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Paleos® URBAN NAUTIS (WETLINER) for sports at the coast and in soggy terrain and even swamps -  if you are brave enough. Howling winds, driving rain, muddy trails and puddles - don’t let the weather stop you exploring. NAUTIS is not comparable to other neoprene shoes or chunky, rigid shoes which are recommended for wearing when hiking. With its soft outsole they are lightweight, highly flexible and safety shoes at the same time. They also wrap up and protect the instep, your ankles, heel and Achilles tendon.

The insoles also make them dirt and cold repellent!

Its interior is made of thick, warming neoprene, which also provides a pleasant comfort feeling. The integrated protective layer of stainless steel chainmail, which completely covers the entire lower foot section for effective protection against potential hazards in mud and murky waters, allowing you to enjoy your sport or recreation knowing your feet are protected against hidden debris and sharp stones. NAUTIS is a sturdy, easy to clean barefoot safety shoe ideal for activities that are directly or indirectly related to moisture.

TIP: You love the concept - but you need it at home, for work, sports and leisure: thinner, lighter, more breathable and even more flexible? Then you should take a closer look at SYGENTO and KETARON!

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  1. The feel / feedback :) is sensational!

    By Holger, NRW, Germany October 14, 2019

    Put more stainless steel on the bar feet! The feel / the feedback :) is sensational and they are 100% Made in Germany! Just finished my first 3.5 km trial with these in the forest. Tor the first time that I rather walked through puddles than around it (I mean when wearing shoes). For a short moment of course the feet become wet and cool, just like when diving with a wetsuit, but immediately afterwards they feel feel warm and dry again (unlike other barefoot shoes worn with socks.) Once other shoes become wet, they stay wet and cold. Also, there was no rubbing at all and the feet and toes can freely move - bend and splay. I love the cinviction that the stainless steel mesh is fully open to the environment, but at the same time protects your soles against thorns, shards and sharpe edged objects. Felt very safe. Well yes: afterwards, my soles were dirty - but barely more than when walking barefoot around in my apartment for a day.

  2. VERY pleasant, barefoot-like conditions

    By Sebastian, Wolfsberg, Austria March 19, 2019

    These shoes are hard to describe. Real barefoot shoes anyway! ... they feel, even though they look different, more like strong socks. Extremely supple and soft on the foot and you can feel evrey little unevenness of the ground. no restriction of movement, no matter how you move. No habituation phase, no rubbing, no bubbles - really great!

    I also didn't expect the sole being so supple but durable. At first glance everything looked very delicate and I was afraid that the sole or parts of it could come off. Not at all and a fantastic construction. Great (very) barefoot-like shoes for wet conditions. The only drawback is the pice tag, nevertheless my unreserved recommendation!

  3. These truly make you feel connected to the ground.

    By Martim, Vagos, Portugal January 21, 2019

    Amazing. Light, supple, grippy, and great ground feel. Comfortable without socks. Even after longer use legs and feet feel energized, not tired. The upper is from neoprene, which is less breathable, but the feet are still well ventilated trough the soles and the feet do not sweat. If you take these to the beach or into dusty conditions expect grit coming into the shoe. To avoid that, I wear them with thin socks. I love this environmental-open concept!

  4. Every wet spot a highlight!

    By Franz, Bavaria, Germany November 06, 2017

    Fascinating! A really great shoe for fall. Soft, supple, direct contact with the soil at nature and without insoles a real delight in wet conditions at the woods and meadows. Can't recommend these enough. You look forward to every puddle or wet spot ;) Franz from Bayreuth

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