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Application area of Paleos®URBAN TUHRON SILVER (TRAIL): Rivers, coasts, trail, forest/cross-country running, on soft to rocky natural soils, indoor as well as for the city. Equipped with reflecting stripes for additional safety in the dark; it is lightweight, durable, adaptable, highly breathable and of course flexible enough to adapt to different foot shapes. All these attributes ensure that although TUHRON is a very lightweight minimal shoe, it is also a genuine safety shoe at the same time!

The integrated layer of sturdy chain mesh protects the entire lower part of the foot including the soles, sides, toes and heel from puncture wounds. That's what makes URBAN reassuringly safe with respect to hidden hazards on the ground or in murky water. The outsole is slightly more robust which provides more abrasion resistance than the outsole of ATTAGO WHITE allowing SILVER to cope admirably with harder grounds and to overcome rougher terrain.


Authentic ground contact, a spacious toe box inside and an extremely robust trail shoe on top! The stainless-steel chainmail perfectly complements the shiny silver fabric of the upper shoe (made from white, aluminum-dampened 3D outdoor fabric). The shoe is equipped with reflecting stripes for additional safety in the dark. A sustainable concept that fits into our vision and offers real barefoot feel which is so beneficial to our health. Experience TURON for yourself - no matter where you will love them.

TIP: You love the concept - but you need it at home, for work, sports and leisure: thinner, lighter, more breathable and even more flexible? Then you should take a closer look at SYGENTO and KETARON! As a nature lover (also for water) you may be interested in even more sturdiness. CAYMARO BLACK is the perfect all-terrain shoe for hiking!

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  1. These are awesome!

    By René, Indianapolis, IN, US January 30, 2019

    I am French and live in the US now. Even they aren't cheep, I can't recommend them enough! An incredible product, my so far best purchase without knowing the product. When I orderd I had no clue what I would get, but these are so awesome! Thanks and keep up the great work, René

  2. My favorite shoe for trail and hiking.

    By Tjark, Arnborg, DNK December 15, 2018

    My favorite shoe for trail and hiking. Straight out of the box, I wore them for cross country running. The lacing works great and the large tongue softly enwrap the entire upper foot area including your ankles. They mold perfectly to the feet and I hardly noticed any stiffness or lack of space for my toes. All in all, lightweight but not so much that rocks hurt my feet after several hours. Tread is excellent going up and down hill, on any surface. Despite the open sole sections, I did not get cold feet really and despite the mud and puddles, except for the soles, my feet remained surprisingly clean. They are very well crafted and it’s a pure pleasure to enjoy the contact with the ground at every step. I had hoped, but did not expect, that this concept works so well.

  3. You don't want to miss these!

    By Ben, OH, US October 25, 2018

    I can see the TUHRON going into my toolbox to change things up and to keep things changing for my training runs. I do see this shoe becoming the goto shoe for many folks as we all strive to find the "one" for each of us. So if you are looking for a fantastic minimalist trail shoe to try, you don't want to miss these.

  4. Cut protection but no cushioning!

    By Kristóf, Tata, Hungria March 28, 2018

    I really love the shoes. They are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. Grip is amazing! You can take them to trails without hesitation, however beware of pointy rocks, which you will feel and they can even cause you pain as the open sole areas do offer cut protection but no cushioning at all. During the run I often forget that I even wear shoes because you can clearly feel what’s underfoot, while being protected, which is amazing experience! I recommend these shoes for all those who want to transition into minimalist running.

  5. Any time again!

    By Detlef, Dresden, East Germany February 10, 2018

    The best hiking shoe I ever had. Flexible, incredibly breathable without getting cold feet and the best ... hardly dirty feet and extremely easy to clean. In the cold and challanging soils, I just insert the insoles and keep going! A great concept, I love being out there with these. Detlef from Dresden

  6. They are fun and just good for me!

    By Allen, Berlin January 01, 2018

    In fact, now I know how badly other shoes do fit my feet! Compared to Tuhron they are stiff, unflexible and squeeze my feet in different placec. Although the lacing of Tuhron is a bit "fiddly" at the beginning, they perfect fit after that and almost "stick" to to the feet. Nevertheless, my feet and toes have enough space and the shoe smoothly follows every movement. No pressure or unpleasant friction. Usually, I always have such problems at first, even blisters with new shoes. With these this wasn't an issue right from the start. Well, without insoles and with the current temperatures a bit chilly now. But that's exactly what they are for and they do a perfect job. I will definitely stay with this shoe concept. They are fun and just good for me!

  7. An awesome concept that I enjoy a lot!

    By Maarten, Amsterdam December 03, 2017

    Tuhron is by far the best, real barefoot shoe for low temperatures. Unobtrusive like an ordinary shoe, it warms surprisingly well in spite of the open sole areas and still lets you feel just enough from of the winter. An awesome feeling that I personally enjoy a lot.

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