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Paleos®URBAN ATTAGO SILVER (SPORTS) - for sports, residential areas, rivers, coasts, trail, forest/cross-country running, soft to rocky natural soils, indoor as well as for the city. Due to the open construction of the flexible sole one can clearly feel the external conditions amazingly well without having to come into direct contact. Varying ground textures can be felt more pronounced than with conventional barefoot shoes. The shoe upper, on the other hand, has different porous layers of fabric that of a full-fledged sports shoe. Furthermore, the shoe is equipped with reflecting stripes for additional safety in the dark.

The insoles make them dirt and cold repellent!

ATTAGO is a genuine safety shoe! The integrated layer of sturdy chain mesh protects the entire lower part of the foot including the soles, sides toes and heel. That's what makes URBAN reassuringly safe with respect to hidden hazards on the ground or in murky water. The outsole is slightly more robust which provides more abrasion resistance than the outsole of ATTAGO WHITE allowing SILVER to cope admirably with paved surfaces, rocks, reefs and other hostile terrain.

All you need: authentic ground contact, a spacious toe box inside and an extremely robust trainer on top! The stainless-steel chainmail perfectly complements the shiny silver fabric of the upper shoe (made from white, aluminium dampened 3D outdoor fabric). Very sporty, vegan and fully washable Paleos® whose extraordinary concept visually stands out from everything you know! Experience ATTAGO for yourself - no matter where you'll love them.

TIP: You love the concept - but you need it at home, for work, sports and leisure: thinner, lighter, more breathable and even more flexible? Then you should take a closer look at SYGENTO and KETARON!

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  1. Hot weather and scorching sun? Wear these!

    By Matthew, South Australia December 31, 2019

    When the weather's hot and the sun's UV is intense, I insist on good protection above each foot. Black fabric is good for formal situations, and thermally it's fine for cool and moderate temperatures. In extreme heat, it's not ideal.

    Having purchased a pair of ATTAGO BLACK last year, I recently decided to try the SILVER version.

    I have now worn them daily throughout December here in south eastern Australia, including several days above 40 degrees Celsius. In every respect, they have exceeded my expectations.

    One concern I had was the aluminium fabric coating. Would it wear off, and would it stain? It's much more durable (and breathable) than I would have expected. I'm not sure how they make this stuff, but it's fantastic. I work in garden beds and other dusty or wet environments. I also kneel often, so I'm rougher with my shoes than most people. Nevertheless, every time I wash my ATTAGO SILVER they look like new again!

    Direct, scorching sun can become quite uncomfortable with other shoes but ATTAGO SILVER repels most of the heat. Somehow, they're very breathable too. When a breeze is blowing, the top of the feet really do cool off nicely. The aluminium "SILVER" fabric is truly a delight.

    I'll certainly keep my ATTAGO BLACK for cooler conditions, though I don't expect to reach for them until Autumn. If you live in a cool climate, ATTAGO BLACK are probably all you need year round. Having SILVER in summer here is truly a blessing. I can imagine that in some climates (like the Middle East, for example) SILVER would be ideal year round.

    As other reviewers have mentioned, ATTAGO (SILVER AND BLACK) are a very comfortable and capable shoe. I should note that while I love the SILVER fabric, it's the GoSt URBAN sole which delights and amazes me the most.

  2. Perfect fit out of the box!

    By Thomas, Conway, Arkansas, USA December 25, 2019

    Best out of box new shoe fit I've ever had. I wanted something that would give protection but still allow my feet to spread out and feel the ground properly. I've used them for a couple weeks now and so far so good. I've tried products from other brands that I've quite enjoyed but I keep coming back to GoSt. These won't be the last pair I purchase. What a nice feel to perceive clearly what’s underfoot!

  3. Love at first and second glance!

    By Tamás, Szentendre, Hungary June 07, 2019

    Even after 4 weeks I'm still excited about ATTAGO. I love the concept of "open bottom" shoes with the aspect of absolute safety and use them mainly for hiking at nature and bike rides. Cycling is also a great thing because the air goes so pleasantly through the shoe.

