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Language and Currency

Paleos®Prices & Taxes ENAs a rule, our website recognizes your location via Geo-IP. Language as well as currency will be displayed accordingly. However, in the header this website can also be switched manually to other languages and currencies.

Change of currency (EURO, USD, British Pound Sterling)

In order to choose your preferred language (English, German or Spanish) please click the country’s flag in the header. Right next to it, you can choose different currencies (Euro, USD, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc or British Pound Sterling). All prices and taxes are then displayed according to the current exchange rate, calculated on the basis of EURO.

Note: All foreign currencies are displayed according to current exchange rates. For example, because PayPal charges additional fees for the conversion (3%), the displayed price, for example in USD, may differ from the amount that PayPal will charge your account. Therefore pay at the PayPal payment window in your currency and use the lower conversion fee of your bank (1-2%).


Prices and Taxes

EU countries (plus country-specific VAT rate)

If your place of residence is outside the EU, we do not charge VAT!  Citizen’s resident within Germany and the European Union are obligated to pay the value-added tax of the respective country. Currently, the share of VAT in Germany is 19%, which we are committed to indicate at the Online Store and to charge from our customers. This value-added tax, however, is not charged if the buyer is a company based in Europe and a valid EU VAT ID (for example, BE0450797681) was stored in the user account.

Indicated prices at the German Store


NON-EU-Countries (0% VAT)

Private individuals in Germany and the EU generally pay the VAT of the respective country.  We are committed to indicate all prices at the Online Store including 19% German VAT until the system knows from your address where you live. Only after entering your address at the Check Out or after creating an account (which must contain your full address), the share of 19% German VAT will no longer be indicated, added or charged.

Even with the direct purchase via PayPal Express (without entering your address or having an account with us) no tax is charged, since in this case your address data is known by your PayPal account.

Social Media Log In: Via your preferred network (Facebook and Twitter) or even your PayPal account you can set up your account with us in just a few clicks. With the exception of PayPal, social accounts usually do not contain address data. Please verify your account created with Social Log In and add all missing data in order to display prices and taxes according to your residence and country.

Indicated prices at the English Store