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Application area of Paleos®URBAN TUHRON RED (TRAIL): Water, rivers, coasts, trail, forest and cross-country running, ... on soft to rocky natural soils, indoor as well as for city pavements. It is lightweight, durable, adaptable, highly breathable and of course flexible enough to adapt to different foot shapes. All of these attributes ensure that although TUHRON is a very lightweight minimal shoe, it is also a genuine safety shoe at the same time! The integrated layer of sturdy chain mesh protects the entire lower part of the foot from puncture wounds as well as the soles, sides, toes and the heel section. That's what makes URBAN reassuringly safe with respect to hidden hazards in the ground or in murky water. The outsole is more robust which provides more abrasion resistance than the outsole of eg ATTAGO WHITE allowing RED to cope admirably with harder grounds and to overcome rougher terrain.

The insoles make them dirt and cold repellent!

Technically identical to version SILVER its 3D-mesh fabric comes in silver, black and red colour. Also RED is equipped with reflecting stripes for additional safety in the dark. All you need: authentic ground contact below, a spacious toe box inside and an extremely robust trail shoe on top! A sustainable concept that fits into your time and offers that real barefoot feel which is so beneficial to our health. Experience TURON for yourself, no matter where you'll love them.

TIP: You love the concept - but you need it at home, for work, sports and leisure: thinner, lighter, more breathable and even more flexible? Then you should take a closer look at SYGENTO and KETARON! As a nature lover (also for water) you may be interested in a sturdier shoe. CAYMARO BLACK is a perfect all-terrain shoe for hiking!

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  1. On my list aince a long time

    By Avram, Târgu Mure, Romania December 26, 2019

    Have had these shoes on my list for a long time. But they have always been too expensive for me - especially without knowing exactly what I will get and whether they would give me a good fit. Now I got them gifted from my girlfriend for Christmas and I'm really annoyed why I didn't order them earlier this year by myself. These are a real insider tip for those who yet don't know them!

    They provide an incredibly compact fit, still offer a lot of space and are so flexible that you barely have the impression of wearing that sturdy shoes. The ground feel is absolutely unique and can flexibly be adjusted to the weather with the insoles. In my opinion a great concept . After two extensive hikes ... I'm already looking forward to the next one. Next I'm going to order CAMPURO. I'm very excited about these too because I rate them as "even more blatant"!

    I still have a number of friends who also don't really dare to order a pair. Too bad that there are no shops to try them before. Once you have them on your feet, everybody would be convinced immediately ...

  2. No shoes as you know them

    By Keegan, Blankenburg, Germany April 17, 2019

    I didn't expect them to be such cool sports shoes. Actually no shoes, rather stable socks. The sole is just great. It is very flexible and adapts very well to the ground. I love to run the small paths in the forest and had, especially in wet conditions, always grip problems. With these, not at all. So far I have not had a single occation of slipping or sliding. Especially the huge tongue and the lacing system looks strange at first glance. But everything has its meaning. The entire upper foot, including the ankle, is well packaged and when you tighten the laces, the shoe iterally "stick" to your foot. And you don't sweat in them - no matter how hard you run. I am very satisfied and can honestly recommend these shoes!

  3. Love my TUHRONs - I feel lighter and move faster!

    By Zachary Bergen, Colorado, US September 09, 2018

    My (German Citizen) partner gifted me with a pair of these wonderful items (don't like to call them shoes since they are symbiotic or to fashion a new word: pediotic).

    I have been running "minimally" for about 15 years now and have experience with most "barefoot" shoes. I had the "aha" experience about three months into running with bare feet and my youthful sprint kicked in again. I knew that I wasn't doomed the fate of others who bought (literally) into the next new thing in shoes by the big name running shoe brands.

    A friend of mine has a successful minimal shoe company here in Boulder, CO and I think he has a good offering given his market and price point. However, for the ultimate worship of the authentic God's of experience I came upon your creations on a web search and knew I had found what I was looking for. You are probably aware that touching the earth is important for a couple of main reasons: 1) bleed off free electrons (charge) which is unhealthy (the grounding fad) and 2) be at the Schumann resonance which is a basic biological rhythm. So, yeah, I love the TUHRONs. I'd like to own a couple other models as budget allows.

    As to the "shoe: Ground feel is insane given the integrity and toughness of the TUHRON. You've probably got some mathematical stress curve for point impact distribution (N/m^2) as the mesh is engaged. Regardless whatever you've done the TUHRON maintains the feel and offers necessary support with what would otherwise be a bad bruise or worse due to impact. In regular people words the TUHRON allows for maximum "feel" without the terror of an ouchy. Beyond I feel lighter and move faster!


    By Dan June 15, 2018

    I feel like I'm wearing a bespoke shoe, they are so well fitting. I'm very impressed with the sole that is open to the elements and safe at the same time. A trail shoe that actually lets you feel the trail. Thank you GoStBarefoots team.


    By Ian June 15, 2018

    I am so pleased with them, they are very comfortable to wear, in fact so comfortable and lightweight I forget that I'm wearing them. The lacing system that runs the entire length is genius, it enables different tensions to be placed anywhere along the foot. I will definitely be ordering another pair.

  6. The most comfortable, versatile shoes I've ever had.

    By Matteo, Vernazza, Italy March 22, 2018

    The bottom line on these hikers, is that they are the most comfortable, versatile shoes I've ever had. What I do like is that they are so flexible, and do not become deeply infused with dirt and mud!

  7. Conclusive concept that works

    By James D, Colorado, US February 24, 2018

    Finished my second hike yesterday. Great shoes. I absolutely love them! Supple, super grippy zero drop, no arch support, surprisingly warm and with plenty of space in the forefoot area ... well done! Also thanks for the wonderful experience with customer service for sizing, well done guys!

  8. The coolest of course is that these are open to the ground!

    By Holger (CH) June 21, 2017

    Wondered for a long time if these can work. After owning them I'm completely excited! Difficult to explain how "different" these trail shoes perform ... compact and yet very flexible on the heel and metatarsal while offering plenty of space for every movement of the entire forefoot. The coolest is, of course, that they are open to the ground and you can dlearly feel the texture of g the subsoil. By the way, even in the mud, only the soles of the feet get dirty because the shoe upper adjusts so perfect to the foot. From the beginning I had no problem with blisters, rubbing or pressure marks. For me, a great concept and loads of fun. Holger (CH)

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