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GoSt-Barefoots specialises in the development of outdoor protection products made of stainless steel chain mail for sports and leisure, preferably in natural environments. Without restricting movement or isolating you from the elements, the flexible material reliably protects against injury. The more natural the environment, the more clearly you can feel the effect of the PaleoBarefoots®.

Meanwhile they are also highly valued for general health, rehabilitation and therapy. Among other products, we manufacture gloves and shoes from stainless steel ring mesh. This high-quality mesh gives our equipment very special characteristics and unique properties. It, for example, protects the wearer against cuts better than any other material, but at the same time offer great mobility and the direct contact with the elements of the respective environment.

Moreover, our products are almost indestructible and develop their full potential precisely in conditions where other equipment fails (eg. lack of grip), wears out (durability) or would even be completely ruined (eg. in the mud, moorland, tideland, the sea, lakes, rivers and other waters).

From concept to implementation

GoSt-Barefoots and its unique products are the result of a journey of discovery. During my professional career as an instructor I traveled for decades to many countries on all continents. On the one hand a great privilege,  however, on the other hand this prevents a controlled rhythm of life regarding sleep, diet and physical activity.

We are the heart of GoSt Barefoots!

The consequences became clear to see: I became fat, lazy and physically weak. At this point we discovered the Paleo diet and I was able to reduce almost 20 kg of weight in six months - without a moment of hunger. Along with the flexibility gained, the desire to do sports again came back quickly. Like the Paleo diet, also running should be as natural as possible. We wanted to feel the soil and the environmental conditions. As we discovered, this can only be obtained completely barefoot.

Fear of dirt? No! Of injuries? Of course!

But its not as easy as it sounds! Running completely unprotected through forests, puddles and water can be quite risky, which requires high concentration and stress levels constantly scanning the ground ahead, which as a result is no real fun! So we had to work out what to do. We then quickly discovered the so-called Barefoot Shoes or minimalist footwear. They promised to be the saviour to our problem.

Dirty feet YES, injuries NO!

Unfortunately, no! Although some of these products protect the feet in a more natural way (little cushioning, thin soles, zero drop, etc.), these are still enclosed with no contact between the soles and the ground, and isolate us from everything that surrounds us: the air, temperature, humidity, moisture, detailed soil texture, etc. Yes they protect your feet from injury, but simultaneously also detract from the original barefoot feel.

We just couldn't obtain the real barefoot sensation that we craved, and it seemed that there was no shoe able to provide this, along with giving the protection desired. The term "Barefoot" within "Barefoot Shoes" is misleading as it only refers to biomechanically more favorable conditions. This gave us reason enough for us to think about how a barefoot shoe must be designed to make its wearer experience real barefoot feel and due to this, the connection with nature and environment.

The Paleos® solved every problem - right away!

The material used in PaleoBarefoots® has existed for centuries. More recently, with a finer structure and constructed of stainless steel, chain mail has been used for decades in the meat, fish and metalworking industries as protective mesh (for its puncture and cut resistance) in the form of oyster gloves.

Full barefoot feeling along with 100% protection. This is what makes Paloes® so unique!

Industrially proven, this almost jewel-like chain mail turned out to be most suitable for what we are delivering from this chain mail: amazingly real and above all completely safe barefoot feeling (proprioception).  There is nothing better than to be so close to nature yet be safe!  It is always a treat to use the PaleoBarefoots® in water, on the beach, and on any other natural terrain. Inevitably, it conjures a smile on one's face! And because of the immediate stimuli it's a very healthy thing too (massage effect, Kneipp hydrotherapy, reflexology, foot climate, etc.). Although you get dirty feet, it is a genuine experience: think back to your childhood, when every puddle still was an adventure ... Well, Paleos® give you back those feelings!

Listen to your body - not to us!

Please consult your doctor before embarking on any major changes to your exercise regime, running shoes, or the surfaces on which you are used to running, especially if you have pre-existing conditions. We are not doctors. We just try to keep well-informed, share our own experiences, and inform our customers accordingly. We have years of experience and enjoy running barefoot more each time.

We hope that you like our website and we can convince you of our products and services. But please don't copy neither images nor the content without permission. If you would like to share our information, we appreciate if you link to our pages, as we revise some pages regularly.

Thank you for visiting our website, Jörg (Peitzker)

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