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WATER, TRAIL and CITY VERSATILITY. Discover Barefoot Shoes deserving the name! The Paleos® provide what you can expect from barefoot shoes, unrestrained mobility whilst assuring authentic barefoot feel. Only the Paleos® can do both together! Realize the potential and use their exceptional properties for new experiences, environments, health and a lifted mood!

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    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €142.02 DE/EU no VAT-ID €169.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    Give up heavy and rigid soles! Switch to more flexible footwear and use it with MAGENION SOLE-GUARD!

    Double the protective effect of your Paleos® and make every other shoe a real safety shoe too! With these insoles made of PU and stainless-steel mesh, you even turn your lightest minimal footwear, as well as work shoes, surfing shoes, wellington boots or wading boots into true safety shoes; with added comfort and without a loss of flexibility. Protective insoles made to last for generations of your shoes! These provide reliable protection from rusty metal, a reef edge in the water, broken glass, hidden sheet metal parts or sharp-edged shells and crustaceans!

    Armour for your feet!

    In sodden terrain or in turbulent, murky water you rarely know where the foot will land. Use this highly effective protection for your activities on risky subsoil, under and over water. Ergonomically preformed, these flexible inserts adapt perfectly to the foot and every type of shoe. As a result, they are firmly fixed in the shoe and there is no sliding as you know it from conventional insoles.

  2. Paleos® (Market) Paleos®ULTRA DELINDA PURE (ohne Multi-Tatzen)

    Paleos® (Market)

    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €0.84 DE/EU no VAT-ID €1.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    Over the years, our so-called Paleos® event and tester kits for demonstrations and customer events have grown to such an extent that we are now replacing the first models and variants by new and up-to-date products. Sometimes, even BAMANO's can be found here! Your chance to choose from the current range of well priced second hand Paleos® and finally to get to know them. We are glad to help you find which Paleos® from our list fits your feet best, please use "Paleos® Size Check" and let us know what product you wish to purchase!

    Paleos®MARKET! Pre-Owned Paleos® entirely made from chainmail, pure or fitted with PAWS or an outsole. Without MULTI-PAWS, they belong on sand and other purely natural, soft surfaces. The MULTI-PAWS are not needed for rather soft natural soils but make them slip-resistant on artificial surfaces (marble, tiles, parquet, etc.) and increases the comfort at appropriate ground conditions on land and in water: Water-PAWS, Soil-PAWS and Cliff-PAWS.

  3. BAMANO F-PURE Paleos®ULTRA DELINDA PURE (ohne Multi-Tatzen)


    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €122.69 DE/EU no VAT-ID €146.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    Paleos®BAMANO F-PURE is a single full glove for the left hand, made of stainless steel chain mesh. For outdoor use, it protects against sharp knives, for example when cutting meat or fish. Other applications include chopping wood or holding and transporting living animals (protection against scratches and bites). They also protect perfectly against thorns, nettles and poisonous plants! Another highlight is their ability to clean heavily soiled or crusted surfaces by rubbing them while wearing this glove. For example, the bottoms of boats frequently get covered with shells and algae, which can safely be removed with the glove. Ultimately, this glove is a safe helper in the kitchen for instance when shucking oysters or processing fish and meat. Since in these situations hygiene is very important: these gloves can be easily cleaned and sterilized in boiling water!



    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €84.03 DE/EU no VAT-ID €100.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    Do you know someone who has always been interested in our unique Paleos®? Or you are searching for a particularly exceptional gift for a dear friend? Well, make it a special gift and give away this promo code! It will make it much easier for your friend to purchase his/her own, high-quality Paleos®! The PaleoBarefoots® Gift Certificate by GoSt-Barefoots Paleos® are only available from us - anyone who has experienced them once will always remember it!

    Secure Barefoot Feel made from the finest stainless steel! It is worth noting that no matter where you live in the world, the gift certificate and the key pendant are shipped free of charge – worldwide!

  5. MAINTENANCE SERVICE Paleos®TATZEN-OPTION (Tatzen-Farbe Schwarz)


    Non-EU/EU + VAT-ID €125.21 DE/EU no VAT-ID €149.00
    Share of VAT 0/19%, excl. shipping

    Just like in the old days, when things were repaired and not thrown away! Whether the chain mesh suddenly has a hole or the paws are worn down we replace the complete soles (including the MULTI-Paws). This is possible by means of this innovative service option.

    To throw away a whole pair of precious Paleos® just because some of many thousands rings are worn out, contradicts sustainability and a conscious protection of natural resources. We do it differently: If your Paleos® ULTRA or CLASSIC (PURE/PAWS) are damaged, we repair the section or replace the parts concerned up to the complete replacement of the soles, with or without the MULTI-PAWS.

    Who else can offer you such a sustainable concept for your "shoes"?

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