA and CLASSIC wearers know, but I'm surprised everyday how well they work in man-made environments. I haven't really found any surfaces that they struggle with.

    In its first week, ALLCAMO has provided a very unique experience and has earned pole position on my (now GoSt-only) shoe rack. If my job mostly took place in an office, workshop, or another mostly predictable environment I'd probably wear URBAN to work. With the constant unknowns and unpredictability I face everyday, ALLCAMO really shines.

  3. Heavily impressed by ALLCAMO!

    By Seven, Göteborg, Sweden November 06, 2019

    I wore my ALLCAMOs for the first time at work and to the city. What a difference! My toes finally have room and the shoes are so light, soft and flexible. Thank you for a great shoe and a very innovative product. I am finally learning a lot about what my feet need and have missed for so many years! This shoe will not be the last Paleos I order, for sure. Thanks GoSt-Barefoots, keep up the great work!

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