    They are very well made and from high quality materials. So far, there are still no weaknesses. This is especially noticeable when they were dirty and were washed in the washing machine. Including the practical insoles really like new!

    I particularly like that I perceive the way much more consciously with them. The ground determines the way and you feel what you are running and you walk where it feels good. Hard to describe, its just a great shoe!

  4. Wicked

    By Brent February 09, 2019

    Since I already own a dozen minimalist shoes it was quick and easy to assess these shoes. First the good;

    -The outsole and shape are excellent
    -Breathability is excellent
    -Quality is top notch
    -Ground feel is very good (not the best)
    -Lacing system is very good
    -Zero drop

    In the middle;

    -Appearance but I think they look good

    Not so good;

    -Weight (I already knew this ahead of time)
    -Price but it's justified due to the quality so not a hit
    -Possible for needle like thorns to make it through
    -Stepping in dog sh*t

    A wicked shoe!

    My rating is 4.25 out of 5 as the weight docked it by .5 pt plus other minor concerns.

  5. Never felt closer to the ground wearing shoes!

    By Jens, Heilsbronn, DE November 10, 2018

    Fascinating barefoot shoes! Order and size check was fast and the result amazing. I am absolutely thrilled with the fit, the quality and even more the feeling of being so close to the ground. When its more chilly the insoles do a perfect job. Highly recommended. I am looking foreward for my next pair! Thanks to the team of GoSt-Barefoots!

  6. Amazingly comfortable!

    By Carlos, Santiago de Chile October 25, 2018

    A barefoot runner, I've been through a variety of shoes and sandals over the years and these are simply put the best that I’ve found to date for trail running. Amazingly comfortable and durable as these trainers are, the customer service at GoSt-Barefoots impressed me even more.

  7. They are the kind of product I am proud to own.

    By Adam, Tusla, Oklahoma, US January 19, 2018

    I’m a shoe connoisseur—always on the lookout for a combination of uniqueness and comfort. When I first learned about GoSt-Barefoots I had to try them out. I ordered the ATTAGO (SILVER) and the KETARON (HUARACHE) for my first order.

    GoSt offers a service to help you find the right size and I suggest doing that if you’re uncertain. They were swift to respond and it gave me reassurance I ordered the correct size. It was also an indication that I was dealing with a service-oriented, trustworthy company that takes pride in the products.

    I wear the ATTAGO in my day-to-day: daily walks with my dog, running errands and when teaching (high school and university). At home, the KETARON are a great slipper.

    The benefits I’ve experienced include:
    1. Comfort: with socks (or without) they conform perfectly. I think there’s something to the dynamics of the chainmail that flex when needed.
    2. Style: I’ve never had so many complements on shoes where strangers would even say “Cool shoes, where’d you get them?”
    3. Groundedness: When I wear my Paleos®, I feel a connection to my surroundings—indoor or outdoor (especially outdoor). As I’ve become a student of mindfulness, mindful walking is a deeper experience when wearing these shoes.
    4. Convenience: I like dropping my Paleos® into the wash whenever the need arises. One time, after a muddy walk, I just grabbed my hose and sprayed them down while wearing them. I wanted to see what they felt like when wet and I didn’t even notice. It’s wintertime where I live and I’ve worn them all the way down to 30 degrees with no problem. I’m especially looking forward to wearing them in the hot summer.

    I only recommend products that give me satisfaction and value. My experience with GoSt-Barefoots is entirely positive and I strongly recommend them. They are the kind of product I am proud to own and wear them every chance I get.

  8. Love mine!

    By Lauretta, CA US August 10, 2017

    Love mine! Now I'm looking to surprise someone with these for their birthday. I am not so sure he will like them. As he had never tried something like this before. Do you offer promo codes or coupons for a first timer?

  9. Great and very sturdy trail and off-road shoes.

    By Lukas, Spain April 23, 2017

    At first I was worried that the sole might wear out or come off. In the meantime, however, I ran more than 1000 km of trails and asphalt with these ... and there's still no significant wear on them. Great and sturdy trail and off-road shoes (the barefoot feel on softer soils is amazing) in which you never sweat and that are worth the investment.

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