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ANTERRA SOIL is fitted with the medium sized SOIL PAWS for water and mixed soils. Fitted with paws, they are non-slip on smooth surfaces such as tiles, marble and parquet! Do you love to do sports and to be active in the natural environment? ANTERRA is designed for water and hiking. Due to its design the PaleoBarefoots® ANTERRA also protects the sensitive upper foot. The long lacing offers perfect fit and hold during fast movements. In combination with the supplied accessories, ANTERRA is ideally suited for longer walks, hiking and many more activities in the great outdoors! A unique footwear to become one with the elements!

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  1. The whole concept sense!

    By Andrè, Schleswig, Germany February 06, 2020

    After the size check and the fast delivery, something awesome arrived at me! A beautiful shiny metal box with the lovingly wrapped ANTERRA’s, sparkling even more. Slipped in, adjusted the lacing - perfect fit! Same again with the neoprene saver I ordered extra. Very soft, comfortable and still as flexible as the bare feet. Immediately tried them outside and for a walk at the beach ... absolutely impressed! These are great fun; the whole concept sense! Thanks for the great product!

  2. Great fun and safe at every coast!

    By Luca, Harlingen, NL July 05, 2019

    Those are really cool stuff ;) They are rollicking fun and have grippy like no other. Gost tells you to wear them only if it could be dangerous, but actualy you forget it at some point to put them off... A great idea for everything you can do at the shore and in the water. I never felt so safe on the way into the sea and back to the beach. Especially here at the Wadden Sea with all these clams hidden in the mud. Very recommend!

  3. I never would have thought ...

    By Bernard T., Italy April 24, 2018

    Damn expensive, but also damn barefoot! Customer service and size verification were perfect. I love these ?shoes? There's no other barefoot shoe coming even close to what these are. I never would have thought ... want another pair of Paleos. SYGENTO might be perfect for the city. Regards, Bernhard

  4. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

    By Steve B. August 31, 2017

    Well I have a pair. I wore them for an 8 mile run the other day. My first run in them. Totally amazing. Quiet. Smooth (the rings are circular and also circular in cross section so they are not sharp). Grip like no other sole I have tried. Better than vivobarefoot and better than the mizuno trail shoes I wore before. There are loads of positive reviews on the paleo barefoot website, no negative ones. Stones don't get in. Sand gets in and goes out again as quickly as it came in.

  5. They are especially well suited to strengthen your feet

    By Benjamin May 21, 2017

    The Paleos provide what they promise: a barefoot feel. Although the mesh protects from sharp objects, it maintains a very direct ground feel. This means that every loose stone and rock is felt. During trail runs in the mountains I felt constant attention was needed to avoid stones of 1cm diameter and larger, to avoid getting my feet beat up. A shoe like this requires a forefoot or mid-foot stride because it has zero drop and zero dampening. As a non-minimalist runner you will start feeling sore calves more quickly until you are used to this running technique. My first impression is that the Paleos are especially well suited for training runs, to strengthen your feet, and for adventurous hiking.

  6. They are addictive!

    By Steve, UK April 24, 2017

    All in all I am blown away by them. I can't wait to go out again - they are addictive. To sum up, you feel every bump and lump, but you don't feel the sharp edges which may cut you. Steve, UK.

  7. These do not disappoint!

    By Steven, US April 22, 2017

    Got my Paleos a couple of weeks ago, took them on a hike today. Went up the Mountain Range where I live, about 6 miles there and back with about 1100 ft. elevation gained. I hiked and ran over hard and soft dirt, mud, roots, climbed over trees, ran through brush, climbed down slick drops with a rope, all wearing my Paleos. They didn't disappoint. It was very interesting to feel the chain links "bite" into the soft dirt and mud, I felt very secure in my footing. It was wonderful to feel all the terrain so closely without it hurting, Awesome barefoot shoes which I can highly recommend! Steven

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