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Discover Barefoot Shoes deserving the name!

Don't get fooled by their appearance, once you wear them you hardly notice wearing them and they have proven to be a very interesting "shoe" to use outdoors. Wether you want a walk over the fields, use them on a wildlife trip (they are very quiet) or for running barefoot, they give the user this ability, to sense with your feet and perform in any terrain. So compared to traditional trainers that get dirty, loose shape and encapsulate your feet the Paleos® are well, uncomparable!

Paleos® Feel your world at every step!

Paleos® are  truly barefoot safety shoes! Due to the quality not cheap but far more durable than any "usual" shoe! High-quality, environmentally-open, immediately, anatomically correct, flexible, robust, durable, easy to clean and thus the most consistent and unique foot protection for nature, the water and residential areas you can own. By the way, at Paleos®Market you'll find Second Hand Paleos®! Considerably cheaper and most of them almost like new!

Feel connected and safe - everywhere!

One could try to compare them to other minimalist shoes as they sort of fall in that spectrum. Each of those shoes are different and are good for minimalist running but none is more different than the Paleos®. With our chainmail shoes/soles you can literally run on broken glass and razor blades! No matter what is hidden in the mud, in the surge, reefs or overgrown terrain - you're absolutely safe! With good reason, this type of ring mesh is also processed in bulletproof vests and used as protective fabric (gloves) in the meat processing industry!

Get to know Barefoot Shoes deserving the name!

On land and in the water ... without even thinking on lurking hazards.

Paleos® Feel your world at every step!

We know your thoughts ;)

Just to answer your first questions and to prevent prejudice ... Does ring mesh or chainmail from stainless steel feel hard = no! Is it scratchy = no! Does it rust = no! Is it cold = no! Does it make metallic noises = no! Does it feel uncomfortable against the skin = no! Does it rip off your hair = no! Does it collect dirt = no! Is it heavy = no! Is it conductive to heat or cold = again no! Indeed, it`s exactly the opposite! To put it differently: Everything you might suspect at first will be entirely wrong - for sure! The same chain mesh is also used in the meat processing industry in the form of protective gloves. Such gloves are worn daily for up to 8 hours - directly on the skin!

The ring mesh of Paleos® - stainless, polished surgical steel!

From a technical point of view Paleos® are complex high-end products between pure barefoot and usual minimalist footwear. Optimized for precisely those activities and conditions that would be too dangerous with conventional shoes or would - at best - ruin them. You want to leran more? Have a look at some Customer Reviews. You want to see our chainmail wear in action? See our videos at blog post "Walk, Hike, then Run!" Choose your Paleos® chainmail shoe from our current series ...

Series Paleos®ULTRA

Paleos®ULTRA: not only visually unique! You feel the ground texture as if you walk barefoot. You even feel the temperatures when walking from the shadows into the sun. You perceive the smallest air draft. You enjoy wading in swamps mud and murky waters -  even you know there can be lurking hazards you simply don't care! You get wet feet but two steps ahead they are dry again. You take them through every dirt - but after a quick rinse or a wash cycle they are like new again. Actualy you don't wear shoes - thus, your movements can't be hindered in any way!

Designed to give you the purest barefoot experience.

Series Paleos®ULTRA!

Even the first puddle will make you smile! Betting?

Are you ready to feel your world? ULTRA's are pure chain mail shoes that can be worn directly against the skin. All those who want to enjoy immediate nature without any compromise should opt for ULTRA! ULTRA is designed for most general foot shapes. At ordering, there is an option you can choose to have your order size verified.

Paleos® Feel your trail at every step!

Still doubts? Well, then read what our customers say!

Paleos®ULTRA - Enjoy the fun of feeling the elements!

Series Paleos®CLASSIC

The Paleos® that build a bridge! They can be applied for everything, everywhere! Water, Mud, Soils... extremely sturdy and easy to clean! Do you have a special foot shape? Then you should go for CLASSIC instead of ULTRA! Models such as PUR or PAWS (fitted with paws) up to the BLACK (robust outsole) and WHITE (soft outsole) for any terrain, for boats, the water and even for the city. They simply fit, are safe and great fun!

