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Payment options at the Online Store

The available methods of payment at our Online Store depend on the country where you live: If your first domicile is Germany, payments can be made by PayPal, direct debit, advance payment (bank transfer), credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), invoice and installment payment (0% effective yearly rate for carts from 99, - to 5,000, €). For most International and intercontinental countries, payments can however be made at least with advance payment (bank transfer), PayPal and credit card.

We use multiple layers of security to help protect transaction information. Transmission of information over the Internet during registration is executed using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to help protect user information against unauthorised access from third parties, loss and fraud. Personal information is transferred over the Internet for registration and law-enforcement purposes. In such cases, advanced forms of encryption technologies are used to help protect against unauthorised access. Financial information is not stored on the Internet. Financial information, e.g. credit/debit card numbers or bank accounts, are not shared between buyers and sellers, thus protecting both parties.

Paleos®Payment & Options

Note on PayPal:

International and intercontinental payments through PayPal (incl. PayPal Express) are only possible, if the appropriate PayPal account has sufficient credit balance or has immediate access to your bank account or a credit card. In the opposite case, your order will remain in status "payment pending" because PayPal rejects the release of your payment. Before ordering, please make sure that the credit balance at your account is adequate to carry out the corresponding payment.

Note on Credit Cards:

In some cases cross border payments (International and intercontinental) may not be possible with your particular credit card. Credit cards are usually only enabled for national payments in the particular country. Some payment providers require you to have your account authorized for international and intercontinental credit card payments. If this is not done the payment process can not be completed.We have had the most successful payment processing across borders using PayPal (if available), and this is our preferred method of payment.

Note on Cookies

For displaying the content of your cart and thus also to indicate the costs the GoSt-Barefoots online shop uses cookies. Please ensure that your computer accepts cookies. If you are routed directly to MoneyBrokers when selecting a payment method (for example, credit cards), this is can be caused by existing cookies on your computer for this payment gateway. Therefore, please regularily delete old cookies from your computer.

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