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  1. I love my Gost Attago shoes

    By Scott November 25, 2019

    I bought these over a year and a half ago and they are still in pretty good shape. I wear them almost every day, even when it's cold outside It doesn't bother me all that much. They are way more durable than any other pair of shoes I've every owned. The way they feel when you are wearing them takes a slight bit of adjustment because it's very close to barefoot, but there is a little bit of a difference. I wear them without any socks, or the other liners they offer.

    When these get wet they do take a little longer to dry than the all chain mail shoes I'm sure (not that I have a pair yet). The upper soles are a different material than chain mail so they do soak up water. I have worn these in the lake and rivers around my home. I have also had to wash them a few times in the washing machine because they have started to pick up a slight smell from my bare feet in them all the time. That isn't a complaint, nor to be unexpected when you aren't wearing socks. They are machine washable so it isn't anything to throw them in the wash with my clothes.

    The only drawback at this point (almost 2 years later) is the bottom of the sole has started separating a little bit from the chain mail. Not enough to notice when walking, but it is starting to come loose. I have worn them pretty much every day for a year and a half so they have had a great run so far and still going. The tread has some smooth spots, but they have at least another year or two of life left. I'm thoroughly satisfied.

    I could only wish they were a little less expensive, but that will not keep me from re-buying these when they finally wear out. I loved these enough that I'm actually buying the full chain mail Pronative next.

  2. Tingling, relaxed and tired feet ...

    By Walter, Erding, Bavaria July 22, 2019

    From the packaging to the feet and 10 km on forest roads. Gorgeous! No blisters or other problems. Well, afterwards you realize, however, that the feet have had to work hard. Quite different than with my usual sports shoes. Damp socks and soggy feet. Instead, with theses the feet are dry and are "buzzing" animated and tired. A fantastic invigorating feeling … I'm thrilled ... also from customer service and size check! Keep on the good work guys!

  3. First pair and I love them!

    By Angel, Lugo, Spain March 19, 2019

    This is my first pair of paleos and I love them right out of the box! They look grat, are comfortable and I had no break-in time. I especially like the way my toes can move in the wider toe box. I tend to get blisters which is no issue with these shoes. Definitely follow the recommendations and size up. I usually wear an 8 and I purchased a 9. I'm thinking on purchasing the sandals next!

  4. Heavy-duty, yet comfortable

    By Matt February 05, 2019

    Very high build quality. Upper mesh is mostly several layers thick which helps with sturdiness, though reduces breathability somewhat. Still VERY breathable compared to normal shoes. Good protection for the side of feet and toes - handy when kneeling, for example. My first pair of GoSTs. Extremely impressed. My only comment: please offer the Urban range in more sizes!

  5. Best Barefoot "Shoes" Ever!

    By David November 13, 2018

    These are the best "shoes" I've ever owned, most definitely the best grounding and barefoot experience as being completely protected from broken glass, sharp metals, stones etc. But allowing the person to feel and experience nature without any worries. These are revolutionary and once you own a pair you'll wonder why people even bothered designing / wearing any other kind of shoe! Especially since most regular shoes aren't even compatible with nature i.e water and changing terrains.

    The Paleo barefoot "shoes" allows a person to be grounded to the earths negative ions, just like when completely barefoot. Furthermore If you are a person who cares about biomechanics i.e functional movement when running or movement in general, then these shoes will not only recondition your movement as it should be, but also strengthen the skin under your feet.

    Great investment for sure - you won't be disappointed. :)

  6. These are great!!!

    By James, Brussels, Belgium October 26, 2018

    Excellent ground feel! Never felt better with my body mechanics. Wear them essentially anytime I’m not at work. Hike or run 15 miles/week.

  7. A real asset to my everyday life!

    By Ely, Berlin December 30, 2017

    A concept as crazy as it is working. Even at the current temperatures no problem using the perforated insoles. Visually inconspicuous and a real asset to my everyday life in the city and at the office. All those, liking their feet to feel what's around, should have a pair! Cheers, Ely

  8. Excellent shoes for hard/uneven surfaces.

    By Rick April 23, 2017

    These do not provide any support because they are meant to simulate barefoot walking – and they definitely do. They are the next thing to running barefoot. Excellent shoes - walking or running on gravel or other hard/uneven surfaces does not hurt!

  9. A great product with room for improvement

    By Rob April 23, 2017

    The product is great but I feel that the rubber sole are still too thick. The soles should have just enough rubber for traction and that's it. The rubber on these shoes act as treads which might be great for off road work outs but it removes the barefoot feel. They should also redesign the top of the toe box to make them look more sneaker looking and less slipper like, so they can be worn everywhere. The sizes run a little small you might want go one size up.

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