Paleos®CLASSIC can cope every environment!

No rafter, kayaker, fisherman, angler or genuine nature lover should refrain on these! They entirely consist of weather-resistant PU / TPU and, of course, the finest stainless steel mesh! No second outdoor tool like CLASSIC (BLACK) is as sturdy and after a washing cycle as new as from the store again! The more adverse the conditions the better they perform and work for you!

Series Paleos®CLASSIC!

Paleos®CLASSIC - as flexible as a (barefoot)shoe should be!!

Series Paleos®URBAN

Paleos®URBAN: Unlike everything you know! You feel the ground clearly - but only touch it when it gets softer. You feel the heat outside - but you do not sweat. You perceive the low temperatures outside - but your feet do not get cold. You notice wetness - but your feet remain dry. You know about possible dangers lurking on the ground - but it's not of interest at all. You take them through every dirt and puddle - but after a wash cycle they are like new again. You wear shoes - but they do not restrict your movements!

Die Paleos® - Also keen on close contact with nature?

No problems - no limits! There are customers who did hikes of 1,000 km with URBAN (ATTAGO and TUHRON). Others are extreme runners who run 50 km and more on gravel, streets and off the beaten track - several times a week! No second concept of conventional sports and terrain shoes out there is as thin, as flexible and so extremely secure at the same time! No upper-shoe is more supple, breathable and dries so quickly again by your own movement. No other trainer offers such a fantastic GRIP in any environment! Wet, dry, loamy, rocky, sandy, muddy, soft hard ...!

Series Paleos®URBAN!

You are on quest for barefoot shoes for all seasons - also for less summery conditions? URBANs have all that is needed to take you through chilly times! Keeping your feet warm and well ventilated without seperating you from your prefered environment! By means of our insoles all open structures can even be completely covered! This way they can either be a largely open barefoot shoe or a "normal" closed minimal shoe. Time, to order a suitable model of series Paleos®URBAN!

Paleos®URBAN - wraps around your feet!

Series Paleos®GLOVES

Protective gloves and sleeves from the chainmail of Paleos®!

Protective gloves and sleeves from the chainmail of Paleos®!

Gloves from chainmail to portect your hands when falling (eg. skating, cycling, trail running). Also sleeves for your ankles, the lower legs and arms made of the same chain mesh from which we make the unique and secure barefoot feel Paleos® provide. Reliable protection in the water against cuttings, from crustaceans, spines and barbs of, for example, rays as well as the protection from dangerous plants and bites of mammals and reptiles on land.

100% of protection at every environment

Paleos® Enjoy relaxing safety - anywhere!

Did you know that not even the wooden stick of a match fits through the ring mesh of Paleos®? JUST IN CASE PROTECTION that can barely be felt but immediately enters in appearance when you need it! In murky water, seas and rivers, mud flats, swamps and bogs or overgrown soils ashore. Enjoy peace of mind and the certainty of fullest protection at the crucial moment from insects, crustaceans, sharp-edged objects and man-made hazards!

Paleos® Enjoy relaxing safety - anywhere!

PaleoBarefoots® are an open-to-the-environment barefoot concept which is combined with a focus on injury prevention and meant for preferably natural environments! Wet wood, algae, moss, mud ... the slick, the better they become! In eg Germany, roads and other infrastructure, as well as settlements and cities occupy approximately 15% of the total area. Well, with Paleos® we make safe outdoor shoes for the remaining 85%! We focus on natural environments and thus on ...

Natural Running and movement in its most consistent form!

Where other shoes fail, become dangerously slippery or would just be ruined ... The fields of application of PaleoBarefoots® are all waters and natural conditions on land! For the city they should be understood as highly-breathable wellness and leisure shoes, and be used accordingly!

Do you need more information?

Well, then browse our BLOGs for backgrounds on the seemingly "tough" Paleos®. Find tips for Barefoot Beginner, learn where "PAWS" come from, read about forefoot running, see our videos on how to get started with Paleos®, and find many more interesting topics.


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