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Paleos®URBAN - feel the difference! All year round!

Paleos®Feel at any season of the year!

Treat yourself the coolest barefootwear in the market!

On quest for barefoot shoes for all seasons - also for less summery conditions? URBANs have all that is needed to take you through chilly times! Keeping your feet warm and well ventilated without seperating you from your prefered environment! By means of our insoles all open structures can even be completely covered! This way they can either be a largely open barefoot shoe or a "normal" closed minimal shoe. Time, to order a suitable model of series Paleos®URBAN!

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Do not compromise! Be like Paleos®ULTRA!

Paleos® Feel your world at every step!

Paleos® are  truly barefoot wear available in many variations and depending on the model appropriate for almost every environment and activity! High-quality, environmentally-open, immediately, anatomically correct, flexible, robust, durable, easy to clean and thus the most consistent and unique foot protection for nature, the water and residential areas you can own. From a technical point of view Paleos® are complex high-end products between pure barefoot and usual minimalist footwear. Optimized for precisely those activities and conditions that would be too dangerous with conventional shoes or would - at best - ruin them.

Paleos®CLASSIC - explore every terrain, every water!

Paleos® for the sun, the water and natural soils!

There's always summer somewhere in the world! Ideal for the environmental-open series of Paleos® to enjoy unfiltered contact to nature to the fullest. If you yet don't know CLASSICs and ULTRAs you should not miss out. Not cheap, but virtually indestructible, reliably protecting and 10 times more durable than any other barefoot shoe!

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