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Recommended upgrade for those who already have Paleos® ULTRA or CLASSIC as "PURE" version, without Multi-Paws. The retrofit of the paws makes them true all-rounders for all occasions. Depending on the set of "MULTI-PAWS", they are suitable for water, every natural environment from soft soils up to very rocky grounds and even on paved surfaces in the city. Whether on cliffs, on rocks, in the city, on tiles, marble ... anywhere, the "Paws" provide maximum grip and safety. This option also makes them extremely slip resistant for smooth polished surfaces at home, in shopping malls, at work, etc. The multi-paws are modeled on the paws of dogs and cats that never fall in nature or the urban environment and have very similar properties!

Tip: As long as the stainless steel mesh is intact, this option also allows to replace INDIVIDUAL worn-out paws with new ones!


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Paleos®OPTION MULTI-PAWS ENAdd a useful set of "Paws" to your ULTRAs or CLASSICs!

You already own a pair of PaleoBarefoots® from series ULTRA or CLASSIC (version PURE)? Then you will like the PAW-OPTION! The hardly noticeable, soft PU sole spots add more comfort to Paleos® and make them additionally useful for urban surfaces. With usual footwear there's no way to experience such a safe, slip-resistant contact with the ground than with the so called "PAWS".

You know best where you're using your ULTRAs/CLASSICs (PURE) or where you'd like to enjoy their benefits. Choose the Paw version that suits your conditions best. The PaleoBarefoots® itself, as well as all "Paw variants", were originally developed for preferably wet and damp conditions. In addition, however, they work perfectly well on soft, hard and rocky natural soils on land.

The "sets of Paws" at a glance:

The individual sets of "Paws" differ in arrangement, paw size, material hardness and thickness. All versions are slip-resistant at all conditions on land also excellent for water and every conceivable water sports!


  • For rather soft ground and water sports!
  • Small, soft Paws (Polyurethane* Shore A 65) with a thickness of 2.0 mm.
  • Colours: Black, Red and Blue.
  • For mixed terrain and water sports!
  • Medium sized, resistant paws (Polyurethane* Shore A 78) with a thickness of 2.5 mm.
  • Colours: Black, Red and Blue.
  • For reefs, stony ground and water sports!
  • Large, abrasion resistant paws (Polyurethane* Shore A 90) with a thickness of 3.0 mm.
  • Colours: Black.

* General notes on Polyurethane on Wikipedia.

Features of "Multi-Paws":

  • Situations: Slip resistance on all kind of polished surfaces.
  • Usability: Now for all natural soils and slippery urban surfaces!
    (Always choose your paws for your activity needs).
  • Sports: Among other, surfing, sailing, rock climbing, and much more.
  • Indoor / Outdoor: No restriction on soft natural surfaces!
  • Slip Hazard: The unique sole construction prevents slipping!
  • Barefoot sensation: No noticeable change!
  • Sole flexibility: Unchanged flexible and adaptable.
  • Comfort: The mesh wraps more snugly to the whole foot.
  • Weight: Barely increased (depending on the size about 20-25g).
  • Cushioning: additional 1.5 mm in the stressed areas and on stony ground.
  • Grip material: 100% elasticity, 65-90 Shore A? (more resistant to abrasion than usual footwear).
  • Insulating effect: Additional distance on hard soils in heat and cold.
  • Noise: Quiet as a whisper! Even on hard floors completely silent!
  • Safety: Increased protection against injury by the combination of paws and chain mail.

Who needs "Paws"?

You don't need "Paws" if: The pure chainmail versions of series Paleos®ULTRA and CLASSIC are already the best form of outdoor protection on natural surfaces, whether land or water, that they can be. Paleos® without "Paws" are still ideally suited to natural soils and terrain, and while the addition of "Paws" can bring some benefits, they really aren't necessary if you're predominantly using your Paleos on these surfaces (sand, clay, earth, mud, streams, lakes). The ring-mesh of ULTRA and CLASSIC provides the perfect grip for these surfaces. For underwater activity like diving or snorkeling, you'll also be fine without "Paws", though you might find them useful in the boat!

You need "Paws" if: If you're transitioning from water to land - for instance moving surfboards or clambering onto boats, you'll find "Paws" useful for these and similar applications. If you're a runner or hiker and you sometimes have to deal with hard, stony or rocky ground, or you like to walk around in the city, you will really appreciate the extra grip "Paws" provide. Areas inhabited by humans are full of hard, smooth, polished plane surface. "Paws" not only provide pleasant additional damping, but an amazing grip on artificial surfaces before reaching the park!

Order Processing:

  • Firstly, order your "Paws" with the desired options (basic cleaning and paw colour).
  • Send us your ULTRAs or CLASSICs quoting the respective order number.
  • Step1: On arrival, we will initially check your Paleos for possible wear or flaws.
  • Step 2: If ordered from you, they are now tumble finished - cleaned and highly polished.
  • Step 3: Subsequently they are equipped with the Multi-Paws in the colour of your choice.
  • Step 4: We will resend them to you.

Time requirements:

  • Basic cleaning (tumble finishing) - approximately 2 days.
  • Integration of your "multi-paws" - approximately 5 days.


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Scope of Delivery

Scope of delivery

Your  Paleos®ULTRA or Paleos®CLASSIC fitted with Multi-Paws according your chhoice (type and color)!

Paleos®PAW-Option (Your Paleos® retrofitted with Multi-Paws)

FAQ / Size

Do I need the Multi-Paws?

Without Multi-Paws Paleos®ULTRA and Paleos®CLASSIC are only suitable for waters and rather soft, natural soils! Our innovative soles spots are only needed if additional cushioning is required, or the Paleos® should be non-slip also outside of nature on man made, smooth surfaces.

Which Multi-Paws do I need?

There are three variants Multi-Paws of different thickness and hardness: WATER, SOIL, CLIFF. As the name suggests you can choose them according to your preferred activities and environment.
The Multi-Paws for Paleos®ULTRA
All variants help to broaden the application radius Paleos® immensely. Through them, stony soils and rocks, boats, boards, even smooth tiles, marble, parquet, etc. become safer and above all more enjoyable.

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  1. Great service, pretty cool option!

    By Axel, Wattenscheid, DE December 04, 2018

    Unfortunately, I ordered my ULTRA's without the PAWs. For natural soil they are just great, but as soon as you walk on polished floors such as tiles and parquet, the Paleos can become slippery. So ... I sent them to GoSt and got them back fitted with (the small) WATER PAWS. Great service, cool option! In nature you actualy don't feel the small PAWs, but they make my beautiful ULTRA's absolutely non-slip on the eg. terrace. Well done guys, Axel

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