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  1. Top update for minimal shoes!

    By Alexander, Gronau, Germany December 26, 2019

    I have been wearing minimal footwear from different brands for years and am used to feeling the ground under my feet. On the one hand, before ordering, I was worried that this would change as a result of these insoles ... on the other hand, I had several situations in which I would have needed more protection (right up to the soles and soles of the feet being cut and punctured).

    Then they arrived ... great quality, very flexible, supple, adapt perfectly to my shoes and keep firmly in place. Ground feel is only slightly different, but not necessarily less. With these my thin soles are just added by reliable protection against the really dangerous things on the ground. They also have an insulating effect at low temperatures. Overall, highly recommended!

  2. Safe and very soothing!

    By Alex, Emu Point, Australia November 12, 2019

    Years ago, my passion which is canoeing and windsurfing took me from Austria to Australia . But like anyone I know, I was also always worried to step on something pointy or sharp-edged in the water and to get injured. So, wearing the SOLE-GUARDs in my surf and water shoes was like a liberation. The everlasting tension and caution before has significantly lowered since then. Besides, they are super-comfortable and since month they keep up very well. Thanks for the great product!

  3. Price versus benefit!

    By Benni, Graz, Austria November 06, 2019

    The price is athletic, but the result definitely justifies it! These insoles are extremely comfortable to wear, insulate against cold and fit in any of my shoes. Very recommended!

  4. Feeling (even) safer

    By Hunter, Pancake Rocks, New Zealand August 14, 2019

    Work like a charme with my Ultra PRONATIVE and Urban ATTAGO! They also give ULTRA a firm shape and remain in position. I love the products of GoSt!

  5. They add safety to all my shoes.

    By Daniel, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg June 04, 2019

    Work in every shoe, are flexible and highly comfortable. They only should be ordered one size smaller to the usual shoe size. Quite expensive, but man - what a cool product!

  6. Well worth it

    By Pete April 15, 2019

    After talking to friend about about wearing lightweight sandals for gardening and how stupid he thinks I am, I went to the internet for some research into lightweight safety shoes. It was not long before I came across GoSt Barefoots after much sole searching - pun intended, I decided to give the sole-guard a try and I am so glad I did, they are brilliant. They are lightweight, comfortable and fit perfectly into my foam/rubber sandals. I now have complete peace of mind knowing that my soles are protected. Marvellous.

  7. Brilliant

    By Dan April 10, 2019

    Great alternative to big, heavy safety boots, a lightweight, flexible inner sole, that easily fits into any shoe, thanks guys.

  8. Another Quality Product From Go-St Barefoots

    By Ian April 10, 2019

    A few years ago I was playing ball games with my son at my local playing fields, while chasing the ball I stood on a broken glass bottle that had broken at the rim, it went straight through the soles of my trainers and pieced the skin of my heal. I had to have antibiotics to clear up the infection caused by the cut. If only I had the soles guards then I wouldn't have gone through the pain, limping and worry of that cut foot.

  9. Excellent Idea

    By Karen April 10, 2019

    As a landscape gardener I spend my days digging, cutting down trees, bushes, etc. were I come into contact with many hazards that could potentially prevent me from working, because of this I take protection and safety very seriously. The problem for me is during the summer months I find my big heavy garden boots extremely hot and sweaty, so making working conditions very hard. I have to wear a lighter pair of boots that offer far less protection than winter boots. After coming across these sole guards which will now give me the protection I need for my feet, allowing me to wear my summer, light weight boots and give me the protection I need.

  10. Good replacement for sturdy footwear!

    By Bernd, Linz, Upper Austria March 05, 2019

    An interesting product! About me: I try to walk barefoot whenever possible. And if shoes, then very light shoes from eg Vivobarefoot and Merell, or thin surfing shoes at the water. Groundfeel means a lot to me, but sometimes more protection from below would be more reassuring. Especially on rocky shores and in the water (I love fishing). So far, only thicker, rather stiff soles were considered. Who knows what could be in the water? These insoles are just the thing for this.

    Have them now about a week and already tried several times. In fact, they are rather light and, despite the metal mesh in the plastic layer, so flexible that they fit easily into all my shoes. and due to their shell-like shape they keep firmly in place. Incidentally, they feel very good against foot and sole. But they need some space in the shoe, I'd say like a thicker sock. The advice to order them one size smaller is correct. Good that I had seen that.

    Well, for all those who wandt to give up on compact and stiff, even expensive shoes, I highly recommend these! Drawback: The price really hurts. However, I think that as they are worn in the shoe, actually can not wear out. Nice product!

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